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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Spring Fest Exhibition Competition 1

The week was hectic and it actually drove me up the wall and tempted me to hang myself. There were 2-day Spring Fest Exhibition Competition where we were supposed to decorate the vacant booth with a theme "Peace and Harmony", there was a presentation for my Property and Liability Insurance class and I just have no idea what was I preparing, a Business Law mid-semester examination and a Blogger Together Gather Party, all cramped into 1 week, starting Sunday. Forget the presentation and exam because those were not the fun part. I've blogged about the party but not the exhibition.

An empty booth was given and we were expected to decorate it with whatever we could think of in 4 hours. Not that we were not prepared, we had but the organizing committee was very uncertain in telling us the facilities we would be supplied that we could not come up with something unique.

After working like dogs for 4 straight hours, our booth looked something like this.

The other residential colleges used red as their background colour as well as their theme. But we opt for peach because we distorted the theme a bit and came up with "Peach and Harmony".

I contributed the mandarin oranges as they were almost dehydrated and it was really a picturesque view from a certain angle.The background was the other booth opposite ours.Our signature Wishing Tree which was supposed to be a pussy willow but turned into a wishing tree as more and more people thronged our booth to write their wishes FOC. Guess how much the cost of the whole tree?

In that two days, I have to give three presentations regarding the things that we displayed and a little bullshit and craps here and there. Two impromptu presentations on the first day, just to impress the judges (both are language lecturers) with my purposely faked ang moh and another impromptu presentations on the second day for the third judge with yet another faker ang moh because I know the third judge's level of ang moh very the jia lat. Hahaha!!! Just to impress all of them, you know, ass-kissing and boot-licking, etc. LOL!!!

In that two days also, you'll see me switching from my fitting Kebaya to........

...the more fitting, midriff revealing SARI!!!

*to be continued

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