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Monday, April 09, 2007

Blog Apocalypse - If this is my final post

I was tagged by 5xmom who was tagged by Cedric for doing this Blog Apocalypse post. Well, this would be my very first tag from anybody (actually I'm glad not doing any tag so far) but this is for charity, so I thought, why not? Urban Monk started this tag. And for every bloger who take up the tag and link back to him, he'll put aside 1 dollar untill it reaches 500 dollars.
Blog apocalypse is here! Blogsphere is coming to an end! Run! Scream!
No, I will not run away screaming hysterically if I know the blogsphere is dying. Writing has always been my passion and my blog is the only place that I can share my disatisfaction, joy, anger, criticism, happiness, et cetera and being as sarcastic and mean as I can be without being judged or labeled. Blogging has been a part of my life and if blog apocalypse really occurs, a part of me will die with it.
If this is going to be my final post before the end of the blogsphere, given one final chance to blog, I will write something truthfully, from the bottom of my heart.
I started blogging using Friendster Blog and only read by my friends. My friends loved it and I received regular visits and comments from a lot of them. However, I know nuts about blogging and I only fooled around with Friendster Blog writing nothing significant. Somehow somewhat along the way, when I was preparing my script for a Public Speaking Competition organized by The Star and the English Speaking Union, I stumbled upon Rojaks Daily as I was searching for information about the petrol price hike last year. From then on, I was introduced to the whole new world of blogging called the blogsphere. I clicked randomly on the links in Rojaks Daily and tripped and fell flat on my nose onto 5xmom blog and the rest, they say, are history.
After a while, I got sick of Friendster Blog which doesn't provide much choices and the quality of the blogs were not up to my expectations. Thus, the birth of my Kampua Talk. I did not blog regularly in the beginning until one of my friends, a die-hard-fansi as well as a loyal reader complained on my irregular update when I bumped into him during dinner once upon a time.
Having more free time in my hands, I blog-hopped everywhere I could. Blogging gave a totally new meaning to my vocabulary. I get to expand my network and befriend with people I have never met. The most important thing is that I gained priceless experience and lessons from bloggers in the blogsphere.
One thing I know about bloggers is that they never judge other blogger. Everybody seems to support each other through thick and thin. Bloggers are like one big happy family. This proved to be true when I joined the Bloggers Together Gather Party at Federal Hotel, KL last month where I witnessed the reunion of people from all walks of life - pretty, beautiful, handsome, celebrity look-alike, big, small, bald, hairy, tall, short, loaded, reloaded, professional, et cetera. Everything aside, we are all bloggers and from the way that they patted you on your shoulders and greeted you, you felt so at home, as if you've known them all your lives even though that would be the first time you met. Bloggers poked fun at themselves and each other a lot of times without creating World War III. We mastered the skills of sense of humour through blogging. I dare say that blogsphere is a peaceful place to live in.
As time goes by, my blogging improved, my traffic improved and I got more comments from other bloggers and readers alike. I'd like to thank the other bloggers who frequent my blog for lame but sometimes interesting posts and your comments which I treasured very much as guidance for me to improve. For my loyal regular readers, silent or otherwise, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for your support. Hope my blog makes your day.
I am well aware that blogging has helped me a lot in my daily lives, my personal life and the proper way to encounter the cruel harsh world out there. Knowing that there are a lot of bloggers out there who are going to back me up and support me, I live one day at a time, with more confident than I had before. THANK YOU MY FELLOW BLOGGERS.
If blog apocalypse really happens, I'll cry till I go blind and curse like there's no tomorrow those who cause this to happen because whether you like/notice it or not, BLOGSPHERE RULES!
Phieeeeww... *fanning myself* This might be the first post that I went that deep. Thank you, Urban Monk. Hope this helps!
Here, I'd like to tag:
Benjamin - Sewjin
Foo Kiat
Yum Cha King
Horny Ang Moh



Blogger Wingz said...

My blog?? Rojaks Daily changed your life??!! OMGGG!!! cant belif this!!!!

6:15 PM  
Blogger 5xmom.com said...

Yay, hanging around Rojaks blog every day drove one more reader in Clare. Eh, siewjeh, time to get your own domain lah. Cheaper than a dress, more rewarding than chocolates and won't make you look fat.

8:05 PM  
Blogger clement said...

wah... clare.. if u get own domain, inform me ah, i was thinking of doing so also... ha ha, i have been tag twice by same thing... still evam, next week i write la

9:03 PM  
Blogger Kok said...

Wah, I'm tagged again!!!! haha!

6:15 PM  
Blogger clement said...


10:00 PM  

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