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Monday, January 22, 2007

Teaching People to Be Mindless Parrots-Part II

Yes, I blogged about this before - TWICE - one before New Year, one somewhere else at The Star. Well, as predicted, majority of the population in this country does not know or just rather 'close one eye' to this issue. Comments and feed backs I got from this similar but slightly different articles are of course different depending on the location. In this Blogger, I got something that sound like "Don't be too seriouslah. Just go with the flow..." so on and so forth.
The longer version of the article could be found here
See what I got?
1st comment:
"Unfortunately theres still many people have the opinion that memorizing base examination is the only way to differentiate the good, the better and the best because they themselves were from the same system. Unless we are able to approach them the advantages using education system, things will never change. As we can see, the current system has fail to bring up success to our country because what they know is to memorize and follow the seniors way of doing the job."
-by hlchuah06, 7 Jan 2007-
2nd comment:
"Dear clarenicng, you have a valid point there.
How true it is and I remember just memorizing facts and figures back in my school days.
Let's hope someone up there (the Education Ministry) reads your letter. Maybe with enough "voices" we can change the policy of old.
Till then, good luck on your voyage to change the system...let's hope more parents see this as a better move."
-by jlsljohn, 8 Jan 2007-
3rd comment:
"I agree with your observation. But do you also realise that this is what most parents expect - ie that their child is seen as 'successful' measured by his ability to memorise.
And why? the parents themselves were brought up in this culture - our civil services today, is also a product of this culture. We are not taught to enjoy the pleasure of learning, but instead to follow! SO there is no pro active attitudes. So, let's all stop speaking but do something about it. Change do not come in a day - writing about it is the first step. The next is voicing it in public forums and STAND UP and make a difference. Let us leave this country a better place than what we see today!"
-by petluc, 9 Jan 2007-
That were some constructive feed backs I got randomly from the public. Do you noticed that they all summed up into only ONE thing?
Everybody is realising the problem and yet nothing is done about the problem therefore everybody thinks that there is no problem at all. Somehow somewhat when somebody voiced it out, everybody does the same thing, that is nodding in agreement that something has to be done about the problem AND expect somebody else doing it so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy the show when that somebody sheds all the sweat, tears and blood to fight for the rights so that everybody gets that piece of cheese cake.
*pant pant pant*
So what if the somebody who voiced out the problem is just a small fry like me? Would it get any attention if I actually voice out? Maybe. If I posted it in a Citizen's Blog of The Star Online, like what I did, I get all the supportive feedbacks and some 'good lucks' without them actually lending a helping hand or suggestions on what could be done about the problem.
Of typical Malaysian, that particular somebody who actually voiced out is expected to do something about it and not somebody else. Enough said.

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Blogger Adriana said...

Indeed, many have their shares (in spoon-feeding based education system) yet nobody cares enough to look into the matters. One of the reasons lies in the education system itself. Malaysian, generally, are taught to be passive and let the problems be taken care of someone else. The reliable MPs?! While making sure our voices are heard (by the right group of people), let hopes that the newly implemented National Education Blueprint will serve its purposes. Am not too optimistic though. Again, at least, prima facie, the government is working on it.

3:13 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Well, it all return to square one. Everybody is hoping that someone else will do it. The key word here is HOPE. We've been hoping for 50 years and we're still hoping.

It seems that hoping and waiting is a trend in Malaysia. So, let's wait and hope under the coconut tree for things to change then. The worst would be being hit by the falling coconut and die on the spot (like what we are all doing now). Enough said.

3:27 PM  

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