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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We No Po(r)k At All

This is so very funny! The best wan ever! Don't believe me? Listen to this yourself lor.

Video courtesy of YouTube



***To my readers who couldn't open this video, obviously YouTube has removed the video due to some complains. I mean, they just don't have the sense of humour!! This is supposed to be funny, man! Like Alvin said, people tend to take religion seriously...Killjoy only!!!

Well, on the lighter side, you can ask me for the video because I downloaded it before it was removed!!! Now, look who's laughing!!! Huahahaha!!!


I'm No.1!!!

If you Google-search "Kampua" you will definitely find me at the top and second of the search result!!! Woohoo!!! I'm No.1!!!

I am also No.1 in Yahoo! search. And also No.4!

Even overtake that coconut head Malaysian top blogger Kenny Sia!!! He's No.8!!!

Oh, and I noticed No.9 is a good friend of mine, Chung Yien aka James Wong! (Hi, James!)

**This post is just to kill time**


This is damn funny, man!

NTU lecturer shares funny teaching feedback survey results

Video courtesy of YouTube
If all my lecturers are like that, the world would be a much better place to live in!!! And if our students are as witty and could come up with something at least half of that, we can proudly chant the annoying "Malaysia Boleh" slogan, and by that time it won't be as irritating, no?
You know what? There would be a very long way to go for Malaysian. We can't even think outside the BOX, that is why we wear the SQUARE hat during graduation!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Shame! Real SHAME!

"Varsity students do badly in MUET


PUTRAJAYA: One-third of students who graduated from public universities last year have very low English language proficiency.

In fact, 29.2% of the 120,000 graduates scored Bands One and Two in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), which identifies them as “Extremely Limited User” and “Limited User” respectively..." (FULL VERSION)
I am totally speechless!!!
"We have turned down the request as this would not be fair to students, particularly those from rural areas." (???) Mustapa is a perfect idiot!
A standing ovation to the vice-chancellors' committee who had recently recommended that the ministry make it compulsory for students to score at least a Band Three before they graduate from university. But I proposed that they raised the standard to a Band Four, because any retard can easily get a Band Three. (No offence)
"Not worried over low English proficiency

UNIVERSITI Sains Malaysia is not kicking up a big fuss over the low English proficiency among university students as it has high confidence in its students’ ability in the language.

USM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said the university had been teaching science and mathematic subjects in English...
...“So, I will not kick up a fuss on this issue. Let someone else do it,'' he told newsmen after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the University of Peradeniya (UPSL) from Sri Lanka..." (FULL VERSION)
This guy is smart. Actually it is up to the students to worry and 'kick up a fuss' because it is indeed the students' job to do so, no? He might sound cruel and selfish, but he's being realistic here. You see, if you suck in English, it is your problem and it is your own responsibility to do something about it. What do you expect? The university to come up with a committee to improve your language? Spoon-feed you? Find a solution to every of your problem?
"Maintain high MUET standards

IT IS really distressing to read your report “Varsity students do badly in MUET”(The Star, Jan 23).

It is disturbing to know that almost one-third of our public university students fall in Bands One and Two of the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), which indicates their poor command of English.

The recommendation by the vice-chancellors’ committee to make it compulsory for students to score at least a Band Three before they graduate from university is a move in the right direction and should be adopted.

In fact, it should be made a criterion for admission to university in the first place, especially for science-based courses.

Turning down the recommendations of the vice-chancellors’ committee would be jeopardising the students' future..." (FULL VERSION)
See what I mean? Almost 30% of graduates suck in English and some clowns (no, i'm not talking about the writer) still said this is 'high standard'? I quote Patrick Teoh, NIAMAH!!!
The English Language has been a national debate among institutions of higher learning, the Education Ministry, politicians, schools, parents, even among students. Some stupid clowns in the country still membangga-banggakan Bahasa Melayu and keep on wet-dreaming about Bahasa Melayu as international language.
"If during the reign of the Malacca Sultanate, Bahasa Melayu was used as the lingua franca, why not now?"
Well, mister, let me tell you something. This is the Information Age, not Stone Age lar! And you know what? In this Information Age, the age of your information is significant. And a lot of the clowns still wet dream about pre-historic. This is no wonder why Malaysia remains in the state she is now.
If we have a teacher who taught us to pronounce 'conscience' as 'corn-sa-yerns' and 'cough' as 'coach' what do you think will happen to our students?
It is indeed heartbreaking and sad to see or listen to the students speaking all broken, like the Ten Commandments, English. Or rather not English at all. Bahasa Rojak is the most appropriate to describe it. Some will disagree with me and defended that it is Manglish, a unique Malaysian English.
*roll eyes*
Puh-leez!!! Can't you add more insult to the already abused English? People going overseas for studying or working coming back adopting all the irritating fake ang moh accent is nothing to be proud of. Proper and correct do not mean following what other people do ("When in Rome, do what the Romans do" cannot be applied here). Plain and simple without the accent is nothing but perfect. And you cannot improve a perfection.
Back to Malaysia. I noticed that a lot of university students (note that I did not say all) really cannot speak proper English, or rather cannot speak English at all. And yet, they are too arrogant to listen when you say English is important.
Take my university (UUM) for example. People just don't speak English here. When you attempt to speak the language, people will shoot you the glance that says you are trying to show off! The Chinese speaks either Mandarin or their 'infamous' Penang Hokkien, the Malays speak their own pelat negeri (eg. "meh dengok ape abang nak habak"-Kedah, "apo khabe?"-bak Kelate, "kamek sik balit"-Sarawak, etc), Indians speak Tamils, etc.
The usage of English here is so limited to teaching by some lecturers, some newspapers, communicating with foreign students but not so much, well that's all I can think of. The reason that students here suck in English is simply because some lecturers couldn't even string a decent sentence in English or defend their ideas!
Some proudly claimed to have graduated from universities in the USA, UK and Aussie. I seriously doubt that. A lot of time I couldn't even understand a word some lecturers are saying. Their pronounciation, grammar, limited vocabulary are all WRONG!
You see, what do you think will happen to the students when you have a lecturer who tells the students that a 'physician' is someone who is an expert in physics instead of a general medical practitioner?
Enough said.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

UUM - First Prepaid Bus Service System

"Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) has decided to abolish the fixed Bus Service Fee of RM42 per semester which was paid by all students. A new bus system will be introduced starting the new term early next year. This system is known as the Prepaid System..." (FULL VERSION)
Yeah, right. I heard that the actualy fee is RM75 per semester for the bus service. Now, where has the remaining RM33 gone? Maybe RM33 is a small amount, but UUM has more than 20, 000 students (I don't know about the exact figure, correct me if I am wrong). Get what I mean?
Well, the feedback? This is what I got (I couldn't find the link so I just put the whole thing here, bear with me ya!):
"23 JANUARI 2007
PRUUM ONLINE: RATA-RATA pelajar yang ditemui menyatakan rasa gembira dengan perkhidmatan bas kitaran kampus yang diswastakan.
Jika sebelum ini mereka seolah-olah wajib menggunakannya kerana sudah membayarnya, tetapi kini mereka mempunyai pilihan.
"Dulu, saya terpaksa untuk menaiki bas kerana bayaran telah dibuat mengikut semester dan dipotong terus daripada pinjaman yang diterima."
“Naik atau tidak, bas yang disediakan saya tetap perlu membayarnya. Mulai semester ini, saya boleh memilih kalau nak guna atau tidak,” kata pelajar Perakaunan semester tiga yang tinggal di Kolej Yayasan Al-Bukhary.
Seorang lagi pelajar dari Kolej Muamalat menyatakan terdapat ramai siswi dan siswa UUM kini mendapat teman dengan begitu mudah dan cepat kerana berpeluang untuk berjalan beriringan hampir setiap pagi.
“Saya mengenali teman saya yang dari YAB ketika saya dan dia sama-sama pulang dari kelas jam 5 petang. Dia dulu yang menegur saya."
“Sekarang ini, kami akan berjalan bersama-sama ke kuliah. Saya akan menunggu setiap pagi jam 7.10 minit kerana dia selalu bangun lewat untuk ke fakulti,” katanya.
Seorang pelajar dari Fakulti Pengajian Antarabangsa pula berpendapat, tambang 40 sen sekali menggunakannya menyebabkan ramai pelajar mula berjalan kaki dari kolej kediaman.
”Yang baiknya peluang berjalan kaki itu membolehkan kami berbual-bual lebih panjang. Sebelum ini, kehidupan macam kaku sahaja kerana di atas bas, tidak sempat untuk berbual-bual."
”Banyak juga rakan-rakan saya memilih untuk ke perpustakaan untuk lepak atau mengulangkaji pelajaran, sementara menunggu kelas pada petang itu,” katanya.
Seorang pelajar Bukit Kachi 1 berkata, kolej kediaman kini agak tenang waktu tengahari berbanding dengan semester lalu.
“Sebelum ini, saya selesa dan lebih senang pulang ke bilik di kolej kediaman tetapi kini saya cenderung memilih untuk berada di perpustakaan sahaja."
"Dengan memilih untuk berada di perpustakaan saya berpeluang mengulangkaji pelajaran dengan tenang. Selesai sahaja kelas saya terus bertapak ke perpustakaan dan mengulangkaji semula apa yang baru dipelajari tadi."
“Kalau dulu, habis sahaja kelas dan jika terdapat ‘gap’ bagi kelas seterusnya kami berebut-rebut mendapatkan bas untuk pulang ke kolej."
“Ketika berada di kolej tahu-tahu ajelah, lebih teruja untuk tidur sahaja daripada mengulangkaji pelajaran,” ujarnya.
Seorang pelajar baru pula berpendapat, beliau tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah berkaitan sistem perkhidmatan bas sekarang.
“Semuanya baik sahaja dan saya tidak nampak sebarang kesulitan serta kekangan yang terpaksa dihadapi,” katanya.
TEL : 04-928 3006/3007/3013/3014
FAKS : 04-928 3016
Of course, they only published what they think is rightful to be published, the media. By getting feedbacks from only those few students does not mean that the rest of the population here agree with what they are saying. I mean, out of 10 students I've met, 10 of them have something critical to say about the current bus service.
I mean, you see, before the prepaid service, we used to fight (berebut, like what a student commented above) to get onto the bus. And the buses are always so packed that the sardines in the can could actually find a lot of space available.
In the current prepaid system, we pay 40 cents for a trip to our desired destination. We expect a better service like a place to sit in the bus instead of standing the whole journey, regular picking and dropping off students, etc. But, NO! We are still packed to shame the sardines in the can, the number of students standing exceeds the number of those sitting, no bus available when there are a lot of students waiting at the bus stop, etc. Thus, a lot of us are late for classes.
"Why don't you go out early to catch the bus?"
It is still the same. There are only 3 buses to transport students from 3 residential colleges (that's my residential college area) and do you think they are enough? Even if we fight our way to get onto the bus, there are still a lot of students left, unable to get onto the bus.
Is this what we learn in university? The "survival of the fittest"?
(ie. the strongest get to fight his/her way onto the bus...)


Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Leg Step Many Boats

A guy, Z, has a girlfriend, A of five years back home. They entered a local university together but lived in different residential colleges. Z knew another girl, B from a part-time job he took over the holidays and they are very close. They are not in a relationship or anything but more to 'ai mei' like that. A does not know the existence of B and vice versa. Z knew another girl, C from university and they were sports buddy. C knew the existence of both A and B as Z treats C as a best friend.
Z told C that he likes B but because of the responsibility towards A, he couldn't simply dump her. Both A and B are from the same town. A's parents are damn strict when it comes to dating because they expect A to excel in studies and date later. Therefore, A and Z have been together in secret for such a long time. Well, A's family is filthy rich (just an added info). Z will definitely choose B if A's parents do not approve them together. Z said not that he is taking B as a spare but just a matter of 'parental consent'. He prefer B to A.
*roll eyes*
So far C has just been an observer and ears for Z. After discovering Z's real attitude, C has been keeping a distance from Z ever since. C does not think that telling everything to both A and B would be a good idea.
The question is:
1. What the hell is Z doing, fooling around with these 2 girls?
2. Does Z really love A? Or her money?
3. Who is the stupid one in this case? A or B? Or Z?
4. Is C doing the right thing?
5. Should A know the truth?
No need to be polite or consideration to anything wan, you can just hentam anyhow here!
Thank you!
**The above illustration is only a fiction. Tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati atau yang mahu mati. Any similarity to the above illustration is pure coincident.


Friday, January 26, 2007


The time is 12.01 midnight. Guess where I am? A hall at the nearby residential college where the nearest place I can get a wireless connection. It was peaceful and windy here.
Then suddenly...
Saw a herd of male of 'that quarter' crashed into this place and started making a hell lot of noises that I am very sure is going to wake the dead! The noise is called Dikir Barat. Actually I am not against Dikir Barat, a traditional Malay singing or dance (I'm not sure about this) with simple traditional musical instrument like kompang, cenang, gong and some other instruments that I do not know the name.
The herd of male pigs have been shouting (yes, shouting. Not singing) for the past half an hour and that irritated the hell outta me! I couldn't go somewhere else because this is the only damn place that is the nearest to my hostel I could access to a wireless connection.
Tell them to shut up? I wish I could. But I don't think my voice could be heard over all that noise. Goodness gracious me!!! Their noises could be heard over the border to Thailand! Even with my headphones planted to my ears at full blast also kalah teruk lah! My friend, Anne, suggested that I shouted at them, " QUIET!!! Dumb Dumb wants to speak to you!!!" ala Stoneage from The Night at the Museum. LOL!
I am not against the pigs doing dikir barat kah, kuda kepang kah, mak yong kah, ngajat kah (I bet they have no idea how to ngajat - Iban's traditional dance), break dance kah, what ever lah. Just don't do it in the middle of the night lah wei! Siao meh!
Yes, I know you are patriotic and loyal to the country by singing "Majulah Malaysia...Kita berjaya..." and "Keusahawanan...bla bla bla..." but singing in the middle of the night IN THE JUNGLE??? Puh-leezz! Go to Malaysian Idol lah! Maybe Paul can give you some sound advice that will get into that empty head of yours. After that, go back to where you belong, dikir barat-ing under the coconut tree for the coconut to drop onto your head and die on the spot!
Then, there will be peace to all mankind! LOL!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Message of The Holy Father Benedict XVI

Theme: "Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education"
May 20, 2007
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1. The theme for the Forty-first World Communications Day, "Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education", invites us to reflect on two related topics of immense importance. The formation of children is one. The other, perhaps less obvious but no less important, is the formation of the media.

The complex challenges facing education today are often linked to the pervasive influence of the media in our world. As an aspect of the phenomenon of globalization, and facilitated by the rapid development of technology, the media profoundly shape the cultural environment (cf. Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter The Rapid Development, 3) Indeed, some claim that the formative influence of the media rivals that of the school, the Church, and maybe even the home. "Reality, for many, is what the media recognize as real" (Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Aetatis Novae, 4).

2. The realtionship of children, media, and education can be considered from two perspectives: the formation of children by the media; and the formation of children to respond appropriately to media. A kind of reciprocity emerges which points to the responsibilities of the media as an industry and to the need of active and critical participation of readers, viewers and listeners. Within this framework, training in the proper use of the media is is essential for the cultural, moral and spiritual development of the children.

How is this common good to protected and promoted? Educating children to be discriminating in their use of the media is a responsibility of parents, Church, and school. The role of parents is of primary importance. They have a right and duty to ensure the prudent use of media by training the conscience of the children to express sound and objective judgement which will then guide them in choosing or rejecting programmes available (cf. Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio, 76). In doing so, parents should have the encouragement and assistance of schools and parishes in ensuring that this difficult, though satisfying, aspect of parenting is supported by the wider community.

Media education should be positive. Children exposed to what is aesthetically and morally excellent are helped to develop appreciation, prudence and the skills of discernment. Here it is important to recognize the fundamental value of parents' example and the benefits of introducing young people to children's classics in literature, to the fine arts and to uplifting music. While popular literature will always have its place in culture, the temptation to sensationalize should not be passively accepted in places of learning. Beauty, a kind of mirror of the divine, inspires and vivifies young hearts and minds, while ugliness and coarseness have a depressing impact on attitudes and behaviour.

Like education in general, media education requires formation in the exercise of freedom. This is a demanding task. So often freedom is presented as a relentless search for pleasure or new experiences. Yet this is a condemnation not a liberation! True freedom could never condemn the individual – especially a child – to an insatiable quest for novelty. In the light of truth, authentic freedom is experienced as a definitive response to God's 'yes' to humanity, calling us to choose, not indiscriminately but deliberately, all that is good, true and beautiful. Parents, then, as the guardians of that freedom, while gradually giving their children greater freedom, introduce them to the profound joy of life (cf. Address to the Fifth World Meeting of Families, Valencia, 8 July 2006).

3. This heartfelt wish of parents and teachers to educate children in the ways of beauty, truth and goodness can be supported by the media industry only to the extent that it promotes fundamental human dignity, the true value of marriage and family life, and the positive achievements and goals of humanity. Thus, the need for the media to be committed to effective formation and ethical standards is viewed with particular interest and even urgency not only by parents and teachers but by all who have a sense of civic responsibility.

While affirming the belief that many people involved in social communications want to do what is right (cf. Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Ethics in Communications, 4), we must also recognize that those who work in this field confront "special psychological pressures and ethical dilemmas" (Aetatis Novae, 19) which at times see commercial competitiveness compelling communicators to lower standards. Any trend to produce programmes and products - including animated films and video games - which in the name of entertainment exalt violence and portray anti-social behaviour or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion, all the more repulsive when these programmes are directed at children and adolescents. How could one explain this 'entertainment' to the countless innocent young people who actually suffer violence, exploitation and abuse? In this regard, all would do well to reflect on the contrast between Christ who "put his arms around [the children] laid his hands on them and gave them his blessing" (Mk 10:16) and the one who "leads astray … these little ones" for whom "it would be better … if a millstone were hung round his neck" (Lk 17:2). Again I appeal to the leaders of the media industry to educate and encourage producers to safeguard the common good, to uphold the truth, to protect individual human dignity and promote respect for the needs of the family.

4. The Church herself, in the light of the message of salvation entrusted to her, is also a teacher of humanity and welcomes the opportunity to offer assistance to parents, educators, communicators, and young people. Her own parish and school programmes should be in the forefront of media education today. Above all, the Church desires to share a vision of human dignity that is central to all worthy human communication. "Seeing with the eyes of Christ, I can give to others much more than their outward necessities; I can give them the look of love which they crave" (Deus Caritas Est, 18).

From the Vatican, 24 January 2007, the Feast of Saint Francis de Sales.


This is kinda late but, hey, WELCOME TO MALAYSIA though!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Malaysia!

Before you come to Malaysia, or if you do not know where on earth Malaysia is, fear not! I am most happy to lead you for a brief moment, touring around Malaysia. As far as I am concerned, very few people on the streets of New York or London could point to Malaysia on a map much less name its prime minister or capital city. But do not worry thanks to Malaysia's tame media and the bravado of former prime minister Mahathir Mohammad that we are convinced that we are now in the eyes of the world.

Forget Disneyland, forget bungee-jumping, forget Neverland. For thrill and excitement, Malaysia is THE place for you. Fly with our national airline, The Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

or our budget airline, Air Asia

Now everybody can fly!

for the thrill rides of your life. Feast your ears with the fake ang moh used by the captain when making announcements:

"Good evening? this is your captain Rashid speaking? we are now flying at thee speed of xx mach? we are now at thee xxx feet above sea level? thee temperature in KL is xx degrees celcius? thee weather is xxx? we are expected to land in xx minutes? dinner will be served in a short while? thank you?"


"This is your captain Rashid speaking? we've just landed? at thee KL International Airport? on behalf of thee cabin crews? I'd like to thank you all? for flying with Malaysia Airlines? we hope to see you soon? good night?"

If that is not torturing enough to your ears, worry not. Now before landing make sure that you grip the seat tightly. The touchdown of the airplane on the runway will guarantee to give you more than a heart attack!

Not exciting enough? Never mind. When you arrive at the arrival hall, take a taxi to your desired destination instead of asking your friends to fetch you. Why? Because some clowns in the country said that taxi fares are among the lowest in the region.

That is if you can find a taxi driver who does not ask, "Pergi mana? Ampang ah? Tak boleh, jam la" or "Pegi KLCC? RM40" for a RM10 ride on the meter. Get into that taxi and you will have the ride of your life on a Malaysian highway. A taxi driver who thinks he Drift King or pretend to be one will sure give you the hair-rising ride.

After a while, you will see the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest building in the world which Malaysians are very proud of. Only God knows why. You see, we had little to do with these towers, though. The money for them came out of the ground and the engineering was contracted out to South Korean companies. We do not even run the shopping centre that is beneath these towers. That is handled by Australia's Westfield. Malaysia Boleh!

Picture courtesy of The New Straits Time

See this round thing? It is called Eye on Malaysia, a copycat version of Eye on London. But when I passed by the ferris wheel at Kuala Lumpur's Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, I concluded that it does not fit the name Eye on Malaysia at all! When you are up there, all you see is Kuala Lumpur, not Malaysia!!! Does that ring any bell? Enough said.

Enough of sight-seeing? Now for the action-packed comedy live shows, try driving around the Pearl of the Orient around midnight. I am sure you won't be disappointed. Live show casting Malaysian police force ala NYPD chasing after hundreds of Mat Rempit with only ONE Proton Waja are entertaining enough. You will laugh your ass off at the sight of that.

Not entertaining enough, eh? Laugh till you drop rolling on the floor for this piece: Our government is actually spending millions of our money to send some joker into space to play batu seremban, paint batik and make teh tarik all just to see how these things can be done without gravity. Yes, people still talk about THIS! Well, at least that provided the entire world with laughs and put Malaysia on the map!

Malaysia is uniquely "Truly Asia". Attend a parliamentary session and watch some clowns in action and you will know what I mean. Do not stiffle that laughter. We do have the best sense of humour in the world. This is the best live scriptless comedy show on earth.

Come and see as well as experience for yourself the uniqueness of Malaysia. The best experience of your life guaranteed ONLY IN MALAYSIA!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Teaching People to Be Mindless Parrots-Part II

Yes, I blogged about this before - TWICE - one before New Year, one somewhere else at The Star. Well, as predicted, majority of the population in this country does not know or just rather 'close one eye' to this issue. Comments and feed backs I got from this similar but slightly different articles are of course different depending on the location. In this Blogger, I got something that sound like "Don't be too seriouslah. Just go with the flow..." so on and so forth.
The longer version of the article could be found here
See what I got?
1st comment:
"Unfortunately theres still many people have the opinion that memorizing base examination is the only way to differentiate the good, the better and the best because they themselves were from the same system. Unless we are able to approach them the advantages using education system, things will never change. As we can see, the current system has fail to bring up success to our country because what they know is to memorize and follow the seniors way of doing the job."
-by hlchuah06, 7 Jan 2007-
2nd comment:
"Dear clarenicng, you have a valid point there.
How true it is and I remember just memorizing facts and figures back in my school days.
Let's hope someone up there (the Education Ministry) reads your letter. Maybe with enough "voices" we can change the policy of old.
Till then, good luck on your voyage to change the system...let's hope more parents see this as a better move."
-by jlsljohn, 8 Jan 2007-
3rd comment:
"I agree with your observation. But do you also realise that this is what most parents expect - ie that their child is seen as 'successful' measured by his ability to memorise.
And why? the parents themselves were brought up in this culture - our civil services today, is also a product of this culture. We are not taught to enjoy the pleasure of learning, but instead to follow! SO there is no pro active attitudes. So, let's all stop speaking but do something about it. Change do not come in a day - writing about it is the first step. The next is voicing it in public forums and STAND UP and make a difference. Let us leave this country a better place than what we see today!"
-by petluc, 9 Jan 2007-
That were some constructive feed backs I got randomly from the public. Do you noticed that they all summed up into only ONE thing?
Everybody is realising the problem and yet nothing is done about the problem therefore everybody thinks that there is no problem at all. Somehow somewhat when somebody voiced it out, everybody does the same thing, that is nodding in agreement that something has to be done about the problem AND expect somebody else doing it so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy the show when that somebody sheds all the sweat, tears and blood to fight for the rights so that everybody gets that piece of cheese cake.
*pant pant pant*
So what if the somebody who voiced out the problem is just a small fry like me? Would it get any attention if I actually voice out? Maybe. If I posted it in a Citizen's Blog of The Star Online, like what I did, I get all the supportive feedbacks and some 'good lucks' without them actually lending a helping hand or suggestions on what could be done about the problem.
Of typical Malaysian, that particular somebody who actually voiced out is expected to do something about it and not somebody else. Enough said.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Short Post

Tempted. Tempted to skip 12.30-2.00pm Insurance Company Operation class and go back to my room to pack and jump on the next public bus to Alor Setar then KL.
But, no. Class-skipping will have to wait for emergency purposes only. I'm turning into a good student, no? LOL
Back to the media, I'm going to KL for the weekend this afternoon after class. Will be there till this Sunday. I'll live at a senior's place in Wangsa Maju. So, anyone that I know, friends who are in KL these few days, can call me up and make a date or dinner or whatever you call it.
See you guys there, ya!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Weight Losing Competition

To lose weight lah of course!
Terms and Conditions (Rules and Regulations):
1. Open only to all children, in-laws and grandchildren of Ling Beng Ying regardless of age or gender.
2. Kids below the age of 15 years old should not participate unless overweight.
3. Those as skinny as satay stick is banned from participating.
4. Folks with various sickness i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Anaeroxia Nervosa, Bulimia, leukemia, anemia, cancer, etc are also banned from participating.
5. Competition starts from the moment you read this until Chinese New Year on 18th February 2007.
6. Participants are not required to report their weight loss progress during the duration of the competition.
7. All participants will be weighed on the first day of Chinese New Year at Suk Jun's house. (If the scale is still functioning properly)
8. Participants who are not in Sibu are required to come back to Sibu by all means.
9. Regardless of the methods used to lose weight, participants must stay alive and healthy all the time.
10. Participants should eat proper meals every day during the weight losing process.
11. Any act of self-destruction such as starvation or liposuction is not allowed. Participants will be disqualified if found guilty.
12. Please send me your current weight (include your name please) at clarenic19@yahoo.com (Do not cheat)
13.No closing date for registration. No registration fee required.
* So, if you send me your details on 17th Feb, you have to lose as much weight as possible within 24 hours! LOL
14. Participant who loses the most weight wins!
Most weight lost - *mystery gift*
*Prize is sponsored by Kampua Talk


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mat Rempit Not So Furious

Mat Rempit Not So ...

Song courtesy of Esnips


I got this song from Foo Kiat's Blog. It is so funny that you should listen to it. This Manglish (Malaysia English) version of Tokyo Drift is not sung by Teriyaki Boys but by some JJ&Rudy. I could not agree more with Foo Kiat as he put it, "this is the stupidest song I've ever heard."

In my humble opinion, if they attempted to curb Mat Rempit problem with this kind of song, they failed one hell of a BIG time! It is no wonder more and more Mat Rempits emerging out of nowhere.

Now don't let me bore you with details of this Mat Rempit thing, just click over and listen to the song (especially the lyrics) and laugh your ass off!!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

UUM Student Found Hanged

News travel faster than any form of wave. Heard this piece of news yesterday from a friend. SMSed my junior to verify the truth. Saw the news in the New Straits Times today under Nation page 21.

CHANGLUNG: A Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) student was found dead in a hostel toilet in Sintok here yesterday.
The body of 25-year-old final year economics student, Wong Soo Sun, was found at the Bukit Kachi 2 hostel with a track top tied around her neck.
Her body was sent to the Jitra Hospital for a post-mortem before being released to her family.
Police have ruled out foul play."
Source: New Straits Times, Tuesday, January 9, 2007
They misspelt the name of the place. It's supposed to be CHANGLUN without a G at the end. Heard also that this girl is from Johore and most probably due to stress, commited suicide. What a tragic ending for someone who almost graduate.
This is so sad, man. It happened so near where I am. But luckily the hostel is off campus, mine is in campus. It shocked the bones out of me because yesterday was only the second day of lessons. I don't think the lecturers have started to teach. Therefore there is nothing to be stressed about yet.
Well, people still talk about this news today. Lecturers even discussed it in their lectures and it has nothing to do with the subject they are teaching.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dear Juniors


For Christ's sake, please do not scream your heads off in the middle of the night over the corridors! Your seniors need some peaceful rests. Please be considerate! This is not your house. You might be quite free as there are not so much pressure yet but the seniors do! Screaming your heads off at each other is not considered a conversation, especially in the shower. Do you need to be so loud when you are taking bath next door to each other? Your noises could be heard over the border!

Besides, when a cockroach crossed your path, you won't have bad luck. Don't worry. And don't scream your lungs out too! The cockroach won't die from your scream but other people most probably will. You may squish it, stomp on it, pick it up, eat it, or whatever, I don't give a damn. Just don't scream at the sight of Mr Cockroach! It won't swallow you! You'll just wake the dead!

Do not be so inconsiderate when you hang your clothes to dry. The whole stretch of wire to hang our wet clothes is supposed to be mine as it is located outside my room. But you hang your clothes all over the place and hence there are no place for me to hang my own clothes. Besides, do you mind not to push aside my almost dried clothes to one side? It will be so hard to get the 'wrinkles' off the clothes. What if I do the same to your clothes? Again, this is not your house! You are lucky I did not throw your clothes down to the ground floor.

This is especially to the Malays, do not leave your used sanitary pad in the bathroom. It is so disgusting!!! Didn't your mother teach you? It was like shitting anywhere you like and leave the shit at that spot. Do you expect other people to pick your thing and throw it for you??? Is this what 20-year-olds supposed to do? Come on! Who are you reserving your sanitary pad for?
Peace on all mankind. Time to grow up, y'all!
Yours truly


Cold and Wet First Day at school

I do not know about other university but UUM starts its classes today!

I woke up at 9.30am to the sound of my handphone alarm. It was raining cats and dogs...erm, dogs are haram here...raining bulls and cows since early in the morning. The weather is so cold and nice that it was so comfy I almost fell back to sleep instantly and planned to skip classes today. I pressed the snooze button to wake me up 10 minutes later.

It was indeed a wet affair to attend classes today. There was no bus at the residential college bus stop. The bus that stopped only let some passengers down but did not want to pick up any and the bus stop was obviously full. So much for the prepaid bus system though! I thought we would have a better service and regularity of the buses, but NO! This is worse than previous semesters and we have to pay more!

I do not think lecturers are going to start teaching today. Most probably because this week is the add and drop week when we get to add subjects we are supposed to take but not in our given time table and drop classes not suitable to our timing. I dropped Investment Analysis and substituted it with Property and Liability Insurance II, changed time for Business Law from Group C to G. I have 4 classes today, I just finished 2 classes.

Even after 2 classes, I noticed that some lecturers who can really speak ang moh are trying to show off! Yes, his pronounciation is accurate but he's speed reading, like rapping (erm, he ain't Mr Zairol if that's who you think I'm talking about) Well, at least you can hear properly what Eminem is rapping about. That particular lecturer (don't want to name names here) spoke like the Malaysia Airlines pilot with the fake ang moh! It is irritating especially when he translated what he said into Bahasa Malaysia. Even an ang moh can speak better BM than him! But my faculty's lecturers still consider okay, they don't speak more English than the English that is supposed to be English!

I can't say anything most probably because majority of the students in that class are juniors. Second semester juniors. I'm the one and only 4th semester senior! Hence, I am easily recognized which is not a good thing because I couldn't simply skip class!

*Looking at the time*

Wah! 2.20pm only. Next class is 3.30pm, Business Law. I have no idea what can I do during the 2-3.30pm gap.

It is still raining outside. There is massive flood inside my an-inch-above-ankle leather boots. *sigh* The weather reminds me of the golden oldies "Just Walking In The Rain"
*ang moh = English in Hokkien dialect


Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to the jungle

Welcome back, people! It's New Year, a new beginning, a new semester! I arrived in UUM at around 10.00pm something in a taxi shared with two other juniors.
UUM was so dark and quiet, so unlike a university. My hostel was totally dead with no signs of life at all. My friend had asked me to get my room key from the JPPK (Jabatan Perancangan dan Pembangunan Kolej) - something like that - room. When I reached there, everything is pitch black.

To make the long, exciting, dumb story short, my room was not locked! For goodness' sake! Why didn't I checked it before. But my things are all locked inside the pantry! After went through so much trouble I finally settled down. The delayed flight from Sibu to KL was consuming much of my energy, so I just fell asleep instantly.
I have no roommate this semester! *Cheer*

Today, practically, it is like Family Day with everybody busy cleaning up their respective room. Some parents came with their kid TO HELP THEM CLEAN THE ROOM! For Christ's sake, this is university!!! Clean up your own room! Do it independently without asking your parents, your brother or sister, your boyfriend or girlfriend to help you. The room itself isn't large, why bother other people? How old are you? 2? 3? Still need your mum to wipe your ass after you shit? Come on!

To my coursemates, see you in class soon!

To my friends, see you around. Sorry, not much ji dan gao (egg cake - direct translation) for you guys this time, I was too hungry. LOL

To everybody else outside the two categories, welcome back. See you guys around.

PS: No appetite to blog after seeing pictures of a girl I know with some kind of weird hairstyle. The toning of her make up on the face is much much brighter than her neck and hands which make her looked so 'outstanding'. Scared the hell out of me, I thought I saw ghost! LOL

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

From A Table-for-two of Burger King in KLIA

I'm typing this from KLIA as stated in the title above. Yeah, I'm going back to the jungle later tonight. Now I'm waiting for my next flight at 8.00pm something to Alor Star with my junior, Patrick.

Yeah, while munching on my fish burger just now, I told him that it was a drag to go back to UUM. Of course it is, going back to the same ol' jungle, same ol' residential college, same ol' lecture hall, same ol' room, seeing the same ol' friends (this is the best part of all though), seeing some same ol' lecturer (some lecturers are great, but some are real pain in the ass!), doing the same ol' stuff, eating the same ol' spicy, oily and salty food for every meal...etc

There are one year and a half more for me till I say goodbye to this forbidden jungle. I just can't wait to get out of this place! Not that I love working life. Trust me, I don't! I just have to get out of here before I turned into a retard! Studying, living and socializing with the 'sensitive clan' really pissed me off. Not that I hate them. Well, some of them. The way they do things, the way they delay group assignments, the way they kiss lecturer's ass to get tips for exam, the way they walk!

Get me outta here! Get me outta here!

Don't mind me, just have nothing to do here while waiting for my next flight! Heheh!

Welcome back to school, everyone!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 New Year Resolutions

Well, I finally decided to come up with my own New Year resolutions since I have not seriously done one before. Here are some of my New Year resolutions for 2006 and see how well I did.

Resolution Number 1:
Keep in touch with my hometown friends more often.

Met up with Yong Ang at Kuala Perlis for my 21st Birthday

Christmas party at Adem Cafe in Sibu before Anne left for Kota Kinabalu the day after that

Over the year, I tried to keep in touch with ex-classmates and friends from Sibu when I was in Kedah. Belinda has been my regular updates, she still is and she will be. Visit Munira the Sesat Gal during Hari Raya Puasa. Met up with Michelle and Cheryl during Christmas. Su Yiu has been in Sibu for the whole year so whenever I was back, I'll dig her out. Spent the new year countdown with Chung Yien and Rodney.

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 2:
Visit a place outside Malaysia

Crossed over to Thailand sometime at the beginning of August. Visited Hatyai and Songkhla. Watched 'Tiger Show' which I vowed not to watch again if I ever visit Thailand next time. Went to a disco and danced non-stop for 3 hours.

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 3:
Visit Langkawi

Had fun in Langkawi for the first time some time in July. It was also the first time I drank vodka containing 40% of alcohol with 5 other friends. It was also the first time I drink till I drop! LOL!

My second visit to Langkawi was on the 4th Dec 2006. Visited more places and had eating fest all the time I was there. Drank beer and vodka at midnight at the beach (Pantai Cenang)

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 4:
Know more coursemates and make more friends. At least 2 from each state in Malaysia

Sarawak: Ah Fat from Kuching (coursemate), Raymond from Kuching (college-mate), Conie from Miri (same hostel)
Sabah: Kak Ida and Kak Nani (seniors from my hostel)
Johor: Kai Yuan from Simpang Renggam(coursemate's roommate), Kah Thing from Segamat(college-mate), Foo Onn from Simpang Renggam (Kai Yuan's friend)
Negeri Sembilan: Lan Siang (next-door junior same hostel)
Melaka: Ah Yek (college-mate), Ah Lian (senior, collegemate)
Selangor: Calvin from KL (badminton club), Brandon Chan from KL (a lecturer), Kiki from KL(coursemate) etc
Pahang: Lee Tyng from Mentakab (course junior), Poh Qun (college-mate), Li Chen (next door junior same hostel)
Perak: KC from Ipoh (met while playing badminton), Foo Kiat from Ipoh (coursemate), Wong Sifu from Ipoh (coursemate), Ubai from Grik (college-mate), Vivien from Ipoh (junior), Soo Mann from Taiping (ex-roommate)
Penang: Kum Chye from Butterworth (coursemate), Lee Kah Shing from Penang Island (friend), Ah Bee from Penang Island (roommate)
Kedah: Pei San from Langkawi (college-mate), Ah Keat from Alor Star (coursemate), Jasmine from Sungai Petani (senior), Ah Soon from Sungai Petani (collegemate, senior), Alex from Alor Star (Ah Keat's friend)
Perlis: Mei Shiang from Perlis (basketball team captain)
Kelantan: Lyn from Kota Bharu (same hostel), Ah Long from KB (coursemate), Ah Khai from KB (coursemate), Ah Hwa from KB (friend), Jian Rong from KB (senior)
Terengganu: KC (coursemate)

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 5:
Maintain my weight at 50kg

My weight at the beginning of the year was 47kg. At the end of the year turned 54kg!

Verdict: FAIL

Resolution Number 6:
Get at least 3 pointer for exam

Even though I maintained my grade so that it don't drop, it is still far away from 3 pointer. I just suck in memorizing!

Verdict: FAIL

Resolution Number 7:
Exercise regularly

I played badminton 3 times a week during the first half of the year. During the second half of the year, I went swimming twice a week and played badminton three times a week.

Verdict: PASS

I exercise a lot but still could not maintain my weight due to huge appetite after exercising.

This year, I hope to achieve all my resolutions.

Resolution Number 1: Lose at least 5kg

Yes, the 5kg around the waist. And some other unnecessary places.

Resolution Number 2: Exercise on regular basis

At least 2 different types of sport every week.

Resolution Number 3: Avoid supper

To make the spare tyre disappear. Difficult task. Usually I get hungry around midnight and will automatically ordered a beef burger from the stall next to my hostel.

Resolution Number 4: Spend less, travel less and play less

To avoid early bankruptcy. Difficult task too. Just love to travel!

Resolution Number 5: Get better result. Learn how to improve brain capacity so that can memorize more

Study more, avoid skipping class, avoid last minute assignment completion. LOL

Resolution Number 6: Earn 3-figure income for a beginner

From my part time job, of course.

Resolution Number 7: Make even more friends

Resolution Number 8: Go for a vacation with Belinda during semester break to Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian and Lang Tengah

Hopefully she does not cancel it at the last minute *Fingers crossed*

Gambateh neh!


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007 to all my friends, my fellow bloggers and my family!!!
The time was 6.30pm last evening and everybody seemed to be heading to town along for the countdown last night. The whole stretch of Brooke Drive was almost jam.

My best friend and all-time classmate Cheryl Lim. Have known her for almost 15 years.

Celebrated countdown to 2007 at Sibu Townsquare Phase II with a few friends. We did not join the crowd at the Sibu Gateway for the concert or show (or something like that) while waiting for the countdown. We observed from far away, which was a good choice as the view of fireworks which painted the night sky was picturesque.

My classmate in Form Six, James the Food King! Heheh! Peace!

Another classmate in Form Six, Rodney the Leng Zhai of the gang. How sweet the dimples he got there!

Had dinner at the cafe at Esplanade, operated by some distant relative (as I was told) with 25 other family members in the evening. An uncle practically booked the whole upstairs dining hall for us. Went home at 9.30pm which was pretty weird because more and more people were just heading to town.

James called saying he was waiting for Rodney to fetch him. They got lost finding my house after that. Met up with Ah Soon and Tony (one of their friends back in school) at the Townsquare. These bunch of guys made the most noises at the stroke of midnight. And there by the river of Rejang we welcome 2007 to the cool breeze brushing against our cheeks accompanied by the honking sound of the ship (which was a tradition to welcome every new year in Sibu) and fireworks display across the night sky.

For those who were not here, wherever you are, Happy New Year!

Wish you all the best in everything you do this year! God bless you all!

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