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Monday, March 19, 2007

The World's Stupidest People Alive

I knew they existed but I never know that there are so many of them. Obviously the place I am in now is so full of them that I am afraid I might become one of them!
To all the stupidest people in the world:
Yes, I know you are widely known as the world's stupidest creature alive but you do not have to prove it all the time. Of course I am referring to that certain species (you know who you are), who else would purposely step on your tail and pissed you off to make life hell for you? Call me anything you like but I am sure a lot of you will agree with me.
First of all, you have all the priorities in the world and that does not make you superior than us, that does not make you the owner of everything, that does not make you the master, etc. You do things your way, I am aware of that. And please do it fast, will you? Thank you very much! You asked me 'Do what?'? *rolls eyes* The blardy group assignment, damn it!!! Please do not give me all your petty excuses, I will not have mercy on you. Save those self-pity excuses for rainy days, will ya? Just do that small part you are assigned to do and pass it to me. Is that so difficult to understand? You do not understand simple English, do you? Alright, I am multi-lingual, which language do you want to hear?
"Buatlah bahagian yang telah ditugaskan dan serahkan kepada saya secepat mungkin" and that's BM if you don't know. Well, I don't think you understand other languages so I will not waste my time entertaining you with language you don't understand especially when you don't understand simple English already.
Well, I am also aware that apart from your always-delay attitude in doing things, you are no faster when it comes to your movement. Yes, I meant your physical movement. The way you walk may attract wandering eyes of your equally moronic male counterpart as well as putting Naomi Campbell doing her catwalk to shame, but can you do it at your leisure? Oh, wait a minute, you ARE at your leisure! Taking your sweet time swaying your arse left and right on the one-human-way street is utterly intolerable!
Walk faster please, thank you! Now don't say I am not courteous hor. I got say 'please' and 'thank you' hor. What? It is your nature to walk (you call that WALK?) that way? Okay, I give up. Now, excuse me, can you make way for me to pass through? I am in a hurry. Don't dilly dally with your equally slow friends there, giggling without the care for the world. You are aware that you blocked the one and only route to get the rest of us to our classes on time, aren't you? Now MOVE THAT FUGLY ARSE OF YOURS BEFORE I LOSE MY COOL! Dang, why on earth do you have to stop right there in the middle of the street and causes massive human jam that will put traffic jam in KL to shame???
You are getting on my nerves already. You forced me to do it, not that I want to do it. But I have to. You are testing my patience to its optimum level. *^#%^&^$%$##%*&!!! HAH! There, I said it. Oh, it feels so damn nice in the ass seeing your shocked fugly faces, you and your friends!
**Due to lack of sleep, I am being grumpy and easily pissed. Someone stepped on my tail, and I bite! LOL!!! I'm in the mood of ranting. Now, if you can't take what I said, kindly leave this blog please. I told you already I felt like ranting. And this is just the first part. Hahaha!!! Don't try to be smart alecs and commented something like 'oh, that's life' 'live with it' all those bullshits okay? Don't like what I said? Sue me!



Blogger ^@lViN^ said...

Oh well, that's life, so live with it. Kalau tak happy, you can go back to your own country... hahahahahahaa.... joke of the century...

7:22 PM  

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