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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What happened 28 weeks later?

I watched this movie just now at Cineleisure because of limited choices of good movies available. A part of it was because we had nothing to do. I somewhat stereotyped this movie when I first came across the title.

"28 Weeks Later" is not a zombie movie at all. It is far from the typical zombie that we know. No, those transformed-human do not fit or fulfill the requirements to be labelled as zombie. The typical zombie would die first before 'waking' up soul-less and attack human by dragging sluggishly across the ground. In this movie, they did not die first but they were instantly transformed after being infected and attack human by tearing, biting and ripping into anything alive at lightning speed.

If you are into blood and gore, this movie offered you a fair share. They were not too disgusting until you wouldn't dare to touch that tomato or chilli sauce for months. But those were not the main focus. Most of the time there were scenes of chaos when the Infected jumped on their helpless, screaming, unsuspecting victims but the technique they used to shoot the scene were fabulous.

The shock tactics. I jumped in my seat a couple of times. This movie never failed to create suspense right from the beginning. For example, the dark, eerie underground passages that spelt you-don't-know-what-or-who-might-be-watching-from-the-corners; dead bodies flooding the ground as seen from the night-vision goggles; etc that will make you engrossed without actually looking like they are trying to hard to do so.

A good movie, I must say. Better than 'Next', starring Nicholas Cage because I almost fell asleep when watching Next. 28 Weeks Later is not for faint-hearted though.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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Blogger Wuching said...

ok..i wanna see also

5:26 PM  
Blogger clement said...

is there such movie? aiyah.. i am so sampa when it comes to movies lah...

6:10 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

wuching - yeah!

clement - got lah! not you sampa lah, just that the place you are in now has limited movie showing. That's why lor!

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Gallivanter said...

Gonna skip both. :-P Pirates will be here shortly.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous cibol said...

I think the first movie is quite good also. have u watch 28 days later?

11:49 AM  
Anonymous MUNIRA said...

ahaha.....i actually fell asleep watching Next for like 15 mins..

10:52 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Gallivanter - Nah, you can watch them all, no?

cibol - not yet...

munira - hey, welcome to my blog gal! Thanks for dropping by. Yupe, I agree that Next is definitely boring!

11:10 AM  

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