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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cold and Wet First Day at school

I do not know about other university but UUM starts its classes today!

I woke up at 9.30am to the sound of my handphone alarm. It was raining cats and dogs...erm, dogs are haram here...raining bulls and cows since early in the morning. The weather is so cold and nice that it was so comfy I almost fell back to sleep instantly and planned to skip classes today. I pressed the snooze button to wake me up 10 minutes later.

It was indeed a wet affair to attend classes today. There was no bus at the residential college bus stop. The bus that stopped only let some passengers down but did not want to pick up any and the bus stop was obviously full. So much for the prepaid bus system though! I thought we would have a better service and regularity of the buses, but NO! This is worse than previous semesters and we have to pay more!

I do not think lecturers are going to start teaching today. Most probably because this week is the add and drop week when we get to add subjects we are supposed to take but not in our given time table and drop classes not suitable to our timing. I dropped Investment Analysis and substituted it with Property and Liability Insurance II, changed time for Business Law from Group C to G. I have 4 classes today, I just finished 2 classes.

Even after 2 classes, I noticed that some lecturers who can really speak ang moh are trying to show off! Yes, his pronounciation is accurate but he's speed reading, like rapping (erm, he ain't Mr Zairol if that's who you think I'm talking about) Well, at least you can hear properly what Eminem is rapping about. That particular lecturer (don't want to name names here) spoke like the Malaysia Airlines pilot with the fake ang moh! It is irritating especially when he translated what he said into Bahasa Malaysia. Even an ang moh can speak better BM than him! But my faculty's lecturers still consider okay, they don't speak more English than the English that is supposed to be English!

I can't say anything most probably because majority of the students in that class are juniors. Second semester juniors. I'm the one and only 4th semester senior! Hence, I am easily recognized which is not a good thing because I couldn't simply skip class!

*Looking at the time*

Wah! 2.20pm only. Next class is 3.30pm, Business Law. I have no idea what can I do during the 2-3.30pm gap.

It is still raining outside. There is massive flood inside my an-inch-above-ankle leather boots. *sigh* The weather reminds me of the golden oldies "Just Walking In The Rain"
*ang moh = English in Hokkien dialect



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