Kampua Talk: From A Table-for-two of Burger King in KLIA

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

From A Table-for-two of Burger King in KLIA

I'm typing this from KLIA as stated in the title above. Yeah, I'm going back to the jungle later tonight. Now I'm waiting for my next flight at 8.00pm something to Alor Star with my junior, Patrick.

Yeah, while munching on my fish burger just now, I told him that it was a drag to go back to UUM. Of course it is, going back to the same ol' jungle, same ol' residential college, same ol' lecture hall, same ol' room, seeing the same ol' friends (this is the best part of all though), seeing some same ol' lecturer (some lecturers are great, but some are real pain in the ass!), doing the same ol' stuff, eating the same ol' spicy, oily and salty food for every meal...etc

There are one year and a half more for me till I say goodbye to this forbidden jungle. I just can't wait to get out of this place! Not that I love working life. Trust me, I don't! I just have to get out of here before I turned into a retard! Studying, living and socializing with the 'sensitive clan' really pissed me off. Not that I hate them. Well, some of them. The way they do things, the way they delay group assignments, the way they kiss lecturer's ass to get tips for exam, the way they walk!

Get me outta here! Get me outta here!

Don't mind me, just have nothing to do here while waiting for my next flight! Heheh!

Welcome back to school, everyone!



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