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Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to the jungle

Welcome back, people! It's New Year, a new beginning, a new semester! I arrived in UUM at around 10.00pm something in a taxi shared with two other juniors.
UUM was so dark and quiet, so unlike a university. My hostel was totally dead with no signs of life at all. My friend had asked me to get my room key from the JPPK (Jabatan Perancangan dan Pembangunan Kolej) - something like that - room. When I reached there, everything is pitch black.

To make the long, exciting, dumb story short, my room was not locked! For goodness' sake! Why didn't I checked it before. But my things are all locked inside the pantry! After went through so much trouble I finally settled down. The delayed flight from Sibu to KL was consuming much of my energy, so I just fell asleep instantly.
I have no roommate this semester! *Cheer*

Today, practically, it is like Family Day with everybody busy cleaning up their respective room. Some parents came with their kid TO HELP THEM CLEAN THE ROOM! For Christ's sake, this is university!!! Clean up your own room! Do it independently without asking your parents, your brother or sister, your boyfriend or girlfriend to help you. The room itself isn't large, why bother other people? How old are you? 2? 3? Still need your mum to wipe your ass after you shit? Come on!

To my coursemates, see you in class soon!

To my friends, see you around. Sorry, not much ji dan gao (egg cake - direct translation) for you guys this time, I was too hungry. LOL

To everybody else outside the two categories, welcome back. See you guys around.

PS: No appetite to blog after seeing pictures of a girl I know with some kind of weird hairstyle. The toning of her make up on the face is much much brighter than her neck and hands which make her looked so 'outstanding'. Scared the hell out of me, I thought I saw ghost! LOL

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