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Saturday, March 17, 2007

James: The Brave Heart Award

Jun reminded me of this. I have totally forgotten about it until he mentioned it in my comment box. Thanks Jun!
I went to the same school as my brother when I was in Form Six because my former school, SMK St. Elizabeth (all girls' school) does not offer Form Six classes and hence I was kicked over to SMK Sacred Heart (all boys' school) next door.
When I was in Upper Six, there were a mini graduation held at the school hall and my brother told me that he was going to receive an award. I did not give much attention to him at that time.
Came the day for the prize-giving day cum mini graduation where everyone involved was required to assemble in the air-conditioned school hall. My parents were invited but they couldn't come. Ah, never mind. I was there to support my bro then ok liao, I thought.
After the boring speech after speech by the principal, VIP (Datuk Clement Hii-main sponsor), etc...came the award and prize giving ceremony. Yadda yadda yadda...best student, best sportsman, best whatever-you-can-think-of...the usual...
Then I heard Mdm Ngae (or was it Mr Tan?) announced: Next comes the special award for our special student. The Brave Heart Award for our special student, James Ng Seng Hong. He...bla bla bla...describing how my bro brave criticisms going to classes everyday without fail like any other kids, etc etc etc...
From afar, I saw my bro walking up the stage aided by three of his best friends - Ignatius Lau (my best friend, Belinda Lau's brother), Chua Min Zee (my fellow prefect) and Chieng Pin Liang (my old friend, Chieng Su Yiu's brother). The hall exploded into loud applause. He was without his crutches as two of his friends held each of his arms for support. Datuk (or is it Mr only?) Clement Hii was there to present the award. Halfway up the stage, Datuk Clement Hii went over and held one of my brother's arm and guided him to the centre of the stage as the hall continue their standing ovation.
It was a very heart-warming and touching scene where a lot of the audience were touched to tears. I was so happy for him and as I looked around, a lot of students as well as teachers and parents were wiping away tears. How I wished my parents were there to witness the moment. After Datuk Clement Hii handed the award to James, they stood on the stage waving at the audience as they clapped louder. Wow! My brother was the star of the day!

I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to the then principal, Mr Stephen Tan Ming Kiong for helping make things convenient for my brother all the time you were the principal of SMK Sacred Heart. You are the best principal, Uncle! May God bless you and your family well in body, mind and spirit all the time.
Aduh, sound so much like giving speech after receiving the Oscar like that! Oklah, enough liao...I saw some of you yawning already.



Anonymous Neo said...

I need a box of tissue please.

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*hands a box of tissue to neo

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