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Friday, March 16, 2007

My Brother - James (Part 1)

This is my dearest one and only brother - James Ng Seng Hong

I do not really talk about my family that much here. But I think I should give my little brother some credits after all that we've been through. I am what I am today because of him, partially.

Reminder: If you feel uncomfortable of what you are about to read, you are always welcome to leave at your own convenience. The rest, proceed at your own risk. The author is not to be held liable for any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage of any kind, if any.

My brother was borned pre-mature on 14 July 1987 (two years younger than me) with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy. Since he was borned premature, he was to stay in the incubator at the hospital for observations. Fortunately, it is a minor cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy(CP) is a neurological disorder that causes physical disability in human development especially the movement and posture. Cerebral Palsy can occur during pregnancy, during birth and after birth. CP is a non-progressive disorder, but secondary orthopedic deformities, such as hip dislocation and scoliosis of spine, are common. Luckily my brother has none of that. We are aware that there is no known cure for CP.

Only his limbs are affected which forces him to use the crutches to aid him when he moves around. My parents sent him to attend normal school like any other normal kids. They thought that's the best for him, it is, but imagine all the hardship he had to go through all his schooling years - other kids mocked him, teased him, bullied him, spat on him, hit him, teachers looked down on him, saying he's stupid, etc. And hence, he thought he was stupid and his results has been suffering since.

He attended SRK (then SRB) Sacred Heart and SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu. Of course, there are friends that helped him throughout his schooling days - escorted him to the toilet, buying food for him from the canteen, helped him up and down the stairs as he's not very stable even using the crutches, brought him shopping, etc. Thank you all - Alex Leong, Chieng Pin Liang, Chua Min Zee, Elvin Wong, Hii Hong Wee, Ignatius Lau, Liu Kian Chong, Sia Kee Kiin and Wong Ing Hui are those few who always help my bro even until now.

James (in pink), together with Datin Janet Lau and Dr. Soon and other VIPs with the mock cheque

My brother is a popular figure back home. Datin Janet Lau (wifey of Deputy Minister of Housing and Development, Datuk Robert Lau) acknowleged him emotionally in her speech at the ASTRO Charity Concert. He appeared in almost all the local newspapers with the picture above after that.

My brother making a grand entrance at the Dewan Suarah as Datin Janet acknowledged him, accompanied by my mum (in black) and Matron Margaret (in red)

James, waving at the crowd, accompanied by my parents.

*to be continued*



Blogger ^@lViN^ said...

Every young kid stereotypes and bullies people who are more introvert and disabled. They want to make themselves look good in front of their friends so they keep despising others. It's a sad fact of life. Your brother braved through it and that's a good thing. Like him, I was always a target of bullies when I was young. Being a non trouble maker, I can't be bothered.

Don't worry, your brother has gone through the stage and he'll grow up to be one fine person. Congratulations on the good results, it definitely helps in his future. I wish him all the best and a word of advice: If someone ever tells you that something is impossible, tell him/her to look how far you have come.

4:34 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Ya, agree. Ya hoh...you were the fat, short and big headed kid. LOL!!! No offence!

On behalf of my bro, thank you for the wish and hope he reads the advice. Thanks again.

6:10 PM  
Blogger jun said...

OMG! This is your bro! I was same scholl with him went I was studying in SMK Sacred Heart. I did remember he received a anugerah from the sch. The whole audience in the hall stand up and applause for him. It was so touching that day. Your brother really is very brave. Congratulations to your brother again for the good result. Tell him keep on the good spirit. He will be a legend in SMK Sacred Heart!

5:28 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Jun, you went to the same school??? May I know which year? Which class you were from? I went to SMK Sacred Heart for my Form 6 too...

Yeah, you were right, my bro did receive the award and it brought tears to many people in the hall that day...he was indeed very brave...Im so proud of him!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Physiotherapy is required but very few such specialised physio therapist are available, almost all are not. So far I only know of one specialised physio in Camden Medical Centre Singapore who is truely specialising in treating CP kids. For early treatment a SWASH (Standing, Walking And
Sitting Hip Orthosis) could be prescribed for CP patients which could help to improve the lifestyle of the kid.
Dr of Orthopaedic in KL

7:26 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Dr of Orthopaedic in KL:

Yupe, my bro went through series of physiotherapy back home. But doctor said that he can do it at home already so now he does his own physiotherapy at home. He was operated on both his knees three years back to shorten his ligament (or something like that) so that he can straighten his legs easily. It was done by Dr.Wong as advised by a doctor from KL (I forgot what's his name, he might be you)

Initially both his legs were bent and couldn't be straightened thus making it hard for him to move about and he got tired easily after walking a short distance. Now after the operation, he can walk faster, farther and stand longer.

7:53 PM  
Blogger jun said...

I was graduate from that sch on 2005. I'm a year younger then your bro. I was in 5A1 last time. Now study in TARC. Though, can study form six but choose to come here.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous stranger said...

What does James intend to do job wise ? In Malaysia, we are still limited in our means to help people with special needs. But he looks like a happy person and one who is determined to live life the way everybody else live theirs. Pleae tell him a stranger says hi and God Bless.

11:53 PM  

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