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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Spring Fest Exhibition Competition: The Judges

The cam-whoring session for the album after the decorating task before the judges came
L-R: Clare, Glynnis, Felicia, Tammy, Jie Lun, Tony, Kenny and William
Not in picture: Jeff, Little Goat (Xiao Yang from China) and Little Worm (Xiao Chong also from China)
I was asked to get ready by the booth when the judge made his/her round at the booth before ours. Of course I did not prepare a speech of any sort. I thought it would be better for me to do an impromptu presentation based on the exhibits we had at our booth.
Here came the first judge, a lecturer who taught English For Higher Education:
I tried to impress her with my oh-so-overly-fake ang moh but I do not think that I sounded fake lor. Because hor, you see the crowd that I attracted.
Tough lady, I must say. She didn't smile the whole time I was talking. Keeping a straight face to instill fear in me? Not that easy, lady!
Well, she seemed impressed though. I was never this serious when it comes to presentation but my team leader, Kenny said the rest of the competition were left for me to give my best shot. We did the whole thing round the clock so, not wanting to disappoint anyone in the team, I just did what I do best - Crapping! LOL!!!
Then came the next judge, a lecturer from God-knows-where:"Good afternoon, sir. I am Clare, representing MISC Residential College to give you a brief tour regarding our concept of 'Peace and Harmony' and the main objective behind our exhibit with limited budget and resources. Now, as you can see over here,...bla bla bla..."This guy was better. Well, at least he smiled. That gave me a confident boost to crap even more! Hahaha!!!
The day after that, came another judge, the project director of the whole Spring Fest thingy. He is just a student like me. In fact I know him pretty well. Not that I wanted to belittle him but I think he doesn't even understand half of what I was saying! See that moronic look on his face...Hahahah!!! No offence, Thian Chai!
This guy just nodded and nodded, didn't say anything, didn't smile...that got me nowhere as I did not know what interest him...so I just quickly end my bullshitting and SAU KUNG!!!



Blogger ^@lViN^ said...

I don't know about you guys but the girl in the blue sari looks moronic as well.. ahhahahaah... jk jk... don't get offended ok my dear.. hehehehe... :P

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