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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Your Engrand so the very powder, I don't understanding

Alright, alright, I know, I know. This topic has been my latest obsession to reason unknown. I am being my usual mean self again. When I looked into the mirror just now, I can literally see two horns on my head and a cunning smile on my face. LOL~!
**The incidents mentioned were all true stories and names has not been changed to purposely poke fun at the parties involved.
Here are some of the main characters in most of the incidents that I'm about to mention:



and yours truly

Incident #1: (During a debate competition)

In her opening speech,
Vivien: A very good morning/evening to Madam Speakers, de opposites sides and de governments sides and de ladies and gentleman...
Clare: *slaps head*

Incident #2: (During a debate competition)

During her speech on the banning of homosexuality in sex education in school,
Vivien: ...in sex education at school we usually not teaching about how to doing sexing activities...
Clare: *winced* [whispered to Fazlin, the first speaker] What the hell was that???
Fazlin: [whispered back] Shh...never mind. Learning...learning...*smile*
Vivien: ...homosexolidy must be ban because its somettings that will confusing teenagers...
Clare: *barely alive* [whispered to Fazlin] You do the reply speech, I am having a 'culture shock' here...
Fazlin: Haha! Ok!
Vivien: And about de Jessie Chung and Joshua marriage, de opposites sides saids that de marriage is legal but de marriage is NOT registered!

Incident #3: (On the way back to UUM)

The President was telling a joke,
Fatehah: There was this debate where the Chairlady called the house to order...
The rest of us: Uh huh...
Fatehah: ...and there was this guy, a debator, raised his hand and said "Teh tarik satu"...
The rest of us: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....!!! (for the next 10 minutes)

After that everybody was chatting away for approximately 10 minutes until...
Shirley: Hey, hey, GUYS! Listen! I have something to tell you!
The rest of us: ...yadda yadda yadda...
Shirley: Guys! Listen to me for three seconds...!
The rest of us: Yes?
The rest of us:
*turned to look at them and...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!! (for another 10 minutes)

After the 10 minutes laughter, we kept quiet to hear the last part of the explanation given by Fatehah,
Fatehah: ...and the guy ordered a teh tarik lah...
Vivien: [monotonous] Like dat also can ah...~?

*wiping away tears*

Never in my life I've laughed so hard! As much as they annoy the hell out of me, sometimes people with the Engrish level very the powder really make my day. SALUTE~!!! Champion lah, I tell you. She is the Champion lah~!

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Blogger ^@lViN^ said...

OK, i know I am being really mean commenting on this post but really, most undergraduates and even graduates have this level of english. You might not feel the significance of speaking proper english until you have to deal with international customers and people start going huh? huh? huh? or maybe when you try to understand what some people are trying to tell you, you'll have to stress ur brain so much just to get the gist of it. The point is, people should really learn at least the basic proper english language. Fancy vocabulary aside, I think most graduates should have a level of english on par with the world and if MUET is anything to go by and if graduates can pass English that easily, the government really ought to revise the standard of MUET. Just my 2 cents. :)

10:20 PM  
Blogger CY said...

Now that's just mean...

2:00 PM  

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