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Monday, April 02, 2007

Women's IV Debating Tournament-Part 2

I have joined the UUM English Language Debate Society (ELDS) since my first semester and went to a few of their meetings. Was invited to a lot of debating tournaments throughout the year by the president but did not have the time and guts to join any of them.

This time, I suddenly grew balls and gave this debate a shot. After the tournament, I felt my balls are growing (freaky eh?) bigger and bigger each day. I got to know about debate ever since secondary school when my best friend, Belinda Lau, was one of the school debators. Believe me, watching a debate is totally diferent from actually doing it.

Debating is all about speaking with confidence even though you are not. It is about convincing people to believe what you said even when you know nuts about what you are talking about. The adjuricators themselves know no statistics so you can create your own estimation to back up your point. In a debate, you can actually crap like nobody's business with a straight face. Lie through your teeth and scatter away free.

And if you think debating is two teams bickering at each other about a rocket science theory, you are so damn WRONG! Debating is fun and the topic can be anything under the sun, even those you'll never think of, like "This House Believe That The Anus Is An Entrance And Not An Exit" (SERIOUS! This is a REAL motion a few years back)

MMU organised this tournament this time. It was an all-women debate so, debators are all female. But of course you get to oogle at guys there lah! And the most frustrating thing was that MMU purposely put a few drop dead gorgeous hunks in tight shirt to usher us to our debating rooms and around the place!
Kandahar from Afghanistan
One of the hunks I managed to threaten at knife-point only to take this picture with me.

Eric from Syria

Another hunk I bribed to take this picture. I love the quote on his shirt. It says: "WTF" (Will Talk for Food)

I bet you all, if any of the hunks above step a foot into the 'sacred' ground of UUM, all the girls (and guys as well - you know what I mean *wink*) will chase after them screaming hysterically, I tell ya. Yes, we are lack of good-looking guys here! Well, at least the consolation when I was in MMU was that I got to cuci mata oogling at hunks there. LOL!

Apart from that, everything else sucked to the maximum! Can you imagine a private university organizing a national debate tournament, asking for a fee of RM20 per participant, served us with crappy food??? We were served something that looked like limp earthworms (bihun) and half-porridge, half-rice fried rice for lunch on the first day. Both of those dishes tasted the same - tasteless. We were served the same crappy fried rice and even bigger and longer worms (mee goreng) the next day! I didn't touch the food even though I was starving. They were a total turn-off!!!

Logically, the organizer should provide us with accomodation i.e. hostel or something. Instead, they checked us into Sun Inn which cost about RM90 per person per night and expect us to pay for it without telling us that. We are well aware that local universities are blardy dirt poor and cannot afford to subsidized the accomodation for us. Summore we have to fork out RM160 for the deposit for the accomodation that we never got to use! They were so damn screwed! UiTM Terengganu teams were even more kesian, they did not have a place to stay! Can you just imagine how screw up their organizing committee are!?



Anonymous Gallivanter said...

Debate. Is that what we put on our fishing rod to catch fishes? :-P

4:46 PM  
Anonymous clement said...

wah, a lot of middle eastern. hehe, and lebanese lenglui?

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