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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Women's IV Debating Tournament

I disappeared from the blogsphere to attend the Women's IV Debating Tournament held in Multimedia University (MMU) at Cyberjaya. The Students' Affair Department sent us there in a van all the way from UUM.

The biggest disappointment about Cyberjaya is that there are so little road signs anywhere. We ended up kind of lost in Cyberjaya in search for MMU. When we finally reached, we expected to be led to the place where the debate would be held but we were lost in their Faculty of Engineering. No directions given anywhere around the university.

To make the long story short, we somehow somewhat found our way. They had started the briefing session in one of the lecture hall when we entered. UUM sent two teams for the debate. The first team, UUM A, consisted of senior debators while the second team, UUM B, only two members, the junior debators. I was in UUM B. They found us a 'swing' to complete our team.

Left to right: Clare, Fazlin (swing) and Vivien

We were against UTMara Tulips for our first round as the government. Both of the teams agreed on the motion "This House Believe That The Father's Consent Is Required For Abortions".

I did pretty okay for a first-timer but I was way under-time. Somehow, we lost to UTMara Tulips. Well, it's not about winning or losing in debating, we were all there to learn.

For the second round, we were against UNITEN A as the opposition for the motion "The House Would Include Homosexuality In Schools' Sex Education". I did better this time round and I confidently shot them to the ground during the rebuttal and I did not have any POIs at all. We won this round.

We were against UTMara Roses for our third round - the silent round, as the opposition for the motion "This House Believe That The Impetus For Nuclear Disarmament Lies With The First World". The motions given practically screwed everybody and I screwed up my speech and know no nuts about what the hell I was crapping about until one point, I contradicted my point with my first speaker and I am pretty sure that we lost big time for this round.

For the fourth round-another silent round, we were against UNITEN A again for the motion "This House Would Ban Models Below The Healthy BMI" as the government. We were pretty confident then we would win.

Somewhat, we did not make it to the semi final, both UUM teams. But I learnt a lot from the debate. I'll go into that in my next post though.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stinking Students = Stinking University

With the current water crisis that has swept northern part of Kedah, UUM is equivalent to a rubbish dump!
Lectures resumed per usual yesterday but after the 8am class, it was declared emergency and classes for yesterday and today are officially cancelled due to the water shortage. In Risk Management class yesterday, we were dismissed early because the air-conditioner of that class was not functioning and sitting in the first row, I could see clearly that Dr. Lim (the lecturer) was sweating like nobody's business, poor her!
A lot of students packed their bags and headed straight home. And for students from overseas (Sabah and Sarawak) like me and down south (Malacca and Johore) are here to stay whether we like it or not.
The toilet stinks to its maximum. Flies seem to migrate here from everywhere in the world and infest this place. People here stinks too. You can get the strongest stench in the bus and in the lecture hall, no doubt about it. Wear a protective mask, if you must, because you are so going to be poisoned by the body odour emitted by the homo sapiens especially those with strong BO under their arms and body. *faints*
Piece of advise: stay very far away from this state. Don't step your foot here if you have no business whatsoever here. Even in the event of life and death!
*Man, someone is stinking in this computer lab, I can hardly breath!


Water Crisis

When I was in Cyberjaya, I received an SMS from Kee Siong, a junior from hometown that said:

"Makluman dari JBA daerah JITRA: Loji pembekalan air di WANG TEPUS, JITRA mengalami kerosakan pam akibat ditenggelami air. Seluruh kawasan JITRA, BUKIT KAYU HITAM & UUM mengalami gangguan bekalan air. Bekalan air akan disambung selewat-lewatnya petang esok. JPP telah menghantar air ke kolej-kolej kediaman."

So, I thought 'petang esok' I was still in Cyberjaya and there would not be a problem when I got back to UUM. Somewhat somehow, on Sunday night, I reached UUM to an ugly scene of girls sitting by the parking lot outside my hostel hugging empty pails waiting for the lorry which carried the water to come.

Amazing! Their 'petang esok' can be so damn long!!!

I was carrying with me a bottle of 5-litre drinking water and I shouted to the crowd:

Me: Who wants clean WATER???
A junior girl: I want!
Another girl: I also want!
Me: Sure! I'll sell this for RM1000 per litre. How about that?
Them: Wah! Like that also can ar? So expensive wan!
Me: Take it or leave it...high demand but NIL supply! *laughing evilly*

I know! I am mean, I am well aware of that, thank you! I just couldn't help it!


Friday, March 23, 2007

2 exams and last minute notification to go to Cyberjaya tonight!

This is a hectic week for me. Had been struggling with two blardy exams which so happened to fall on the same day yesterday. Had to agonize through Risk Management paper in the afternoon when my brain was at its lowest activity point but I managed to sit through that. Got out of the hall 45 minutes after the exam started. LOL!!!
Then later last night, I had to suffer through Business Law paper which seemed to be eating my brain alive! Came out merely 1 hour after the exam started. Well, I don't like to stay in the exam hall after I have finished because, well, sitting there looking around with a blank mind will eventually put me to sleep. And I do not want to be locked in the exam hall for the rest of the night, 'coz they said the lecture halls are HAUNTED!!! Hahahahahah~!
And then when I was watching the sitcom FRIENDS in my room having some tidbits, someone unknown called me. She was talking like an M16!!! I couldn't make out what she was talking about till two minutes after she stopped. Alright, so she was asking me if I would like to substitute someone for a Debate League tomorrow! I was hesitant and let her do the talking. Well, I will receive an exemption letter for my Sunday classes, some souvenirs, allowance, etc. But the word exemption letter caught my attention! I will do anything just to get out of here and NOT attending classes! PERIOD!
So I told her I'd like to give it a shot. Wow! You should hear the way she screamed as if I've just saved her life or something. Yes, I'll be out of this God-forsaken place TONIGHT!!!
Wish me luck ya! This is my first shot to debating and I know nuts about it. But I foresee that I'll be having a wonderful time and gaining priceless experience!
So, I'll continue blogging when I get my ass back here. Cyberjaya, HERE I COME!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Cramp My Style!

Yes, YOU!!!
A few of my readers are actually complaining. Thank God someone is complaining about the way I blog! But a lot of readers are giving me thumbs up. God bless them!
I have said this many times and I am going to say it again. Please leave immediately if you do not like what I am bitching, ranting, writing, blogging, complaining, whatever-you-call-it about. The close button is at the top right corner in red with an X if you don't know. The rest, can proceed at your own risk.
Okay, now that you have proceed, I assumed that you are matured enough to understand what I am blogging. I will not be responsible of any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage caused, if any. If you encounter any of the above, seek professional help.
Well, this is my blog. I can write anything under the sun that I feel like bitching about. Now don't be some smart alecs and try to give 'smart' comment asking me to write something 'discreet', whatever that means. I have my style of blogging and I like it very much, thank you. Don't ask me to change it because you find it disturbing to your soul! I've said earlier, go seek professional help if you are disturbed. If not, approach an exorcist if any of my post come and haunt you every now and then!
Hmm, I can see the expression on your face changes already. Just kidding! Don't tell me that you cannot take jokes. If you want to read serious, no-nonsense blog, go play far far, this is not the playground for you. I can be straight-to-the-point and sarcastic at times. You don't like that, do you? Then SHOO, FLY, DON'T BOTHER ME!
Ya, ya, I know, some of the things that I said might land me in deep shit if I am not careful. Go nag your dog, don't come to me and tell me all the legal issues and the freedom of speech run in this country. I am as aware of that as I am aware that pigs don't lay eggs on trees, thank you very much!
Why are you feeling offended when I did not even pin-point anyone or name names in my posts? Why take it so personally when I was covering a wide scope? Do I sound as if I'm trying to cause havoc? This is something subjective. Some might find it 'dirty' (no, dirty is not the word. It should be 'sensitive'. But some people just could not take it). It is 'DIRTY', alright~!?! But somebody has got to do it!
I believe we are all aware that not bringing up certain issues does not mean that the problem is not there. *rolls eyes*
*I can see a handful of you are annoyed and irritated already. BLAH lah! Go play far far!

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The World's Stupidest People Alive (Part 2)

No, I am not done with those species YET! Alright, enough of their slowness, the snails are blushing like a bride on her wedding night already.

So generally, those species never get things done on time and causes misery to other people's life! Besides, do you notice that they are always pushing responsibilities around? For example, if you go to Department A asking for something, they'll direct you to Department B since that's not the job of their department. Then when you go to Department B, you are again directed to Department C. The process goes on and on and on until you have practically visited all their bloody departments in the building. Finally, out of frustration, you go to a counter with the huge word ENQUIRY or INFORMATION plastered over it and ask for what you want. I can imagine a lot of people will curse and pull their hair outta their scalp when "Tak tau lah" came as a reply!

The whole thing will take about a day and that's considered very very fast already. You should thank the heaven and earth for that. You know, the waiting time you have to endure going from departments to departments is like waiting for the cow to come home, and it never does! You see, with 12 counters available there, only 2 counters are on operation. The rest? COUNTER CLOSED. Sometimes you get to wait for an hour for your turn. Finally, it's your turn. Then you go and ask about what you want, the guy/gal told you to fill in this form lah, that form lah, must photocopy this and that lah before asking you to do all of the above and take a number and wait summore. You have no choice but to repeat the process, right?
Then after waiting for what seems like eternity, it's your turn again and this time everything goes on smoothly. You smiled with satisfaction more to yourself rather than to the guy/gal at the counter but he/she takes it as reward for their 'excellent' service. Your ear to ear grin then disappear at the sound of "PLEASE COME BACK IN TWO WEEK'S TIME" *slaps forehead*
PS: I shall end this series of rant regarding the world's stupidest people due to some no-sense-of-humour readers who then caused uncomfortable-ness to my mental and emotional health. I have told you that if you are not fine with what I am ranting you are so much very the welcome to leave this blog with immediate effect. Yes, I know I shouldn't mind that kind of reader and continue to rant as I please, but I am so pissed that I might as well stop this series altogether. What do you say?


Monday, March 19, 2007

The World's Stupidest People Alive

I knew they existed but I never know that there are so many of them. Obviously the place I am in now is so full of them that I am afraid I might become one of them!
To all the stupidest people in the world:
Yes, I know you are widely known as the world's stupidest creature alive but you do not have to prove it all the time. Of course I am referring to that certain species (you know who you are), who else would purposely step on your tail and pissed you off to make life hell for you? Call me anything you like but I am sure a lot of you will agree with me.
First of all, you have all the priorities in the world and that does not make you superior than us, that does not make you the owner of everything, that does not make you the master, etc. You do things your way, I am aware of that. And please do it fast, will you? Thank you very much! You asked me 'Do what?'? *rolls eyes* The blardy group assignment, damn it!!! Please do not give me all your petty excuses, I will not have mercy on you. Save those self-pity excuses for rainy days, will ya? Just do that small part you are assigned to do and pass it to me. Is that so difficult to understand? You do not understand simple English, do you? Alright, I am multi-lingual, which language do you want to hear?
"Buatlah bahagian yang telah ditugaskan dan serahkan kepada saya secepat mungkin" and that's BM if you don't know. Well, I don't think you understand other languages so I will not waste my time entertaining you with language you don't understand especially when you don't understand simple English already.
Well, I am also aware that apart from your always-delay attitude in doing things, you are no faster when it comes to your movement. Yes, I meant your physical movement. The way you walk may attract wandering eyes of your equally moronic male counterpart as well as putting Naomi Campbell doing her catwalk to shame, but can you do it at your leisure? Oh, wait a minute, you ARE at your leisure! Taking your sweet time swaying your arse left and right on the one-human-way street is utterly intolerable!
Walk faster please, thank you! Now don't say I am not courteous hor. I got say 'please' and 'thank you' hor. What? It is your nature to walk (you call that WALK?) that way? Okay, I give up. Now, excuse me, can you make way for me to pass through? I am in a hurry. Don't dilly dally with your equally slow friends there, giggling without the care for the world. You are aware that you blocked the one and only route to get the rest of us to our classes on time, aren't you? Now MOVE THAT FUGLY ARSE OF YOURS BEFORE I LOSE MY COOL! Dang, why on earth do you have to stop right there in the middle of the street and causes massive human jam that will put traffic jam in KL to shame???
You are getting on my nerves already. You forced me to do it, not that I want to do it. But I have to. You are testing my patience to its optimum level. *^#%^&^$%$##%*&!!! HAH! There, I said it. Oh, it feels so damn nice in the ass seeing your shocked fugly faces, you and your friends!
**Due to lack of sleep, I am being grumpy and easily pissed. Someone stepped on my tail, and I bite! LOL!!! I'm in the mood of ranting. Now, if you can't take what I said, kindly leave this blog please. I told you already I felt like ranting. And this is just the first part. Hahaha!!! Don't try to be smart alecs and commented something like 'oh, that's life' 'live with it' all those bullshits okay? Don't like what I said? Sue me!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

James: The Brave Heart Award

Jun reminded me of this. I have totally forgotten about it until he mentioned it in my comment box. Thanks Jun!
I went to the same school as my brother when I was in Form Six because my former school, SMK St. Elizabeth (all girls' school) does not offer Form Six classes and hence I was kicked over to SMK Sacred Heart (all boys' school) next door.
When I was in Upper Six, there were a mini graduation held at the school hall and my brother told me that he was going to receive an award. I did not give much attention to him at that time.
Came the day for the prize-giving day cum mini graduation where everyone involved was required to assemble in the air-conditioned school hall. My parents were invited but they couldn't come. Ah, never mind. I was there to support my bro then ok liao, I thought.
After the boring speech after speech by the principal, VIP (Datuk Clement Hii-main sponsor), etc...came the award and prize giving ceremony. Yadda yadda yadda...best student, best sportsman, best whatever-you-can-think-of...the usual...
Then I heard Mdm Ngae (or was it Mr Tan?) announced: Next comes the special award for our special student. The Brave Heart Award for our special student, James Ng Seng Hong. He...bla bla bla...describing how my bro brave criticisms going to classes everyday without fail like any other kids, etc etc etc...
From afar, I saw my bro walking up the stage aided by three of his best friends - Ignatius Lau (my best friend, Belinda Lau's brother), Chua Min Zee (my fellow prefect) and Chieng Pin Liang (my old friend, Chieng Su Yiu's brother). The hall exploded into loud applause. He was without his crutches as two of his friends held each of his arms for support. Datuk (or is it Mr only?) Clement Hii was there to present the award. Halfway up the stage, Datuk Clement Hii went over and held one of my brother's arm and guided him to the centre of the stage as the hall continue their standing ovation.
It was a very heart-warming and touching scene where a lot of the audience were touched to tears. I was so happy for him and as I looked around, a lot of students as well as teachers and parents were wiping away tears. How I wished my parents were there to witness the moment. After Datuk Clement Hii handed the award to James, they stood on the stage waving at the audience as they clapped louder. Wow! My brother was the star of the day!

I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to the then principal, Mr Stephen Tan Ming Kiong for helping make things convenient for my brother all the time you were the principal of SMK Sacred Heart. You are the best principal, Uncle! May God bless you and your family well in body, mind and spirit all the time.
Aduh, sound so much like giving speech after receiving the Oscar like that! Oklah, enough liao...I saw some of you yawning already.


Friday, March 16, 2007

My brother - James (Part 2)

My bro is currently studying in United College Sarawak (UCS) in Sibu taking up Business Management majoring in Business Accounting. Thanks to Datin Janet Lau, he studies there F.O.C. because of his physical 'advantage'.

Well, James proved everybody who mocked him, bullied him, spat on him, teased him, looked down on him, calling him all sorts of names, etc that they are SINFULLY WRONG!!! How can you judge a person from his physical disability? Now he got excellent result, and is going to the university, what else can you losers out there say??? Hmm!! Mock him summore la! See how far youself can go.
His steadfastness and determination had taught me important lessons in life. You see, I've been living with a physical challenged person my whole life. I know how they feel and what they go through. The lessons are priceless. I learnt to respect them and accept them as a gift and not a burden. (Hah! I can see some of you smirking liao...Hehehe!)

Especially his former teachers: I got a lot of things to tell you. It never occurs to me that some adults as mature as you all will say such irresponsible things! What are you teachers there for? To teach, right? To bring light to those who are in darkness, right? WRONG!!! You people just proved that the whole policy and the system a HOAX! You looked down on a certain individual because he's a disabled and started to label him as stupid. His head isn't retarded ok. He thought he was stupid all these while. And guess what? He proved you wrong altogether! He got excellent result for his STPM! Now, have you got anything else to say? Well, I have. You assholes can go straight to HELL!!!
Oh, by the way, when my brother went to school to get his result yesterday, he was interviewed by some reporters and also officers from the Education Department in the principal's office. He received VIP treatment there.

Interviewer: Selamat pagi saya ucapkan kepada calon STPM yang istimewa dan beliau bersama dengan saya pagi ini. Siapa nama adik?
James: I am James Ng Seng Hong from Sibu.
Interviewer: Apakah yang adik dapat untuk STPM?
James: I obtained 1A, 2Bs and 1B-
Interviewer: Bagaimana dengan perasaan anda?
James: I feel surprised when I got the result. It was beyond my expectation.
Interviewer: Bagaimana adik belajar untuk menghadapi peperiksaan STPM?
James: Seek advice, doing own notes, be simple...
Interviewer: Apa cita-cita adik selepas ini?
James: Belajar sampai university and get a good job.
Interviewer: Apakah kursus yang adik mahu?
James: [simply hantam] Accounting
Interviewer: Di sini saya beri peluang kepada adik untuk berterima kasih kepada mana-mana pihak.
James: I would like to thank my parents, family members...not forgetting my friends who helped me... and those external parties who helped me.
Interviewer: Apakah nasihat anda untuk mereka yang bakal menduduki STPM dan calon istimewa seperti anda?
James: Important thing is to never give up and do not let your 'special gift' be your boundary to achieve what you want.

That's about it, I think. My bro said that my dad was interviewed as well and his lobang hidung damn kembang liao.

The only thing that is bugging my bro now is the local university application. You see, our family is not well-to-do and we can only opt for local university, my brother and I.

I told him over MSN that since his result is so good, he can get any course that he wanted. Of course not those medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering courses lah. Must be realistic also mah. Add in his physical disability, he could get it pretty easily. He can even choose the university that he wanted. But MOM is the main problem now. She's so worried about this and that - whether my bro will survive out there, how is he gonna move about, whether the university is disabled-friendly or not, got people bully him or not, etc the typical worried mother. Mom has been advising my brother to choose the local university that's close to home like UNIMAS in Kuching but he complained that UNIMAS doesn't offer much choice. Dang, tonight I gotta talk to my mum already.

I love my brother very much because he's my one and only brother in the whole world that contains the same Ng blood. I mean immediate family member la. Even though we fought like cat and dog when we were young, that did not stop me from protecting him from any possible physical hurt. So, if anyone attempts to take advantage on him and hurt him, I will not hesitate to protect him even if it means I gotta say goodbye to my life.

Not only me. I think my whole family will do the same thing. And that's what make us stay together as ONE family.

Taken during Chinese New Year 2007
(Eh, dad, why you not smiling wan?)

Cheers and peace out!


My Brother - James (Part 1)

This is my dearest one and only brother - James Ng Seng Hong

I do not really talk about my family that much here. But I think I should give my little brother some credits after all that we've been through. I am what I am today because of him, partially.

Reminder: If you feel uncomfortable of what you are about to read, you are always welcome to leave at your own convenience. The rest, proceed at your own risk. The author is not to be held liable for any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage of any kind, if any.

My brother was borned pre-mature on 14 July 1987 (two years younger than me) with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy. Since he was borned premature, he was to stay in the incubator at the hospital for observations. Fortunately, it is a minor cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy(CP) is a neurological disorder that causes physical disability in human development especially the movement and posture. Cerebral Palsy can occur during pregnancy, during birth and after birth. CP is a non-progressive disorder, but secondary orthopedic deformities, such as hip dislocation and scoliosis of spine, are common. Luckily my brother has none of that. We are aware that there is no known cure for CP.

Only his limbs are affected which forces him to use the crutches to aid him when he moves around. My parents sent him to attend normal school like any other normal kids. They thought that's the best for him, it is, but imagine all the hardship he had to go through all his schooling years - other kids mocked him, teased him, bullied him, spat on him, hit him, teachers looked down on him, saying he's stupid, etc. And hence, he thought he was stupid and his results has been suffering since.

He attended SRK (then SRB) Sacred Heart and SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu. Of course, there are friends that helped him throughout his schooling days - escorted him to the toilet, buying food for him from the canteen, helped him up and down the stairs as he's not very stable even using the crutches, brought him shopping, etc. Thank you all - Alex Leong, Chieng Pin Liang, Chua Min Zee, Elvin Wong, Hii Hong Wee, Ignatius Lau, Liu Kian Chong, Sia Kee Kiin and Wong Ing Hui are those few who always help my bro even until now.

James (in pink), together with Datin Janet Lau and Dr. Soon and other VIPs with the mock cheque

My brother is a popular figure back home. Datin Janet Lau (wifey of Deputy Minister of Housing and Development, Datuk Robert Lau) acknowleged him emotionally in her speech at the ASTRO Charity Concert. He appeared in almost all the local newspapers with the picture above after that.

My brother making a grand entrance at the Dewan Suarah as Datin Janet acknowledged him, accompanied by my mum (in black) and Matron Margaret (in red)

James, waving at the crowd, accompanied by my parents.

*to be continued*


Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Glutton Queen - My other blog

Today, 15 March 2007, marked the official opening ceremony for my other blog - THE GLUTTON QUEEN

Why 'Glutton'?
Glutton = a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess.
In this case, eating is the main subject here. Well, for a start, I love eating. And hence the name 'Glutton Queen' for the title. Besides, that will also be my food and travel blog.

Of course, I won't be as good as 5xmom when it comes to food. LOL!!! Food is just something that happened to fall into my interest so I couldn't help it. Sometimes it is worth it to indulge yourself with luxurious food just to feel the difference, you know what I mean.

Now, click over support support a bit lah hoh. No prize for being the first 10 to click over though but you won't be disappointed.



Congratulations, BRO!!!

My dear brother - James
While I was snoring, drooling and butt-scratching on the bed just now, I seemed to hear my phone ringing from afar. Dang, who could be calling when I was busy chasing my knight in the shiny armour!! Kacau!
Half awake, my hand automatically reached the phone.

Me: Hello?
Caller: WOI, JEH AH!!!
Bro: [excitedly]
Me: [fully awake now] WHAT'S YOUR RESULT???
Me: [getting impatient] HOW'S YOUR RESULT???
Bro: THEY TOLD ME I GOT 1A, 2Bs and 1B-! HAHA!!!
Bro: HAHAHA!!!
HEHE!!! Mum still dunno yet, she's not answering her phone. You call her and tell her lah, I wanna go to school to get my result liao.
Me: Maybe she's blasting Tokyo in the toilet lor. Ok, I call her. Bye bye!

Personal message for bro:
You did it! Your result is A LOT better than mine. Now, mum and dad would be very proud liao. Help me check if their lobang hidung got kembang or not. But I'm sure you are floating already. Your hard work finally paid off. You deserve the good result, bro! You see, all the phone calls I made because you felt so stressed over your studies, the time spend revising late into the night, the food wasted because you got no mood to eat while revising, the weight you lost from that, etc...those were the price you paid for the result. Now, fatten up! When I get back I'll treat you to a big meal and I'll make sure you finish everything! Alright, bro? Now, go celebrate!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Spring Fest Exhibition Competition: The Winner Is...

After the judging and marking, the VVIP came for the opening ceremony for the Spring Fest. Initially I though who the hell they called the VVIP and the word Very Very Idiotic Person kept crossing my mind like crazy. And that person turned out to be the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Datuk-something-the-hell-I-care! True enough, the VVIP *snickered
He said to me: You are supposed to wear the cheongsam
Me: We are multi-cultured

Him: [diam diam] Hahaha!
Me: [thinking] Pervert old man! Old like chai po (a type of salty vegetable) still oogling girls ar! Want me to wear cheongsam for you to see hia? What's next? *but I just smiled anyway

He signed on our autograph section. So that next time can imitate his signature and sign a lot of 'legal' documents to pass all his property to me hoh! LOL!!!

After he went around oogling at girls at every booth, the prize-giving ceremony began...

Ladies and gentlemen, our effort was paid off but not so handsomely. We won!

There's Kenny claiming the 2nd Runner Up hamper and trophy from the Deputy VC

Kenny and the gang cam-whoring with the prize

That night, Kenny and the gang celebrated and opened the hamper together like a happy family lidat.

Peace and Harmony!

My Personal Message to Kenny and the gang:
and Congratulations! to Kenny and the gang for all of your hard work - the class-skipping ordeal, the staying up till the wee hours in the morning just to finish this thing, the long walk carrying the heavy pot of flower all the way to the library, the headaches over limited materials, the frustrations over limited budget, etc. And yet we never fought or quarreled. You guys (me included) are the BEST!

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The Spring Fest Exhibition Competition: The Judges

The cam-whoring session for the album after the decorating task before the judges came
L-R: Clare, Glynnis, Felicia, Tammy, Jie Lun, Tony, Kenny and William
Not in picture: Jeff, Little Goat (Xiao Yang from China) and Little Worm (Xiao Chong also from China)
I was asked to get ready by the booth when the judge made his/her round at the booth before ours. Of course I did not prepare a speech of any sort. I thought it would be better for me to do an impromptu presentation based on the exhibits we had at our booth.
Here came the first judge, a lecturer who taught English For Higher Education:
I tried to impress her with my oh-so-overly-fake ang moh but I do not think that I sounded fake lor. Because hor, you see the crowd that I attracted.
Tough lady, I must say. She didn't smile the whole time I was talking. Keeping a straight face to instill fear in me? Not that easy, lady!
Well, she seemed impressed though. I was never this serious when it comes to presentation but my team leader, Kenny said the rest of the competition were left for me to give my best shot. We did the whole thing round the clock so, not wanting to disappoint anyone in the team, I just did what I do best - Crapping! LOL!!!
Then came the next judge, a lecturer from God-knows-where:"Good afternoon, sir. I am Clare, representing MISC Residential College to give you a brief tour regarding our concept of 'Peace and Harmony' and the main objective behind our exhibit with limited budget and resources. Now, as you can see over here,...bla bla bla..."This guy was better. Well, at least he smiled. That gave me a confident boost to crap even more! Hahaha!!!
The day after that, came another judge, the project director of the whole Spring Fest thingy. He is just a student like me. In fact I know him pretty well. Not that I wanted to belittle him but I think he doesn't even understand half of what I was saying! See that moronic look on his face...Hahahah!!! No offence, Thian Chai!
This guy just nodded and nodded, didn't say anything, didn't smile...that got me nowhere as I did not know what interest him...so I just quickly end my bullshitting and SAU KUNG!!!


The Spring Fest Exhibition Competition 1

The week was hectic and it actually drove me up the wall and tempted me to hang myself. There were 2-day Spring Fest Exhibition Competition where we were supposed to decorate the vacant booth with a theme "Peace and Harmony", there was a presentation for my Property and Liability Insurance class and I just have no idea what was I preparing, a Business Law mid-semester examination and a Blogger Together Gather Party, all cramped into 1 week, starting Sunday. Forget the presentation and exam because those were not the fun part. I've blogged about the party but not the exhibition.

An empty booth was given and we were expected to decorate it with whatever we could think of in 4 hours. Not that we were not prepared, we had but the organizing committee was very uncertain in telling us the facilities we would be supplied that we could not come up with something unique.

After working like dogs for 4 straight hours, our booth looked something like this.

The other residential colleges used red as their background colour as well as their theme. But we opt for peach because we distorted the theme a bit and came up with "Peach and Harmony".

I contributed the mandarin oranges as they were almost dehydrated and it was really a picturesque view from a certain angle.The background was the other booth opposite ours.Our signature Wishing Tree which was supposed to be a pussy willow but turned into a wishing tree as more and more people thronged our booth to write their wishes FOC. Guess how much the cost of the whole tree?

In that two days, I have to give three presentations regarding the things that we displayed and a little bullshit and craps here and there. Two impromptu presentations on the first day, just to impress the judges (both are language lecturers) with my purposely faked ang moh and another impromptu presentations on the second day for the third judge with yet another faker ang moh because I know the third judge's level of ang moh very the jia lat. Hahaha!!! Just to impress all of them, you know, ass-kissing and boot-licking, etc. LOL!!!

In that two days also, you'll see me switching from my fitting Kebaya to........

...the more fitting, midriff revealing SARI!!!

*to be continued

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Together Gather Party: I also wanna get sued

Jeff Ooi and I
My cam-whoring session with Jeff Ooi when he was table-hopping. The pic is blur, I know, thanks to the 'pro'-photographer! Hahaha!!!

In his speech, Mr PIKOM Chairman said:
"Bloggers blogged to get sued!"

And I also want to get sued!


Together Gather Party: The 'SHY' Bloggers and The Skyroom

The so-called 'shy' bloggers who weren't in the family photo. The guy standing on the chair is Shaolin Tiger, the one who took the family photo.
The elegantly decorated Skyroom of Federal Hotel for the party
The stage and the VIP table
The signature
This autographed piece of paper is going to appreciate in the future so better frame it and keep it somewhere strategic, Mr PIKOM Chairman. Because those are signatures of the future celebrities. LOL!
Pictures courtesy of Rojaks Daily

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Together Gather Party: How to say F*ck Off properly

This was taken by Kid Chan (The Most Sought-After Wedding Photographer in Malaysia) at the Bloggers Together Gather Party on Friday night and I so happened to be sitting at the next table to witness and laughed my ass off when watching Kimberlycun getting high on helium:

Video courtesy of Kidchan via YouTube

Adorable, isn't it???

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Together Gather Party: 5xmom and I

This is kinda late but I just got back from KL early this morning and have to rush to class at 8am. So, here are the better pictures from the bloggers party I attended last Friday.

The family photo taken by Shaolin Tiger. Spot me!

Finally.....I got to meet up with my idol, Lilian or famously known as 5xmom....and I got some gift from her:

A book and a nice bookmark! Thanks a lot, Auntie!!! Muaks~!
The book is interesting....

See...got cartoon somemore...But hor, when I shiok shiok turning the pages, getting really absorbed by its content, suddenly......

...I came across a blank page...

...and more blank pages after that to the end...LOL!!!
That means hor, there's nothing much that women want men to know about...Haahahahaha!!! No offence, guys!

Meeting 5xmom was really different. If you are expecting some typical grumpy auntie with bermuda shorts and selipar Jepun then you are SINFULLY WRONG! She's as nice as I thought she is, maybe even nicer! I did not see her when I was there, most probably she was table-hopping. While I was eating, then I saw her...how beautiful!!! I mean, Lilian really looked elegant that night.

She's very the active lor...one second she's at that table dilly-dallying, the next second, you'll spot her somewhere else at the next table across the room already laughing away. LOL!!! And she could be heard from every corner of the skyroom. IMHO, that's what a bloggers' party should be like! Bravo to da hawt momma!!!

So that's all for the time being as all these talking about meeting with a lot of nice people make me really hungry...LOL!!!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bloggers Together Gather Paty, Here I Come!!!

The places are FULL, the sponsors are many, the books have been printed, now left only the countdown...For those who cannot secure yourself a place, don't worry. With the success of this party, there will be a lot more bloggers' parties to come in the future. I will be going all the way from UUM, Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman (where the hell is that?)! So, those going to the party...be nice ya!!! Hahaha!!
Okay, enough crapping...here's briefly the programme for the eventful night:
9th March 2007
6.10pm Registration
7.20pm Introduction
7.45pm Speech by Guest of Honour
8.15pm Buffet Dinner followed by Games, Entertainment and Lucky Draw
11.00pm Good night!
I was informed that the door gifts are based on first-come-first-served basis, so dear BLOGGERS sekalian, be there early ya!
There are a lot of questions asked about the party and here are some I copy from Wingz blog:
Q : What Door gift?
A : Kenot tell you yet! But the door gifts alone is definitely worth more than RM35 already!
Q : Where to Park your car?
A : Low Yat Plaza @ RM4 flat rate (pls remember to get your ticket chopped at the reception counter)
Q : What time start ?
A : Registration Start at 6:10pm
Q : What should I wear?
A : Smart Casual - jeans n colar t shirt should be fine ... no singlet cap pagoda n shorts n slippers pls!
Q : Why You want me to come early early?
A : Because .... its free seating! You come erly erly to chop place la! then ... we have limited numbers of door gifts ... if you late and we ran out of door gifts then sorry la!
For more information, please click over to Wingz's Rojaks to enlighten yourself.
In the mean time, I'll be off the blogsphere these few days as I am going to KL later (ETA tomorrow morning) So see you guys at the party!!!
Have a nice weekend!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

I'll be there for you

The popular TV series, FRIENDS, has never failed to crack me up and made my day. But I have yet to watch them all. I have finished watching the 10th season twice. It was sweet but with a typically lame ending. LOL!

But what I love most about FRIENDS is the theme song. "I'll Be There For You" has always been my all time favourite. Just in case I forgot the song, I better put it here:

Video clip courtesy of YouTube

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
(clap clap clap clap)
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year
I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you (because you're there for me too

You're still in bed at ten, but work began at eight
You burned your breakfast, so far things are going great
Your mother warned you there'd be days like these
But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees
I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you (because you're there for me too)

No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Seems you're the only one who knows what it's like to be me
Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the rest with
Someone I'll always laugh with
Even in my worst, I'm best with you, yeah
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year
I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)
I'll be there for you (because you're there for me too)


Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Secret Admirer Revealed

Just as I've promised earlier, I am going to reveal The Secret Admirer who gave me these:

A fresh bouquet of SIX roses

Taken only seconds after I received itAnd this! A box of chocolate...Milk tea and coffee flavoured chocolate!
(No, there wasn't anything that tasted like chocolate in the box of chocolate)

Well, the saying "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get" is very true, isn't it???

And of course, a card that comes together with the roses! But forgive me, I forgot to take the picture of it. LOL!

There were some general hints that will eventually lead you to the identity of the mysterious sender if you are smart enough to catch them between the lines...

  1. He is a guy. (DUH!)
    Well, the world is divided into three major categories i.e. male, female and those in between. Since he's a guy, you can forget the female category and with that, male and in between are left. Logically speaking, you can also forget the in between category as well. So the scope has been narrowed down to the male species.
  2. He is a blogger.
    In the male category itself, you can divide them into two categories, i.e. blogger and non-blogger. Now you can strike out the non-blogger category. The scope has been narrowed further to male blogger species. Not difficult, isn't it?
  3. He is one of the regular readers of my blog.
    This too, can be categorized into two categories, i.e. silent readers and the commenters. I didn't give much hint on this but how do I know he is a regular reader? Well, because he got comment in my blog more than once mar...then he is most probably a regular reader lor. Now go and check all my posts for comments given and strike off more names. Hahaha!
  4. He is an expert in IT thingy.
    Not all male bloggers are expert in IT right or not? So, based on no.1, 2 and 3, you can strike out more names now.
  5. He is from Kuching.
    (Does the name Kenny Sia popped into your head?) *grinning mischieviously*
    No, he ain't Kenny Sia lah. Dreaming meh, Kenny will send me a Valentine's Day gift all the way from Kuching when he hardly know that I even existed, right or not you say?!

Therefore, based on No.1, 2, 3, 4 and 5...I think you have your answer already? NO???

Alright, alright....

*clear throat*

Ladies and gentlemen..........

The revelation of The Secret Admirer has now begun. He is no other than:


And he sent them from KL! No, not all the way from KL, I mean, he's in KL and I was back home then. So you say, this gentleman generous or not? LOL!!!

And the winner who guessed it 100% correct is KOK!

*clap clap clap*

(e-mail me your address, Kok...I'll send you your gift *wink*)

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