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Friday, March 16, 2007

My brother - James (Part 2)

My bro is currently studying in United College Sarawak (UCS) in Sibu taking up Business Management majoring in Business Accounting. Thanks to Datin Janet Lau, he studies there F.O.C. because of his physical 'advantage'.

Well, James proved everybody who mocked him, bullied him, spat on him, teased him, looked down on him, calling him all sorts of names, etc that they are SINFULLY WRONG!!! How can you judge a person from his physical disability? Now he got excellent result, and is going to the university, what else can you losers out there say??? Hmm!! Mock him summore la! See how far youself can go.
His steadfastness and determination had taught me important lessons in life. You see, I've been living with a physical challenged person my whole life. I know how they feel and what they go through. The lessons are priceless. I learnt to respect them and accept them as a gift and not a burden. (Hah! I can see some of you smirking liao...Hehehe!)

Especially his former teachers: I got a lot of things to tell you. It never occurs to me that some adults as mature as you all will say such irresponsible things! What are you teachers there for? To teach, right? To bring light to those who are in darkness, right? WRONG!!! You people just proved that the whole policy and the system a HOAX! You looked down on a certain individual because he's a disabled and started to label him as stupid. His head isn't retarded ok. He thought he was stupid all these while. And guess what? He proved you wrong altogether! He got excellent result for his STPM! Now, have you got anything else to say? Well, I have. You assholes can go straight to HELL!!!
Oh, by the way, when my brother went to school to get his result yesterday, he was interviewed by some reporters and also officers from the Education Department in the principal's office. He received VIP treatment there.

Interviewer: Selamat pagi saya ucapkan kepada calon STPM yang istimewa dan beliau bersama dengan saya pagi ini. Siapa nama adik?
James: I am James Ng Seng Hong from Sibu.
Interviewer: Apakah yang adik dapat untuk STPM?
James: I obtained 1A, 2Bs and 1B-
Interviewer: Bagaimana dengan perasaan anda?
James: I feel surprised when I got the result. It was beyond my expectation.
Interviewer: Bagaimana adik belajar untuk menghadapi peperiksaan STPM?
James: Seek advice, doing own notes, be simple...
Interviewer: Apa cita-cita adik selepas ini?
James: Belajar sampai university and get a good job.
Interviewer: Apakah kursus yang adik mahu?
James: [simply hantam] Accounting
Interviewer: Di sini saya beri peluang kepada adik untuk berterima kasih kepada mana-mana pihak.
James: I would like to thank my parents, family members...not forgetting my friends who helped me... and those external parties who helped me.
Interviewer: Apakah nasihat anda untuk mereka yang bakal menduduki STPM dan calon istimewa seperti anda?
James: Important thing is to never give up and do not let your 'special gift' be your boundary to achieve what you want.

That's about it, I think. My bro said that my dad was interviewed as well and his lobang hidung damn kembang liao.

The only thing that is bugging my bro now is the local university application. You see, our family is not well-to-do and we can only opt for local university, my brother and I.

I told him over MSN that since his result is so good, he can get any course that he wanted. Of course not those medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering courses lah. Must be realistic also mah. Add in his physical disability, he could get it pretty easily. He can even choose the university that he wanted. But MOM is the main problem now. She's so worried about this and that - whether my bro will survive out there, how is he gonna move about, whether the university is disabled-friendly or not, got people bully him or not, etc the typical worried mother. Mom has been advising my brother to choose the local university that's close to home like UNIMAS in Kuching but he complained that UNIMAS doesn't offer much choice. Dang, tonight I gotta talk to my mum already.

I love my brother very much because he's my one and only brother in the whole world that contains the same Ng blood. I mean immediate family member la. Even though we fought like cat and dog when we were young, that did not stop me from protecting him from any possible physical hurt. So, if anyone attempts to take advantage on him and hurt him, I will not hesitate to protect him even if it means I gotta say goodbye to my life.

Not only me. I think my whole family will do the same thing. And that's what make us stay together as ONE family.

Taken during Chinese New Year 2007
(Eh, dad, why you not smiling wan?)

Cheers and peace out!



Blogger Kok said...

Your bro steady lah! Congratulations to him. And actually, with his good result, he can easily take engineering course if he wants to. Envy envy. I don't think I can get such a good result if I was to take STPM last time. hehe.

12:57 AM  
Blogger clement said...

good result oh, is that disorder giving him super brain too? :) my friend get 3A and 1B- cried whole day, charr bo these days are siao la~

8:32 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Kok: On behalf of my bro I'd like to thank you for your wishes. But he cannot take engineering la, he's purely art stream. So I think he either take accounting or some other business courses. I didn't do as well in my STPM. Physics and Chemistry killed me. hahahaha!!!

Clement: I dunno lor...you gotta ask him ler. Char bo nowadays seriously siao la...3A 1B- still cry for what o? If I get that result, I'll be over the moon liao. Crazy eh!

2:15 PM  
Blogger CY said...

I'm very touched by your post. Please send my heartiest congratulations to your brother.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Anne S. Juan said...

Haha, yeah.. I like Clement's comment - "Charr bo these days are siao". Haha I know of a few girls who cried till no tears left for getting "GOOD" result. I mean, they wanted straight As.Oh com'n, cry me a river.


Clare, I tak leh comment kat food blog u lah. I dah comment tapi dia cakap error-lah, banyak songeh. Nak buat 'cam maner? Kau letak lah chatterbox kat tepi tu. hehe ^_^ Love you gal =p

4:18 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

CY: Thanks! I will...=>

Anne: Thanks Anne. But how come cannot comment? Sepatutnya boleh lah. Apasai orang lain boleh je komen suka-suka? I pun tak paham. I pikiaq u coba lagi lah. Sorry lah Anne, Wordpress tak leh pakai chatterbox lah!

8:17 PM  

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