Kampua Talk: The World's Stupidest People Alive (Part 2)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The World's Stupidest People Alive (Part 2)

No, I am not done with those species YET! Alright, enough of their slowness, the snails are blushing like a bride on her wedding night already.

So generally, those species never get things done on time and causes misery to other people's life! Besides, do you notice that they are always pushing responsibilities around? For example, if you go to Department A asking for something, they'll direct you to Department B since that's not the job of their department. Then when you go to Department B, you are again directed to Department C. The process goes on and on and on until you have practically visited all their bloody departments in the building. Finally, out of frustration, you go to a counter with the huge word ENQUIRY or INFORMATION plastered over it and ask for what you want. I can imagine a lot of people will curse and pull their hair outta their scalp when "Tak tau lah" came as a reply!

The whole thing will take about a day and that's considered very very fast already. You should thank the heaven and earth for that. You know, the waiting time you have to endure going from departments to departments is like waiting for the cow to come home, and it never does! You see, with 12 counters available there, only 2 counters are on operation. The rest? COUNTER CLOSED. Sometimes you get to wait for an hour for your turn. Finally, it's your turn. Then you go and ask about what you want, the guy/gal told you to fill in this form lah, that form lah, must photocopy this and that lah before asking you to do all of the above and take a number and wait summore. You have no choice but to repeat the process, right?
Then after waiting for what seems like eternity, it's your turn again and this time everything goes on smoothly. You smiled with satisfaction more to yourself rather than to the guy/gal at the counter but he/she takes it as reward for their 'excellent' service. Your ear to ear grin then disappear at the sound of "PLEASE COME BACK IN TWO WEEK'S TIME" *slaps forehead*
PS: I shall end this series of rant regarding the world's stupidest people due to some no-sense-of-humour readers who then caused uncomfortable-ness to my mental and emotional health. I have told you that if you are not fine with what I am ranting you are so much very the welcome to leave this blog with immediate effect. Yes, I know I shouldn't mind that kind of reader and continue to rant as I please, but I am so pissed that I might as well stop this series altogether. What do you say?



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