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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Available

Wow! I haven't been updating my blog regularly lately and the previous posts had been lame like nobody's business. Anyway, yeah, as the title indicated, I am not really available for the week. Have been up to no good these few days. Hehehe!!!
More interesting posts coming up once I get the free time to sit down and blog properly. Things have been getting interesting each day since last week and yeah, I'm gonna blog about it soon.

As for the final exam, ...er...what final exam? Hehehe...!!!

Yes, the books are still new (per usual), untouched and coated with an inch thick of dust (per usual as well)...

*preparing for doomsday!


Monday, April 23, 2007


To me, its just another four-letter word. But I always heard lovetorn/lovestruck/lovewhatever people say something like:
If you love something/someone, set it free. If it comes back, it was and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.

IMHO, that's bullshit! The saying was created to cheat oneself into believing that he/she/it will regret his/her/its decision to be set free and come back to you one day. What does he/she/it thinks you are? Hotel ar? Suka suka then check-in, suka suka then check-out?

Anyhow, they never finished the saying. Yes, there's a next part of it which people would not like to hear because (DUH!) people just do not like to hear what they do not like to hear, get it? Anyway, the whole thing should sound like this:
If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was, and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.
If it just sits in your house, messes up your stuff, eats your food, uses your phone, takes your money, and never behaves as if you actually set it free in the first place, you either married it or gave birth to it.


Friday, April 20, 2007

The Green-Eyed Monster

Being in a relationship with an easily jealous person is tough. When you talk to other guys, he'll stare at you with that sharp look that's going to slice you into pieces, literally. They say, if looks can kill. And when both of you are alone after that, all hell break lose! Everything - pillow, mugs, plates, chairs, tables, phone, TV, whatever you could think of, would be hurled at you for flirting with guys other than him. Sound familiar?

Illustration #1:
*Phone ringing*
Him: Hi, honey! What are you doing there?
You: [noisy background with guys' voices laughing] Hi! Having dinner with my friends! How are you?
Him: Who are with you? Why I heard guys' voices?
You: Oh, just some friends from college I bumped into.
Him: Stay away from them ok? Where are your girlfriends? Why don't you have dinner with them?
You: What is the matter? We are only having dinner.
Him: Just stay away from them okay. They are up to no good.
You: [thinking] What the....!!! *speechless*

Well, you know the scene that followed.

Seriously, the illustration above really did happen. Well, it happened to yours truly, that is why he remained an ex. HAHAHA~!!! I don't think it only happened to me. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people out there who has to encounter these green-eyed monster everyday.

I personally hate extreme case of jealousy when it comes to relationship. True enough, jealousy is one of the main factors of a relationship break up. You see, jealousy could turn into possessiveness. Your partner would feel suffocated, lack self-confidence, lost trust in you, disappointed, etc when possessiveness rules the relationship. He'd eventually control your life - what you can and cannot do, limit those you befriend with, etc - and you can kiss goodbye to your privacy and freedom.

Sometimes you might wonder why he's such a jealous person. Well, truth is, you have to dig deep enough to find out from him. Usually, their feeling of insecurity turns them into a green-eyed monster unintentionally. Insecurity might arise out of his previous relationships. One of his exes might have cheated on him or two-timed him. You could be one of the reasons as well. If you told him about your previous relationships that had something to do with you being the two-timer bitch or you being the guilty party, he might be having the insecurity of you doing the same thing to him. He loves you, no doubt. But he's just scared. He fears losing you. And hence the insecurity and jealousy then possessiveness that follows.

Some guys would give up contact with all his female friends after you two are together AND expect you to do the same with your male friends. They are being selfish, you might say. No doubt, they are. And no, you don't have to tolerate that. Just tell him nicely on your views about it and if he's mature enough, he'll understand. Too bad, my ex didn't. That's why he remained as an EX-factor. LOL!!!

Good news is, not all guys are like that. Some guys actually respect your rights to befriend with whoever you want because they trusted you. They'll ask you to be wise and careful. Yes, they are worried and concerned about you. No, they are not possesive. Girls, you have to be clear in one thing: Your guy trusts you to befriend with whoever you want. He trusts you to know what you are doing. Its the people (guys especially) you befriend with that he doesn't trust. He is a guy as well and he knows all the possibilities what another guy might be thinking.

So, you might ask, how to kill the green-eyed monster? I have no idea. But IMHO, I feel that communication is a must in this department. Talk to him, properly and nicely of course. We don't want to damage any property or cause physical hurt to anybody only to regret it later, do we? But, if it still happen and you fight about it more than you breath, and you cannot take it anymore, call it a quit! End of story! Find someone else! Like my version of 'there are more fishes in the sea', DON'T GIVE UP THE WHOLE OCEAN BECAUSE OF ONE IKAN BILIS!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smoke like chimney

Cigarette. Tobacco. Nicotine. Salem. Malboro. "I'm Popeye the sailorman..."
I do not smoke nor against those who smoke. People who smoked (like my same age cousin, uncles, maternal grandpa, friends, badminton coach, ex-colleagues, ex-supervisor, etc) always tell me not to pick up any cigarette and start puffing away because I'll end up like them. When asked why the hell they smoked in the first place, they gave all sorts of factors - song lor, pway pway only, friend-smoke-I-also-smoke, etc and BAMM~!!! It became an addiction!
Speaking of addiction, some smoker told me he is not addicted to smoking (yeah, right!) like I believe him. If you are not addicted, then why the hell you have to smoke occasionally? Why the hell you light that cigarette up and start to puff away without the care for the world? If that's not addiction, then what is? Not addicted my ass!
I cannot stand smoke nor sit comfortably in a smoky room. I'll drown. It is indeed annoying to the bones when being around someone who smoked and blow it to your face. I'll drown also. If there are any family gathering on the maternal side, all the uncles and grandpa who want to smoke are required to leave the room and smoke in the open, an unwritten rules of the house because there are small kids around the house. If they do not drown, I'll obviously drown first! LOL!!!
I have sensitive nose which cannot tolerate the smell of the cigarette. It will get irritated and my respiratory system will be effected. And eventually I'll drown!
I hate it when stupid people smoke at the places that they should not like in the lift, air-conditioned rooms, toilet, hospitals, shopping malls, hotel lobbies, etc. I do not mind if you smoke in areas assigned but it is in fact irritating to smoke in the places mentioned. I do not mind your life shortened when you smoke or that you'll eventually get lung cancer for all I care, none of my business anyway. I'm only concerned about my health and people around! I do not want to have all those diseases through second hand smoke because I'll have to pay a higher health insurance premium or worse not eligible for a health insurance at all!
If my boyfriend/lover/husband/spouse smoke in front of me, I don't know what I'll do. Shove the lit cigarette up his asshole I supposed. *wink* Call me wicked if you like. I do not want to kiss stale smoky cigarette, thank you very much. Unless he quits smoking altogether, I'll make sure he doesn't come anywhere near me.
If you don't care about yourself, fine by me...care about the innocent lives around you!
*I know the right word should be 'suffocate' instead of 'drown' but don't try to be smart alec to correct them. Don't like the word 'drown'? Sue me!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Stumbled upon this song when I was clicking around. I found it kind of cool because it poked at Malaysia all the way to Singapore. A lot of 'those' people will find it offensive or 'sensitive' but, sigh~, they just do not have the sense of humour. After all, this is merely for entertainment purpose only what.

*Those who cannot take jokes, please leave at this instant. Others proceed at your own risks. LOL~!!!

Don't understand Hokkien, Cantonese or Mandarin? Fret not! Just listen to the last part!



MARIM Student Chapter AGM

Friday the 13th, 8pm. Location: Dewan Serbaguna, Kolej Kediaman Telekom.

Malaysian Association of Risk and Insurance Management (MARIM) Student Chapter Annual General Meeting
With a fellow coursemate, Foo Kiat, we took up the posts as the emcees for the event. No, we are both inexperienced in emcee-ing but we did a pretty good job that night.

As a matter of fact, yours truly have always had stage fright and are scared shitless to speak to a group of eight people, never mind a hall full of audience! I'd shake nervously and my knees would go weak, the symptoms that would affect my speech very much. However, yours truly decided to overcome her fear of public speaking last year by joining the English Speaking Union-Public Speaking Competition 2006. The experience was priceless. But the fear is still there. Then last month, yours truly decided to take a step further to encounter her fear of public speaking head-on. Upon being requested to join the Women's IV Debate Tournament 2007 at such short notice, I volunteered without hesitation (only to regret it after that) even though I had no experience whatsoever in debating. I did my best and the experience was indeed undescribable even though the nervousness is still there to haunt me all the time.
However, taking up the post of emcee wasn't as challenging as public speaking competition and a debate tournament. But being an emcee was fun when the whole event depended very much on you - yes, you got to get the audience's attention, take control of the event, speak clearly (audibly) and be charismatic without potraying the impression of trying too hard. Well, being elegant and self-confidence is another thing for emcees. With all the requirements in the package, you are the boss of the event!

Yes, I still get to camwhore with my fellow coursemates and my lecturer, Mr. Shahrul Nizam Ahmad - the bespectacles guy with moustache wearing a long-sleeves shirt standing in the middle, who taught us Property and Liability Insurance I and II. This year he's the Head of Risk and Insurance Managment Department of our faculty. Highly recommended lecturer for taking up his classes. No regrets.The lady wearing floral shirt in the middle is one of my favourite lecturer, Dr. Lim Chee Chee who taught us Life and Health Insurance last semester, Risk Management for this semester. Another highly recommended lecturer because she gives away marks pretty easily and attending her class is fun because she allows us to talk and receive calls, etc. LOL~!!! Oh, and you are allowed to fish (sleep) in the class as well!

Some of my coursemates
(I don't even know the names of some of them)

Photo-taking session with the emcees
L-R (seated): Ah Long, Khai and Keat
L-R (standing): Yours Truly, Foo Kiat and Pao Li

While Foo Kiat chats with Mr Shahrul, yours truly took the opportunity to be in the spotlight! She's just like a penguin, ain't she? I mean the girl on the lower left corner of the pics.

In a nutshell, it was an eventful night. Being an emcee was not at all hard and need no effort at all. Being impromtu is the easiest because if there's a prepared text, it cramps my style! Hahaha!!! At the end of the night, Dr Lim told me that I did a pretty good job *smile* I'd love to become the emcee again in the future events.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Risk Management NOT! - Part 1

This water crisis thingy is creeping into my bone marrow now and I cannot wait to get the hell out of this crappy place as soon as possible! How on earth this water crisis can happen so many times in less than a month??? And why the hell this place does not have a back up system to deal with emergencies such as water crisis?
The risk management in this place is almost NIL! As a student of Risk Management, I could literally see it pretty clearly the way these people handled emergencies and crisis most of the times. Well, sad to say that, THEY DO NOTHING AT ALL!!!
Again, why the hell this place does not have a back up system??? This is a university lah wei! And you know blardy well that there are a hell lot of population here and there are no back up system??? Even if there are technical problems occuring at the water plant 30 km from here, we'll be seriously affected. Don't they know that they should evaluate on this matter way before they develop this freaky place? And do you know what they actually did? They spent god-knows-how-much money hiring bomoh lah, sin seh lah, people dealing with black magic lah and the likes to 'cleanse' this place before they open up this place for development. What the hell?!!!
Ya, ya! I know, I know...some of you will start protesting saying that we should ask 'permission' before developing a certain place and have this few thousand kinds of rituals to 'steer clear' of the place, etc. They did that! Malay-style, Indian-style, Chinese-style, hampalang-style but they did not do one most powerful and important style lor! No, I won't say it here, later can cause havoc wan. *seals lips* That's why hor, a few people still can 'see' those 'things' and some people actually 'kena' those 'things', if you get what I mean.
Okay, back to risk management, this place is over-exposed to all types of risks you can think of. First and foremost, the building structure of this place. I remember watching news on TV3 that cracks are appearing on old hostel buildings here. Obviously, for some reason, the contractors did not do their job well and thus the crappy building design and materials. And some idiots actually said that the building is cracked by 'those things'. *slaps forehead* Please lah! This is the 21st century wei! Go back to Paleolitics if you so want to worship buildings! The older hostel here would face the risk of building collapsing. LOL!!!
Then, there was this semester when a stretch of road leading to my faculty collapsed and we couldn't use the route to attend lecture. Obviously enough, the built and the structure of the so-called stretch of road is problematic and was not designed properly. And there were some idiots who started the rumours that the road/bridge collapsed because they did not do certain rituals or hanging people's head under the bridge, all those craps. *faints* What the hell was all that?? The bridge wasn't built according to the correct scale or, again, they were using crappy materials. That's why it collapsed. What does it have to do with.....??? *slaps forehead*
Students and lecturers alike are very much exposed to risks of being hit by falling debris from the ceiling in the lecture hall. Well, I don't know why every lecture hall must have a piece of the ceiling board removed halfway which posed the risk of them falling onto people beneath. Okay, no more ghost story this time.
Besides, the building isn't equipped with fire safety equipment like the fire estingusher. Even if you happen to spot one, you can be sure that it is old and rusty. LOL! I doubt if a fire really occur, we'd have a hard time trying to pull the pin out of the estingusher! And by the time we succeed in doing that, the building would be burnt to the ground already. Yes, there are smoke detector around the place but I doubt if they are functioning because lecturers who smoked often in the toilet do not seem to set the alarm off! (And the big billboard at the entrance of the uni says 'Kawasan kampus adalah zon dilarang merokok' *rolls eyes* - speaking of setting good examples)
-to be continued-

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No water...AGAIN???!!!

During the Insurance Company Operation lecture just now, a coursemate received an SMS from his residential college's principal saying that their college has no more water.
I mean, we are still recovering from the trauma of braving a week without a drop of water and now they are saying that we will be having another water crisis???
Luckily the lecturer let us go after 15 minutes (YAY!). When we were on our way back to our repective hostel, the bus over-take a lorry carrying water. So it was true, huh? SHIITTEE!!! I still got a pail of dirty clothes soaking in my room since this morning! I rushed back to my hostel and guess what I saw upon arriving outside my block?

Three huge empty buckets sitting there under the blardy hot sun waiting and smirking as if saying, "Nyek! Nyek! You girls gotta use us soon! Better treat us nicely when you girls push each other to get water from us. Otherwise, if we self-combusted, life will be hell for you all. Hiak hiak hiak~!!!"

Ignoring the sinister laughter that followed, I practically ran back to my room, tossed my bag across the room, ripped off my clothes and changed them into normal clothes before grabbing the pail of soaked clothes to the washing area and rinsed everything clean.

As I was washing, I heard the toilet being flushed a number of times. Well, I guessed people just have to clean their colon before the water crisis struck.

To cut the long story short, right after I washed my clothes and hanged them to dry, empty my colon and rinsed off the last drop of soap off my body, the shower automatically went off. Thank heaven and earth!!! Then I heard commotions from outside. People are talking. Some girl went into the shower next to mine and screamed, "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! NO MORE WATER!!!" LOL!!!

Ouch! That hurt my eardrums wei! Nevermind, I had everything done already~! Cheers~!!!

Then baru I sat down to have my lunch while watching some Hong Kong drama. PHIEW!!! Can die lar from all the rush! Man, I really want to get outta here but a stupid assignment is holding me back!

*double sigh~!*

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Right Here Waiting

I had loved you for years. The first time that I saw you, you were walking down the beach with the waves rolling gracefully, bowing down to you under the magical glare of the beautiful setting sun. I knew it deep in my heart that it was love. I knew I would love you forever. Ours was the kind of love that went beyond this world. Very few people understand true love. The need to be with someone. A need stronger than hunger or thirst.

Seated in my black Saab across the street, which I had purposely parked, I waited for you.

Squinting in the early morning light, I looked up, trying to pick out which of the windows belonged to you.

I remembered the party last night. The moon was shining brightly in the beauteous sky littered with billions of tiny little stars sparkling in the galaxy. Perfectly clad in a maroon evening gown, you looked stunningly gorgeous in the moonlight. The twinkling stars in the sky were like fireflies compared to the sparks that flew from your lovely eyes.

Where are you, my dear? Your plane will be leaving in two hours.

Finally there she was. What took you so long, my dear? I thought as I watched her carrying her luggage out the door and piling them into her car.

Your car was a beauty, just like you. I loved you so much that just the sight of you with your new haircut behind the wheel of your white MG sent my pulse racing. I loved the way you started your engine and pulled away from the driveway with a stylish roar.

I waited a few minutes before racing after you.

It was a torment for me for not telling you how much I love you. You will never understand. I cannot wait any longer to say what I feel. I must tell you today or never. I knew deep within my being that this would be a Herculean and titanic mission.

I scanned the crowd, trying to spot you.

There you are - as beautiful as ever. You reminded me of an angel. I can imagine an aura of gold encircling your head, infusing the red of your hair with a fiery brightnesss.

The way you smiled at me - the warmth of your smile melts my heart. I tried to smile back but my lip muscles did not want to co-operate.

I was searching for words. What can I describe to say how much I feel for you?

"Take care and good luck! Do write to me when you get there, ya!" was all that I managed to blurt out as my heart dropped to my foot and shattered into a thousand pieces. I struggled silently to overcome the pain inflicted so mercilessly upon the raw wounds of my broken heart.

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that person know how you feel. How true indeed these words are.

Please stay. Please do not leave me, I begged silently. Will you come back, my love? I am going to miss you so much that I know it is going to hurt.

But all I could do is to watch you leave and at the same time experiencing a sharp pain like that of an arrow piercing through the deep wounds of my anguished heart.

You deserved the best, my dear and I want you to go anywhere your heart desire. When you come back in the future, I will have everything ready and perfect for you. But when? You never told me, my dear.

No matter what happens, I will be right here waiting and never give up my faith in you. It's only a matter of time.

**The story was originally written by yours truly 5 years ago (when I was 17) out of sudden inspiration. No, I am no lesbo if that's what you think. I wrote that supposedly from a guy's perspective. Just in case the paper this story I wrote on perished or dissolved as time goes by, I better put it here for my future read. Heheh~!!!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sibu: A gangland heaven

Sibu: A hotbed of gangsterism
Well, I blogged about this in my first few posts but when I flipped the New Straits Times just now, I saw a familiar face talking about something the I've blogged about a century ago. This fella:

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

This MP of Bintulu chose to speak out in the Parliament about how notorious the gangsters are in Sibu. The interview, conducted by NST's V. Vasudevan, exposed the reasons behind his decision to bring up the matter in the Parliament. Summore hor, this fella is not scared of being hunted by the gangster and also got balls to call for the chief police officer to be removed from Sarawak.

*standing ovation*

Q: You said gangsterism is flourishing in Sarawak. Why do you think this is happening?
A: I feel the police have failed to perform. If the police are performing, I don't think the gangsters can have a field day. Sibu is a small town, so don't tell me Special Branch is not picking up anything from the coffeeshops.
For example, when people go to report a crime involving gangsters to the police... before they have walked out of the station, the gangsters are calling to intimidate them and asking why they went to the police.
In some cases, when a vehicle gets stolen, the owner goes to the police station. While waiting to make his report, he gets a call from the gangster saying: "Anytime you can get your car back, but you have to pay."
Who is running the police station? Who controls the station? I can tell you that in Sarawak, this is happening in every police station.

[*clap clap clap* Yupe, it is true. just that nobody dares to bring this up fearing that the gangsters will hunt them down and burn their cars and houses. Police at my hometown are really useless wan lah, pakat with gangsters summore. And the gangsters always get away scott free. Sigh!]

Q: What must be done now to solve the problem of gangsterism?
A: I think drastic action must be taken.....bla bla bla...

[Again with the drastic action! What drastic action wor? We are never told what 'drastic action' that must be taken. Only the word 'drastic action' said. And I noticed that all those people also always use the word 'drastic action' and zon-zon yang sewaktu dengannya in almost every situation.]

Q: You have been outspoken. Are you not afraid that the gangsters will attack you? After all, your complaints in the parliament have got the Inspector-General of Police going to the state to investigate.
A: Put it this way. My father told me: "Since you have made up your mind to become a politician, you better think of what you need to do in the interest of the rakyat." I am prepared for the worst. A person only dies once.

[Wah! Now that's a good answer. If being asked similar question, a lot of other 'people' will try to change topic. Hmm...no, they don't even have the balls to bring this up in the parliament in the first place. Period! And that brought in the next question.]

Q: It appears that you are the only Sarawak MP who is concerned about this gangsterism problem. The others are either not bothered or don't share your view.
A: I can't answer on behalf of other Sarawak MPs. Maybe they have other priorities and want to raise those concerns in the Dewan Rakyat.

[Hmm...good question, good answer. True, they have other priorities and we are well aware of what they are. But in actuality, the right answer would be: They don't have the balls to do so and also scared shitless that they'll be burnt alive by the gangsters (kiasi mah!) Enough said. ]

The rest of the quite-long but interesting interview could be read HERE and another news on the issue HERE.

I really salute Datuk Seri for this. Not every politician is brave enough to speak out like he did. Sibu (the whole of Sarawak, for that matter) will be a better place to live in if politicians have the guts to speak up in Parliament regarding a lot of vital issues involving the rakyat instead of bickering at each other or making baseless commentaries (like: All bloggers are liars, unemployed housewives, etc) As a friend who always says: No guts, no glory!

We just want a safe and peaceful place to live in and the existence of the gangsters is not helping at all. We live in fear as to not offending them by all means. We vote for you to give us a safe neighbourhood to live in, not that we are asking for a paradise. Is it impossible? Hmm...I'm way over 21 and eligible to vote in the next general or any other election. Now I know which name to be kept in my To-vote-for list already. Heheh~!


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Do you know your root?

Well, I do. Even though not 100 percent.
I am from Sibu, a very ulu place in Sarawak where people there live on trees, ride elephants, hunt wildboar for food, wear loin clothes, use smoke signal because we don't have telephone (we use the DiGi yellowman molecule in the smoke to send the signal), take bath in the crocodile-infested river, swing from tree to tree to friends house, etc as mentioned in the travel brochures.
*rolls eyes*
Well, Sibu was named after the native rambutan because a lot of Buah Sibau (native rambutan in Iban Language) could be found in this place once upon a time. In the 19th century, Sarawak was infested with Chinese Kheh or Ming Nam business people. History comes to live when you witness the barter trade then. Oh, wait, it was the history! *slaps self*
Then in 1901, a Cina apek called Wong Nai Siong brought a troupe of Foochows from the mainland China to invade Sibu and claimed the landmark of the history of Sibu. This apek cina is from the Ming Ching District of Foochow City, China. He came to Sibu because he wanted to cabut from suffering the totalitarian government of Ching Dynasty back then. So, he sapu those who wanted to free themselves and run far far to Sibu.
He brought about 3 batches of Foochow people to Sibu which totalled up to more than 1100 people - some brought along akik inik laki bini engau anak (grandfather, grandmother, husband, wifey and kids in Iban). They worked here and most of them settled down. They opened up Sibu from a delta of the Rejang River and to cut the long-winded story short, transformed it into what it is today.
So, Sibu today has gone through a lot of changes and development thanks to the Sibu Municipal Council for their effort to make Sibu a great place to live in. Sibu has a lot of Foochows. Out of 10 people you randomly pick from the street in Sibu, 10 of them would be Foochow. LOL~!!! Even though there are a lot of Foochow dialect, two main Foochow dialects spoken in Sibu are: Ming Ching and Kutien. After living here for more than 2 decades, I still cannot distinguish which is which. Hahaha~!!! Because they sound the same to me.
Kutien: Ni kuo toi?
Ming Ching: Ni kuo tuong?
(Where are you going?)
Oh, and I'm half Foochow (from mom's side - she's Kutien Foochow) and not-so-proud to be one because Foochows in Sibu are LOUD, stingy, egoistic, etc. (Oh, I can condemn them because I'm half-Foochow. HAHAHA~!!! Don't like it? Sue me lor) Summore, Foochow businessmen in Sibu are filthy rich AND arrogant! They don't like new ideas and will make helluva lot of noise when forced to make changes. They will keep complaining and complaining until actions were taken. Therefore, human resource department in companies in Sibu are damn smart. They hire Malay girls as the operator in their complaint department which is a wise call because they could drive these arrogant people up the wall with their stupidity. Enough said!
Did I mention that Foochow businessmen are rich? Two cars per household is not enough. You can see a lot of fancy cars on the roads in Sibu even though no BMWs could make it to our shores. You can see the Milo tin Kancil, coffin-like Kenari, century-old Saga, modified Iswara, Xmas tree-look-alike Wira, Waja, Perdana, Gen2, Atos, Sonata, Getz, Corolla, Vios, Camry, Altis, Alvanza, Prado, Civic, Jazz, City, country, et cetera including ah beng-like modified Kancil or Kelisa with skirts, left wing, right wing, renewed exhaust, turbo engine, tinted glass, and blinking neon lights that put Christmas tree to shame, heavy mega bass stereo system which plays Jay Chow songs in techno version. (YUCKS~!)
Those are some of the interesting things you can find in Sibu. You name it, we have it. There are a lot more of Sibu for you to explore and discover. You will not be disappointed.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lao Zha Bor raps

Don't pway pway, I tell you. Lao zha bor also can rap ler.

First hor, I was speechless seeing her picture posing with no thread on except for a piece of towel. Nothing wrong with that but seeing a 60-year-old posing like that can be traumatic to some, you know. Then hor, dumbstrucked seeing her putting up pictures of herself when she was 16. Goodness gracious me!!! She rapped! Listen to this:



Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog Apocalypse - If this is my final post

I was tagged by 5xmom who was tagged by Cedric for doing this Blog Apocalypse post. Well, this would be my very first tag from anybody (actually I'm glad not doing any tag so far) but this is for charity, so I thought, why not? Urban Monk started this tag. And for every bloger who take up the tag and link back to him, he'll put aside 1 dollar untill it reaches 500 dollars.
Blog apocalypse is here! Blogsphere is coming to an end! Run! Scream!
No, I will not run away screaming hysterically if I know the blogsphere is dying. Writing has always been my passion and my blog is the only place that I can share my disatisfaction, joy, anger, criticism, happiness, et cetera and being as sarcastic and mean as I can be without being judged or labeled. Blogging has been a part of my life and if blog apocalypse really occurs, a part of me will die with it.
If this is going to be my final post before the end of the blogsphere, given one final chance to blog, I will write something truthfully, from the bottom of my heart.
I started blogging using Friendster Blog and only read by my friends. My friends loved it and I received regular visits and comments from a lot of them. However, I know nuts about blogging and I only fooled around with Friendster Blog writing nothing significant. Somehow somewhat along the way, when I was preparing my script for a Public Speaking Competition organized by The Star and the English Speaking Union, I stumbled upon Rojaks Daily as I was searching for information about the petrol price hike last year. From then on, I was introduced to the whole new world of blogging called the blogsphere. I clicked randomly on the links in Rojaks Daily and tripped and fell flat on my nose onto 5xmom blog and the rest, they say, are history.
After a while, I got sick of Friendster Blog which doesn't provide much choices and the quality of the blogs were not up to my expectations. Thus, the birth of my Kampua Talk. I did not blog regularly in the beginning until one of my friends, a die-hard-fansi as well as a loyal reader complained on my irregular update when I bumped into him during dinner once upon a time.
Having more free time in my hands, I blog-hopped everywhere I could. Blogging gave a totally new meaning to my vocabulary. I get to expand my network and befriend with people I have never met. The most important thing is that I gained priceless experience and lessons from bloggers in the blogsphere.
One thing I know about bloggers is that they never judge other blogger. Everybody seems to support each other through thick and thin. Bloggers are like one big happy family. This proved to be true when I joined the Bloggers Together Gather Party at Federal Hotel, KL last month where I witnessed the reunion of people from all walks of life - pretty, beautiful, handsome, celebrity look-alike, big, small, bald, hairy, tall, short, loaded, reloaded, professional, et cetera. Everything aside, we are all bloggers and from the way that they patted you on your shoulders and greeted you, you felt so at home, as if you've known them all your lives even though that would be the first time you met. Bloggers poked fun at themselves and each other a lot of times without creating World War III. We mastered the skills of sense of humour through blogging. I dare say that blogsphere is a peaceful place to live in.
As time goes by, my blogging improved, my traffic improved and I got more comments from other bloggers and readers alike. I'd like to thank the other bloggers who frequent my blog for lame but sometimes interesting posts and your comments which I treasured very much as guidance for me to improve. For my loyal regular readers, silent or otherwise, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for your support. Hope my blog makes your day.
I am well aware that blogging has helped me a lot in my daily lives, my personal life and the proper way to encounter the cruel harsh world out there. Knowing that there are a lot of bloggers out there who are going to back me up and support me, I live one day at a time, with more confident than I had before. THANK YOU MY FELLOW BLOGGERS.
If blog apocalypse really happens, I'll cry till I go blind and curse like there's no tomorrow those who cause this to happen because whether you like/notice it or not, BLOGSPHERE RULES!
Phieeeeww... *fanning myself* This might be the first post that I went that deep. Thank you, Urban Monk. Hope this helps!
Here, I'd like to tag:
Benjamin - Sewjin
Foo Kiat
Yum Cha King
Horny Ang Moh


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Your Engrand so the very powder, I don't understanding

Alright, alright, I know, I know. This topic has been my latest obsession to reason unknown. I am being my usual mean self again. When I looked into the mirror just now, I can literally see two horns on my head and a cunning smile on my face. LOL~!
**The incidents mentioned were all true stories and names has not been changed to purposely poke fun at the parties involved.
Here are some of the main characters in most of the incidents that I'm about to mention:



and yours truly

Incident #1: (During a debate competition)

In her opening speech,
Vivien: A very good morning/evening to Madam Speakers, de opposites sides and de governments sides and de ladies and gentleman...
Clare: *slaps head*

Incident #2: (During a debate competition)

During her speech on the banning of homosexuality in sex education in school,
Vivien: ...in sex education at school we usually not teaching about how to doing sexing activities...
Clare: *winced* [whispered to Fazlin, the first speaker] What the hell was that???
Fazlin: [whispered back] Shh...never mind. Learning...learning...*smile*
Vivien: ...homosexolidy must be ban because its somettings that will confusing teenagers...
Clare: *barely alive* [whispered to Fazlin] You do the reply speech, I am having a 'culture shock' here...
Fazlin: Haha! Ok!
Vivien: And about de Jessie Chung and Joshua marriage, de opposites sides saids that de marriage is legal but de marriage is NOT registered!

Incident #3: (On the way back to UUM)

The President was telling a joke,
Fatehah: There was this debate where the Chairlady called the house to order...
The rest of us: Uh huh...
Fatehah: ...and there was this guy, a debator, raised his hand and said "Teh tarik satu"...
The rest of us: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....!!! (for the next 10 minutes)

After that everybody was chatting away for approximately 10 minutes until...
Shirley: Hey, hey, GUYS! Listen! I have something to tell you!
The rest of us: ...yadda yadda yadda...
Shirley: Guys! Listen to me for three seconds...!
The rest of us: Yes?
The rest of us:
*turned to look at them and...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!! (for another 10 minutes)

After the 10 minutes laughter, we kept quiet to hear the last part of the explanation given by Fatehah,
Fatehah: ...and the guy ordered a teh tarik lah...
Vivien: [monotonous] Like dat also can ah...~?

*wiping away tears*

Never in my life I've laughed so hard! As much as they annoy the hell out of me, sometimes people with the Engrish level very the powder really make my day. SALUTE~!!! Champion lah, I tell you. She is the Champion lah~!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Some people are so clever, I don't know what they are trying to say...

I was blogging and chatting per usual in the computer lab when I let my eyes wandered while waiting for some pages to load with the oh-so-slow connection. My eyes stopped at the monitor of the computer on my right. A Malay girl was there doing her assignment. But the thing that she typed into her assignment caught my attention and being my usual mean self, I couldn't help but quote some of her masterpiece to be shared with the rest of the world.
Her masterpiece was too precious not to be revealed. It would be viewed only by her lecturer, I presumed, which would be such a waste, don't you think? Somehow, with slight difficulty, I managed to quote a few sentences that I found amusing because they caught me jaw hanging open.

She started off with "My Biography" under which she described about herself:
"My name is xxxxxxxx binti xxxxxx. I'm from aaaaaaa, live at bbbbbb. I'm studying since I'm 5 years old at XXX kindergarden. I'm studying at SRK XXXX and SMK XXXX. "
"I like to eat fruits because its good for our healthy."

"My favourite novels XXX, YYY and Bicara Hati because the story very feeling for myself..."

"My hobbies is listening the radio, ..."

I stopped right there and then because I couldn't contain my laughter.

She concluded this section with a:
"About me, I'm friendly persons, disiplin and like make joking with my friends."

Next came the "My Family" section where I couldn't see very well after the sentence:
"My sister is 8 years old and she still stydy..."
because my eyes were tearing for laughing too much after reading the first section.
When describing about the course she's taking, which I presumed as Communication, she said:
"The communication I enjoyed it and its was a very interesting subject..."
For the final section which was "My Dreams", I only managed to catch glimpse of this:
"I hope after I'm graduated, I can help our society to forward..."
because I almost dropped myself from the chair with uncontrolled laughter.

What the hell were all THAT??? Somebody KILL ME!!!

Pardon me for being mean, I couldn't help it! I don't mean to humiliate her in a way or another in this post or any other posts to come. This is just to enlighten those who are still in the dark, that a lot of university students especially those from the university I am currently in, are still using this kind of English. Their level of English, I tell you, *shakes head*. When they read from prepared text, you'd feel like vomiting blood and hope that someone will just throw you off the building. I'm serious!

Now do you still wonder why unemployment rate among graduates is sky-high in this country???

*None of the words or spelling of the quotes have been changed.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Double Cow

Have you bumped into someone whose birthday happened to be the same as your own? The world seems to be so small when you actually bumped into someone, regardless male or female, who has the same birthday as you.
I remember when I was in Form Five (SMK St. Elizabeth) there were three classmates (Anne, Gladys and Wei Ting)having the same birthday -14 Aug. Freaky huh? Well, come to think of it, we actually saved a lot for having to celebrate their birthday together instead of three separate celebration.
Anyway, on the 27 August 1985, two babies - a girl and a boy, who never have known that they would eventually meet up some 21 years later, were born to different families in different places at slightly different time.
The girl was born to the Ng family and given the name Clare while the boy to the Tan (or Tang) family and being called Kenny. They are only a few hours apart. The girl was born and raised in Sibu, Sarawak while the boy in Penang. People say that you will have similar trait of characteristics and personality if you happen to be born on the same day. True? Maybe. Maybe not.
Both Kenny and Clare met in UUM, where they pursue their tertiary education, a day after their 21st birthday last year. Kenny is taking up International Business Management while Clare is taking Risk Management and Insurance. Well, we seem to have some similar trait of personality and characteristics.
First of all, we have the same height. And we dressed up accordingly, meaning dress for occasions. We'd rather skip our classes to get our other things done first even if it meant that we'd lose marks for our quiz which so happened to be falling on that particular day. We make great teammates as we like to get things done fast and efficiently. We seem to know what each other is thinking at times. And we ordered the same food and drinks during our meals.
I only knew that I love to camwhore. But after meeting Kenny, I realized that he loves to camwhore too. Yes, guys love to camwhore as well! Kenny even went to the extent of borrowing my digital camera on a few occasions to take pictures, mostly on himself. Hahaha! No offence, Kenny, if you are reading this! Oh, and look at the way he posed for photographs! I'm fainting. Haha!
Anyway, it is fun to meet someone who is kind of similar to you in a way or another and I am glad that I met Kenny. We've been good friends ever since the Spring Fest Exhibition. I don't see him much these days. Ah, well, mainly because I hide in my room to watch sitcoms most of the time apart from attending classes. LOL!
He told me the other day that we'll be celebrating our 22nd birthday together this year! Looking forward to it.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Muar Mandarin

I saw this video clip and find it kinda cool. Maybe a lot of you have seen it, but what the heck, this is my blog...Check this out:

Video courtesy of YouTube


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WTF!!! Moment

During the water crisis last week in UUM, we were given emergency leave for 2 days starting Monday, which meant that classes resumed on Wednesday. However, it is weekend for me from Thursday till Saturday. What the hell could I do on Monday and Tuesday without a single drop of water? And I could actually skip classes on Wednesday and get out of here as soon as possible, as far as possible on Monday but there was a blardy Insurance Company Operation mid-semester examination which so happened must fall on Wednesday. To add salt to the wound, it was to be held at 12.30 noon.

So, I thought, maybe I could get my lecturer to postpone the exam to next week. Together with two other guys (my coursemates - Kiki and Kum Chye), we went to the lecturer's room to attempt talking her to postpone the exam.
Kiki: Puan, boleh postpone exam tak?
Lect: Tak boleh, tak boleh!
Clare: Kenapa tak boleh?
Lect: The holiday is until Tuesday and your exam is on a Wednesday. I guess Wednesday is not a Tuesday, right?
Clare: [rolled eyes, thinking] DUH! I know that, IDIOT!
Kiki: Postpone the exam lah. There is no water and we want to go back.
Lect: You can go back now and come and sit for the exam on Wednesday.
Kiki: [pointing at Kum Chye] He's from Johore.
Lect: I will go back also after this...
Clare: [Tulan already, interrupted] And you'd think that I'll fly back to Sarawak for only 2 days just to take bath???
Lect: [Quick quick change topic] Now, now...you are Risk Management student, you should know what to do in situation like this. What if you company is facing a sudden crisis, and you'll just run back home?
Me: [thinking] WTF?!! Now we are having water crisis and we are blardy frustrated already and you are concerned about the company that we haven't even worked in! And you are running back too, aren't you...yeah, yeah your home is just a short driving distance from UUM and you blardy selfishly can go home anytime you want!
Me: I am aware of that, but obviously with the water crisis, we are already too frustrated and how on earth can we study under this kind of situation?
Lect: We cannot do anything because we have booked the place and it is hard to get another place if we postpone the exam, this is all about negotiating, you know? And the exam is only 25%, you can skip it altogether!
Me: [thinking] HAH! Trying to psycho us ar? ONLY 25%?! Okay, we get it. You are just too blardy lazy to look for another place and obviously you suck in negotiating, that's why you do not want to go through all that hustle.
Me: Can't you just postpone it and we can do it during class???
Lect: No, we can't do that. It's all about negotiating. And we are looking for a suitable and condusive place for you guys to sit for the exam. You can easily copy each other's answer if we do it in class.
Me: [thinking] We get the picture, alright! You are just too lazy to look for a place and you suck at negotiating! PERIOD! Condusive my ass! As if you know what's best for us! Postpone the exam and we will be happy, you will also be happy, get it?
Me: Other lecturers can do it in the class and have no problems or complains about it. Why can't we do the same? Postpone the exam so that we can get out of here and have clean water.
Lect: No, no! The exam will still be on whether you stink or not. I have a baby at home and my baby needs to drink as well. That's why I am going home later.
Me: [thinking] Ya, ya...now, drag your whole family into the picture then. You are implying that your baby needs to drink milk, but we need not? Your baby needs to bath and we need not? You and your baby can go home and take your sweet time, drinking milk till his/her stomach exploded and take bath till you dissolve in the water for all I care! Obviously you are not putting your brain into gear before putting your mouth in motion, as usual. We drink more milk than your baby okay, and our body surface area is larger than your stupid baby, we need more water than that creature, why don't you just bring a whole tank of water for us when you can easily compare us with your baby?
Me: ............
Lect: Now, I have something to attend to but the exam will still be on.
Kiki: So it is still the same time and place?
Lect: Yes (closed her door)
And the three of us left the place, cursing and swearing like nobody's business!
*I cannot really said all of those words I was thinking fearing the idiotic lecturer beh song me and failed my paper then I'll be a dead meat.


I (and a lot of us) cannot get out of this stinking place because of that blardy exam and that lecturer just did not want to postpone it under whatever circumstances. I was thinking of hiring a bombing squad from Thailand to blast this university so that I won't suffer dehydration and serious case of self-induced constipation (the toilet stinks to the maximum, you'd rather hold your shit inside) anymore.
The very next day, the electricity was suddenly cut off in the middle of hot and sunny afternoon when I was napping. That was when I received an SMS from a coursemate saying that the emergency had been extended to Wednesday!


And I wasted one day here and suffer for nothing???


This was my WTF moment:

WTF - Will Talk for Food

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Move over, Kenny Sia! Guess who's in town?!

Kenny blogged and bragged about how cool he's to own a Nikon D40 dSLR which is claimed to be meant for people 'who are serious about their photography' (yeah, right!) and dreamt about being digged by chicks only by holding a dSLR.

Let me enlighten those of you who has been misled by this fella. D40 is a good camera, no doubt. It is as cheap as its small size and it uses a small selection of lenses. I cannot imagine why on earth anyone will buy any dSLR that couldn't use most of the lens lineup. How cool can that be? (Sarcasms intended) It has no LCD up top which means no display whatsoever of the aperture settings and et cetera.

Forget Kenny, forget his dSLR. Kenny can go play far far already this time because he did not do his homework well.

Someone has just bought himself a COOL brand new CANON EOS E400D:

10 megapixels instead of 6 (D40)

It has the Integrated Cleaning System which features anti-static coatings, anti-dust materials, and ultra-sonic vibration that are going to keep the gunge out of your shots and give you pure satisfaction with amazing pictures.

Someone can actually wet his pants only by holding this dSLR, never mind taking pictures with it. It boasts of lightning-speed auto-focus system that produces great results. The ISO range runs a useful distance of 100-1600, with a 30secs - 1/4000 shutter speed range.

See how happy the owner of the brand new dSLR?

I bet he's gonna sleep with a smile on his face hugging the dSLR to sleep
(What's with guys and gadgets?)And he won't blardy let anyone (I mean, ANYONE) touching his precious dSLR!

But when he's not looking.........

(Hey, girls can look pretty nice with a dSLR too, no?)

.......camwhore quick quick and cabut fast fast!!!


Women's IV Debating Tournament-Part 2

I have joined the UUM English Language Debate Society (ELDS) since my first semester and went to a few of their meetings. Was invited to a lot of debating tournaments throughout the year by the president but did not have the time and guts to join any of them.

This time, I suddenly grew balls and gave this debate a shot. After the tournament, I felt my balls are growing (freaky eh?) bigger and bigger each day. I got to know about debate ever since secondary school when my best friend, Belinda Lau, was one of the school debators. Believe me, watching a debate is totally diferent from actually doing it.

Debating is all about speaking with confidence even though you are not. It is about convincing people to believe what you said even when you know nuts about what you are talking about. The adjuricators themselves know no statistics so you can create your own estimation to back up your point. In a debate, you can actually crap like nobody's business with a straight face. Lie through your teeth and scatter away free.

And if you think debating is two teams bickering at each other about a rocket science theory, you are so damn WRONG! Debating is fun and the topic can be anything under the sun, even those you'll never think of, like "This House Believe That The Anus Is An Entrance And Not An Exit" (SERIOUS! This is a REAL motion a few years back)

MMU organised this tournament this time. It was an all-women debate so, debators are all female. But of course you get to oogle at guys there lah! And the most frustrating thing was that MMU purposely put a few drop dead gorgeous hunks in tight shirt to usher us to our debating rooms and around the place!
Kandahar from Afghanistan
One of the hunks I managed to threaten at knife-point only to take this picture with me.

Eric from Syria

Another hunk I bribed to take this picture. I love the quote on his shirt. It says: "WTF" (Will Talk for Food)

I bet you all, if any of the hunks above step a foot into the 'sacred' ground of UUM, all the girls (and guys as well - you know what I mean *wink*) will chase after them screaming hysterically, I tell ya. Yes, we are lack of good-looking guys here! Well, at least the consolation when I was in MMU was that I got to cuci mata oogling at hunks there. LOL!

Apart from that, everything else sucked to the maximum! Can you imagine a private university organizing a national debate tournament, asking for a fee of RM20 per participant, served us with crappy food??? We were served something that looked like limp earthworms (bihun) and half-porridge, half-rice fried rice for lunch on the first day. Both of those dishes tasted the same - tasteless. We were served the same crappy fried rice and even bigger and longer worms (mee goreng) the next day! I didn't touch the food even though I was starving. They were a total turn-off!!!

Logically, the organizer should provide us with accomodation i.e. hostel or something. Instead, they checked us into Sun Inn which cost about RM90 per person per night and expect us to pay for it without telling us that. We are well aware that local universities are blardy dirt poor and cannot afford to subsidized the accomodation for us. Summore we have to fork out RM160 for the deposit for the accomodation that we never got to use! They were so damn screwed! UiTM Terengganu teams were even more kesian, they did not have a place to stay! Can you just imagine how screw up their organizing committee are!?