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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Water Crisis

When I was in Cyberjaya, I received an SMS from Kee Siong, a junior from hometown that said:

"Makluman dari JBA daerah JITRA: Loji pembekalan air di WANG TEPUS, JITRA mengalami kerosakan pam akibat ditenggelami air. Seluruh kawasan JITRA, BUKIT KAYU HITAM & UUM mengalami gangguan bekalan air. Bekalan air akan disambung selewat-lewatnya petang esok. JPP telah menghantar air ke kolej-kolej kediaman."

So, I thought 'petang esok' I was still in Cyberjaya and there would not be a problem when I got back to UUM. Somewhat somehow, on Sunday night, I reached UUM to an ugly scene of girls sitting by the parking lot outside my hostel hugging empty pails waiting for the lorry which carried the water to come.

Amazing! Their 'petang esok' can be so damn long!!!

I was carrying with me a bottle of 5-litre drinking water and I shouted to the crowd:

Me: Who wants clean WATER???
A junior girl: I want!
Another girl: I also want!
Me: Sure! I'll sell this for RM1000 per litre. How about that?
Them: Wah! Like that also can ar? So expensive wan!
Me: Take it or leave it...high demand but NIL supply! *laughing evilly*

I know! I am mean, I am well aware of that, thank you! I just couldn't help it!



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