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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sibu: A gangland heaven

Sibu: A hotbed of gangsterism
Well, I blogged about this in my first few posts but when I flipped the New Straits Times just now, I saw a familiar face talking about something the I've blogged about a century ago. This fella:

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

This MP of Bintulu chose to speak out in the Parliament about how notorious the gangsters are in Sibu. The interview, conducted by NST's V. Vasudevan, exposed the reasons behind his decision to bring up the matter in the Parliament. Summore hor, this fella is not scared of being hunted by the gangster and also got balls to call for the chief police officer to be removed from Sarawak.

*standing ovation*

Q: You said gangsterism is flourishing in Sarawak. Why do you think this is happening?
A: I feel the police have failed to perform. If the police are performing, I don't think the gangsters can have a field day. Sibu is a small town, so don't tell me Special Branch is not picking up anything from the coffeeshops.
For example, when people go to report a crime involving gangsters to the police... before they have walked out of the station, the gangsters are calling to intimidate them and asking why they went to the police.
In some cases, when a vehicle gets stolen, the owner goes to the police station. While waiting to make his report, he gets a call from the gangster saying: "Anytime you can get your car back, but you have to pay."
Who is running the police station? Who controls the station? I can tell you that in Sarawak, this is happening in every police station.

[*clap clap clap* Yupe, it is true. just that nobody dares to bring this up fearing that the gangsters will hunt them down and burn their cars and houses. Police at my hometown are really useless wan lah, pakat with gangsters summore. And the gangsters always get away scott free. Sigh!]

Q: What must be done now to solve the problem of gangsterism?
A: I think drastic action must be taken.....bla bla bla...

[Again with the drastic action! What drastic action wor? We are never told what 'drastic action' that must be taken. Only the word 'drastic action' said. And I noticed that all those people also always use the word 'drastic action' and zon-zon yang sewaktu dengannya in almost every situation.]

Q: You have been outspoken. Are you not afraid that the gangsters will attack you? After all, your complaints in the parliament have got the Inspector-General of Police going to the state to investigate.
A: Put it this way. My father told me: "Since you have made up your mind to become a politician, you better think of what you need to do in the interest of the rakyat." I am prepared for the worst. A person only dies once.

[Wah! Now that's a good answer. If being asked similar question, a lot of other 'people' will try to change topic. Hmm...no, they don't even have the balls to bring this up in the parliament in the first place. Period! And that brought in the next question.]

Q: It appears that you are the only Sarawak MP who is concerned about this gangsterism problem. The others are either not bothered or don't share your view.
A: I can't answer on behalf of other Sarawak MPs. Maybe they have other priorities and want to raise those concerns in the Dewan Rakyat.

[Hmm...good question, good answer. True, they have other priorities and we are well aware of what they are. But in actuality, the right answer would be: They don't have the balls to do so and also scared shitless that they'll be burnt alive by the gangsters (kiasi mah!) Enough said. ]

The rest of the quite-long but interesting interview could be read HERE and another news on the issue HERE.

I really salute Datuk Seri for this. Not every politician is brave enough to speak out like he did. Sibu (the whole of Sarawak, for that matter) will be a better place to live in if politicians have the guts to speak up in Parliament regarding a lot of vital issues involving the rakyat instead of bickering at each other or making baseless commentaries (like: All bloggers are liars, unemployed housewives, etc) As a friend who always says: No guts, no glory!

We just want a safe and peaceful place to live in and the existence of the gangsters is not helping at all. We live in fear as to not offending them by all means. We vote for you to give us a safe neighbourhood to live in, not that we are asking for a paradise. Is it impossible? Hmm...I'm way over 21 and eligible to vote in the next general or any other election. Now I know which name to be kept in my To-vote-for list already. Heheh~!


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Blogger clement said...

wad la, sibu paikia is living harmoniously with us all. he he, and the politician who can't control them, hire them to guard sacred heart mah... ha ha. and police? abang alik of paikia ma.

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