Kampua Talk: DIKIR BARAT

Kampua Talk

Friday, January 26, 2007


The time is 12.01 midnight. Guess where I am? A hall at the nearby residential college where the nearest place I can get a wireless connection. It was peaceful and windy here.
Then suddenly...
Saw a herd of male of 'that quarter' crashed into this place and started making a hell lot of noises that I am very sure is going to wake the dead! The noise is called Dikir Barat. Actually I am not against Dikir Barat, a traditional Malay singing or dance (I'm not sure about this) with simple traditional musical instrument like kompang, cenang, gong and some other instruments that I do not know the name.
The herd of male pigs have been shouting (yes, shouting. Not singing) for the past half an hour and that irritated the hell outta me! I couldn't go somewhere else because this is the only damn place that is the nearest to my hostel I could access to a wireless connection.
Tell them to shut up? I wish I could. But I don't think my voice could be heard over all that noise. Goodness gracious me!!! Their noises could be heard over the border to Thailand! Even with my headphones planted to my ears at full blast also kalah teruk lah! My friend, Anne, suggested that I shouted at them, " QUIET!!! Dumb Dumb wants to speak to you!!!" ala Stoneage from The Night at the Museum. LOL!
I am not against the pigs doing dikir barat kah, kuda kepang kah, mak yong kah, ngajat kah (I bet they have no idea how to ngajat - Iban's traditional dance), break dance kah, what ever lah. Just don't do it in the middle of the night lah wei! Siao meh!
Yes, I know you are patriotic and loyal to the country by singing "Majulah Malaysia...Kita berjaya..." and "Keusahawanan...bla bla bla..." but singing in the middle of the night IN THE JUNGLE??? Puh-leezz! Go to Malaysian Idol lah! Maybe Paul can give you some sound advice that will get into that empty head of yours. After that, go back to where you belong, dikir barat-ing under the coconut tree for the coconut to drop onto your head and die on the spot!
Then, there will be peace to all mankind! LOL!