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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

Date: 9 March 2007
Time: 7pm till 11pm
Venue: Federal Hotel Skyroom, Kuala Lumpur
Dress code: Smart casual
Charge: RM35 - Inclusive of Buffet Dinner (eat all you can la!) and Drinks
There will be GAMES and PRIZES to be won!!! Summore got door gifts and other freebies!!!
Summore hor Uncle Wingz said that the organizing committee has successfully obtained a sponsorship for the printing of a program booklet for the party. Now you say la, this party big or not??? Got booklet as souvenir summore leh so that when you are old like chai po already you dig the book out and show it to your grandchildren and brag, "See, granny/grandpa went to this bloggers party when granny/grandpa was young and met a lot of leng zhais, leng luis, uncles and aunties blogger from all over the country lah. Steady or not?" Uncle Wingz will tell you more about the booklet HERE.
I am pretty sure that this party will be THE PARTY OF THE YEAR!!! So many sponsors, so many pro-bloggers, so many you-name-it!

This GRAND event is proudly sponsored by:

PIKOM - The PC Fair organizer

CINEMA ONLINE - the best cinema portal in Malaysia

PLEASANT SURPRISES - specializes in the art of balloon decorating

THE FEDERAL - The BEST hotel in the golden triangle

5xmom - Humor, Life, Lies, Sex

DIGI - Always the smarter choice

PIXART - photos best companion

NUFFNANG - Adsense worst enemy

PIANO FORTE - best musical school in Cheras

**For more information, do not hesitate to click over to Uncle Wingz's Blog for enquiries. Don't worry, he doesn't bite!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Would you hire them?

We talk to birds and have great time teaching them to imitate our words!We work as a team and will help to push you up a horse if you could not get onto one! My name is Chong Poh Huat. You can call me Ah Fat. As you can see, I am not fat at all. I am from Kuching, Sarawak. I am always the gentleman everywhere I go.
My name is Clare Ng. I am from Sibu, Sarawak. As you can see, I am always the rebellious one. I touched the grandfather clock when it is clearly stated that "Please Don't Touch". My principle is "Rules are meant to be broken"
My name is Chong Foo Kiat. I am from Ipoh, Perak. I am contestant no.15 for UUM beauty peagent contest. Before you SMS your vote on me, there are things about me you just have to know:
This is my best friend, Uncle Teracotta!Don't you just adore the way I eat my coconut???
"Now what the hell are you looking at? Never seen someone as adorable as me eating the coconut my way? Now VOTE!!!"
My name is Kuan Suet Wei. You can call me Karen. I am from Ipoh, Perak. I have a lot to say about myself but I just couldn't help myself laughing at the adorable way Foo Kiat eats his coconut. HAHAHAHA!!!
From left to right: Delicia, Pong Lee and Lee Shyan.
We have a good time molesting the half naked sculpture and couldn't be bothered to intoduce ourselves in details, sorry!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you:
Your future RISK MANAGERS!!!!
So say we all!!!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The First Blogger I met meme

Source: 5xmom
My previous post about The First Blogger that I met has inspired Auntie Lilian a.k.a. 5xmom to come up with a meme:
  1. Who is the first blogger you meet?
  2. Who is the 'Most Wanted to Meet Blogger' for you?
  3. Who is the 'I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet' blogger?
  4. Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
  5. Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?

This Auntie ar, I tell you, has a brainful of active cells...can come up with something so very the clever only by reading my post *three thumbs up to Auntie Lilian*

I also naik ekor when saw she promote my post in her blog. LOL!!! Thank you very much, Auntie! That meme of yours has gone wide and far. Saw that almost every blog that I read also got that meme, the author kena tagged. See how influential you are?

But hor, I will still do the meme if I am tagged. So far haven't seen my name anywhere YET! HEHEHEHE!!!

Have a nice and blessed Sunday everyone!!!

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Weight Loss Competition Winner Revealed

The grand prize for the winner of the Weight Losing Competition: Ferero Rocher!
One whole box, to gain the weight back...Hehehe!!!
And the winner is my cousin, Kee Kee from Bintulu!!! See, she's so happy receiving her Rocher!!!


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Trapped Balls? OUCH!!!

Someone gave me this and it actually cracked me up!!!

Have a nice and relaxing weekend everyone!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Juliet oh Juliet, where art thou?

As far as I'm concerned, we girls hor, tend to make a lengthy list of requirements that we look for in a partner/boyfriend/husband/spouse/whatever-you-call-it, no? But a lot of time there are none that fit the requirements perfectly. So girls tend to fall for the wrong guy all the time. LOL!!! No, it is not a crime to have your list of requirements because who wants an alcoholic/gambler/abusive partner/boyfiend/husband/spouse/whatever-you-call-it, right?

I chatted with a friend the other day and suddenly the tendency to ask, "What are your list of requirements that you look for in a girl to be your girlfriend/wife/spouse?" just ran across my mind that I was too curious not to ask.

These were what I got, not in particular order:

  1. Nice heart
    This goes to both gender. Who does not want a partner who has a nice heart??? Or did he mean a good and healthy heart with no family trait of heart attacks??? LOL! (Guys' words are so simple yet girls just love to think too much) But it is good to have both, right? IMHO, people get to be nicer as they age, but not everybody lah. So, the verdict? I passed!
  2. Not rebellious
    Now this is the first time that I saw something like this in the list. But, hey, to a certain extent, this is required. Think about it, if your girl rebels all the time in everything you do, sienz also right? If you come home tired and worn out expecting some TLC (tender loving care) but she rebels and doesn't want to do the housework or entertain you, you just couldn't wait to get out of the house!
    Being the eldest in the family, I'm a born rebel! HAHAHA! I rebel in many things and situations but when it comes to boyfriend, HEHEHE!, the word does not exist!
  3. Understanding
    This word is no stranger to me. I've learnt to master the art of understanding since the dinosaur exist. Enough said.
  4. Romantic
    Awwww! Girls want guys to be romantic and vice versa. Think about that, who doesn't? But being romantic 24/7 would cause pain in the ass, so just be romantic whenever necessary lah. I don't know if I am a romantic person, you judge!
  5. Knows how to manja when needed
    For your information, all guys I've asked put this requirement as a MUST. I don't know why. But again, being the eldest in the family, I am not used to manja to get what I want. Somehow, I've also learnt this art but not pretty well yet. Manja is still ok, but I hate it when girls just love to shed crocodile tears when wanting something. And the guys hate it!!! (Remember this, girls!)
  6. Love me and not find trouble with me
    Of course love you lah!!! If not, why want to be together with you in the first place?? DUH!!! We only find trouble with you IF you find trouble with us. Unless it's us being spoilt to rotten by you! Hahaha!!!
  7. Fair
    Eh, I have been wondering about this for a long time already. Why guys love fair girls??? Dark-skinned or tanned girls not pretty meh??? Okay, I'm fair myself so I've nothing much to say here.
  8. Nice body and face would be an avantage
    All guys like girls with nice body and face. But when it comes to the real deal, they won't look at your physical appearance that much. They look at the whole package. Still, those would be an advantage if you have them. I won't say that I am good-looking but I'm pretty okay-looking compared to a lot of girls and with my personal touch of charm, I could be attractive in my own way. I don't have the satay-stick figure like those anaeroxics you see almost everywhere but I'm curvy, I don't like to be too skinny. A mannequin is too skinny for menstruation, you know? Take it or leave it.
  9. Open-minded
    Woohoo!!! I'm all open to anything under the sun and above the sun. Just don't ask me to strip naked in public. I can take crude remarks, I can take religious jokes, I can take criticisms be it constructive or destructive, etc. But I take no-nonsense!
  10. Not possessive
    I think this requirement always comes together with open-minded. I won't be possessive even if you are possessive but I won't tolerate if you get too possessive and tried to control my life. Enough said!
  11. Knows her limits and not surpasing them
    What limits??? This one I still blur blur. Can someone please spell it out for me???
  12. Discuss things with me
    If not discussing things, what are you two gonna do then? I stare at you and you stare at me ar??? DUH!!!
  13. Knows how to cook
    HAH!!! This one I am proud to say that I CAN COOK. Seriously, not just Maggi Mee. Inherited the cooking talent don't know from who but I can cook something nice and simple out of scratch I found in the refrigerator. Surprised?
  14. Respect my parents
    Now this is something I heard for the first time. Yes, of course you should respect his parents even though his mother can be a bitch and his father, well I don't know. Just in case they are going to be your parents-in-law, why not start to act from the day you meet them? Even if his mom is a perfect biatch you've got no choice. My parents always say respect the elders no matter who they are. I'm brought up in this manner so this is not a problem for me lor.
  15. Help out in household chores automatically when needed
    Well, this is something that I wouldn't do autmatically. I am not your maid wei! If you expect me to do household chores, we either do it together or split the chores. And no, I won't do it automatically.

Guys, anything to add??? Girls, what do you think???


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The First Blogger that I met

5xmom was supposed to be the FIRST blogger that I met but due to some unforseen circumstances, we did not meet up. 5xmom remains the FIRST blogger that I chatted on the phone with! She has a nice voice, mind you. She sounds younger than me. Hahahahha!!! Don't believe me ar??? Go to her blog and listen to her podcast, you judge!
Anyway, this gentleman here is the FIRST blogger that I met:
Mr. Alvin Chong - "prepare to meet the fugliest thing in your life"
We met up for lunch when I was on my way back to Sibu, Sarawak. (HUH???) Oh well, I stopped by in KL in the morning and while waited for my flight to Sibu at 6.35pm, I took the bus to KL Central as LCCT is not a place for an adventurous me.
Being a gentleman that a gentleman is supposed to be, he chia me lunch at Sogo. No, that's not the best lunch in the world (it's the heart that counts, right?) but the conversations we had was superb. Alvin claimed of being super duper shy and stuff but when it comes to the real deal, the "shy" word does not exist. And they say, do not trust a guy's word. Well, I didn't and true enough, Alvin ain't shy at all! "Shy" my foot lah!!! Pretend pretend only. I could actually gek him like there's no tomorrow! But his witty counter attacks are too fast for a no-brainer like me to self-defend. LMAO!!!
Alvin is young but he looks older (more mature) than his age. If I'm not mistaken, he's a Software Programmer based in KL (or is it Kuching?) - Dang, I just suck at remembering facts! (Forgive me, Alvin!) For more information, feel free to click over to his blog or if you happen to know him, just ask him yourself lah!
I gave him three thumbs up for his command of English. (Don't ask me why three) A hell lot of people his age (well, my age too) couldn't even string a decent sentence of English, even a simple wan. *shakes head* Even my 3-year-old nephew can speak better than them! Alvin is good when it comes to language and don't even think of starting an arguement with him if your command of English suck like anything, you couldn't get anywhere near winning over him wan. Guaranteed! How I know? I attempted and failed miserably!!!
Despite being young AND employed, Alvin complains about his life pretty much! Read his blog and you'll know what I meant. LOL!!! This guy hor, loves to suan people like nobody's business and if you are the person who cannot take jokes and got no sense of humour, stay far away from this creature!!! HAHAHA!!! Otherwise, be prepared to be nailed in the forehead! You have been warned.
So much to dig for the first meeting but due to the fella's privacy, I will not reveal much here. A lot of things are better left unknown. HAhahah!!!
**Alvin, did I get the facts right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.


CNY Cam-whoring session I

At the stroke of midnight, this long firecrackers is a MUST for Chinese New Year every year. So I stood watching the whole thing burnt in BANG and BOOM with a few flying debris hitting me for a few minutes and that was it. Not satisfied, I went hunting for something else and this is what I found:
Now this is what I call welcoming a new year with a celebration. Found a few pieces of this in the house and had a helluva time watching them burnt
My uncle never failed to amaze me and my cousins with his huge stomach whenever he walked around the house shirtless showing off his tummy.Oh, by the way, I won't let anyone go without cam-whoring with them. The kids were not spared either.
Now this is an underage thingy:
Baby Cam-whore


Monday, February 19, 2007

A Picture Post on CNY Celebration

Even before Chinese New Year, houses in Sibu is brightly, I mean, RED-ly decorated with all sorts of tanglung you can see at pasar malams and RM2.00 shops. My house is a good example of that kind. They say will kena saman RM100 on the spot if caught playing with firecrackers wor...At the stroke of midnight, everybody was competing who decorated the night sky with the most fireworks ler. And they said this year's economy is bad???

I ushered in the new year having a few glasses of red wine while watching the colourful display of fireworks in the sky. As you can see, it seemed like the whole town was polluted by smoke from the fireworks.

My first day of Chinese New Year. Dragged my sleepy cousin only for this shot.
Now that's what I call a meal!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kiung Hie Fatt Choy, Fung Pao Na Loi!!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year. May God showers his endless blessings upon all of you in everything you do and your future undertakings. Have a wonderful New Year and take care!!!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

First Day Jitters

As the Chinese New Year is also known as the season of spring, most Chinese celebrate the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar grandly, hoping for good luck and health. Because of this anal obsession, many taboos have been created.

For instance, on the morning of the first day of Chinese New Year, everyone will don their best attire and pray to gods and ancestors for good luck and prosperity. Everyone wishes auspicious greetings to all family members whether you like them or not as well as visitors. Phrases that denote wealth and prosperity are frequently uttered, while exciting entertainment such as lion or dragon dances liven up the occasion.

Although you have to smell nice, it is a taboo to shower or wash your hair on the first day of Chinese New Year. The Chinese community always clean and groom themselves the night before to welcome the arrival of the New Year. Some kiasu aunties even go to the extent of going to the salons and have their hair all set up mile-high and they sleep sitting up the whole night! LOL!!!

It would be inauspicious to have wet hair on the first day of the New Year as it will bring about obstacles throughout the year. Sewing and using a scissors is also prohobited to prevent people from accidentally hurting themselves; it is a bad omen to see blood on the first day of Chinese New Year as it signifies an onset of more accidents within the year.

Everyone is keen to receive cash-filled red packets or ang pows but there is a rule of how much money one should put in. Remember to always put even denominations in the ang pows. The Chinese are very particular about even numbers as they wish to have favourable events happening twice. Odd numbers bear inauspicious tidings. The Cantonese have nicknamed the ang pows "lucky envelopes" to symbolize good luck and success in all undertakings.

Crying is highly discouraged or you'd be plagued by illnesses and mishaps the whole year through. Try not to throw tantrums as well as it is bad luck to quarrel on this important day. Stay away from monks and nuns - they are considered "empty" as they have denounced all material things in life. If you chitchat with any of them, all your endeavours and efforts shall be fruitless and futile. The taboos mentioned are "hazardous weapons" on the first day of Chinese New Year. Every Chinese person will take extra care not to break the rules as they do not want ill luck to befall them. There may be serious accidents, mishaps, disharmony and slander toward the family if the taboos were not observed. Or so they say.

LOL!!! If you have broken some or all of the taboos mentioned above, fear not! It's not the end of the world. These are merely traditions passed down from generation to generation and should be taken with a large handful of salt!

**This is supposed to be posted tomorrow but since the idea is there, why not? In the mean time, this might be my last post for today. So, wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year and have a wonderful reunion dinner!!!


Food For Thought

Chinese New Year is the time for merriment and celebration. Many people will flock to the shops and stock up on food supplies to catter to the impending requirements. That is why I am here blogging like nobody's business, not going out because it would be so jammed with cars and people. In this mad rush, we must not forget that certain food have a gloomy significance.

First off, it is a taboo to eat leftover rice - a practice that has been passed down since the farming days of ancient China. To do so on the first day of Chinese New Year would be regarded as complaining that the gods in heaven were too kind and their bestowal too fruitful. If you eat the overnight rice, it may start to rain as soon as you step out of the door. But this is no fun drizzle, the rains of the olden days come in torrents and break dams. The paddy fields would be flooded and all the farmers' effort would come to nought. It would be a difficult year ahead indeed.

If you are a bachelor or a spinster living alone, it is advised that you do not go to other people's home for meals during Chinese New Year. Not only will you be cheapening yourself, you may dampen your luck as well. You may not be able to get a good meal thereafter and will have to depend on charity.

Wah, really or not I don't know lah. But the old folks have a lot to say mar. They somehow also ate more salt than you eat rice what. So eat wherever you please during Chinese New Year. Even rat-infested coffee shops should not be discriminated against!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Secret Admirer Reveal

I guess you might be wondering who is that secret admirer who sent me 6 roses on Valentine's Day, right?
No? Never mind.
I won't bitch about it for now, not for a week...maybe for a MONTH! HAHAHA!!!
Anyway, I'm going to reveal the sender on Chinese Valentine's Day i.e. Chap Goh Mei...sui bo???
Now, here are some not-so-obvious hints for guessing:
1. He is a guy. (DUH!)
2. He is a blogger.
3. He is one of the regular readers of my blog.
4. He is an expert in IT thingy.
5. He is from Kuching.
Enough! You can start guessing now...Winner gets to win a prize!!!
No rules and regulations, you can guess as many people as possible but if too many people guess it right, the prize goes to the first person who guess the correct one.
*Prize is sponsored by Kampua Talk*


I am seeing RED

Behind the doors of every wardrobe...

What is the dominant colour among your clothes? Smart psychologists have long discovered that your choice of colour reflects your inner feelings and emotions. Black exudes a sense of mystery and class, while white portrays purity and innocence.
During Chinese New Year, the universally accepted colour is none othe than RED. The traditional Chinese believe that RED symbolizes the arrival of happy events and good fortune. RED lanterns and scrolls will be hung at the doorway of every home in addition to an inexplicably large number of red decor items. Not only is red a traditional colour for festivities but it also symbolizes the advent of spring.

As for attire, RED and other cheerful colours are considered to be lucky colours for the Chinese New Year. The popular black, grey and pastels of modern fashion are not ideal choices.

According to cultural practice, black and white are colours used in mourning and to wear them during spring would mean one's year is ill-lucked. Parents always react melodramatically upon seeing their children garbed in these inauspicious colours because it is akin to cursing the entire family with bad luck.

Really ar? Well, up to you to judge lor. But then hor, wearing bright and cheerful colours does not necessarily denote that you will have a bountiful year. Should your attire be torn, patched or defective, you will still be plagued with misfortune.

Somehow, fashion nowadays are all torn and patched, so how? Whole year bad luck?


Up all night

A reunion dinner is the binding force of all Chinese families. In Chinese, it is called "Eve Of Dawn" which means the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year. At the place where I came from, we called it "Sa Chap Meh" (in Hokkien, means 30th night). The last day of the Chinese lunar calendar is marked by this important meal so it is crucial that every family member return home for this occasion. It was a taboo to have one or more family members absent at the dinner table.

But having brought up in a fully Catholic family, we don't believe in such thing as taboo, but for the sake of tradition i.e. Chinese tradition, it became an unwritten official rules that everybody in the family must be present on Sa Chap Meh. We always say the 'grace before meals' anyway.

While having the reunion dinner, do not eat hastily - the longer the time spent at the table, the better. It signifies unity and the long-lasting relationship of the family. A good news for all the aunties and ah sohs for they can sampat and kay poh longer and torture the younger generations with questions like "Got boyfriend/girlfriend or not?", "When want to get married?" or comparing the price of fish in the market (Don't ask me why fish).

Moreover, the dishes must convey auspicious meanings. Dishes that bear good tidings are radish (pronunciation similar to 'a good start' in Cantonese), a type of edible weed that looks like a tuft of hair called fatt choy (pronounced as 'wealth and properity' in Cantonese) and fish (sounds the same as 'having excess' in Mandarin). Thus the saying "Nien nien you yu" was being directly translated into "Every year got fish" or "Tahun-tahun ada ikan" when we were kids.

But the ancient Chinese went to great extents to make sure that their aspirations came true. I bet if they heard how we distorted the translation, we'd be dragged to the altar of execution without mercy! LOL!!! That was why they would buy a live fish and leave it swimming happily in a basin of water before dinner because 'swimming fish' sounds the same as 'having excess wealth' in Chinese. It would then be cruelly mutilated while it is still alive. Yummy!

During this transition from the old year to the new, it would be a taboo to have an empty or half-filled rice urn. The rice urn must be filled to the brim and stuck with a piece of red paper that has the Chinese characters 'always full' written on it. They believe that this ritual will transfer the rice from the previous year to the next, which also means that the family will have excess wealth and their rice urn will be perpetually full. After the elaborated reunion dinner, comes the moment that everybody is waiting for.

The elders must present the greedy kids with money-filled red packets or ang pows. But the money cannot be used for a new Gameboy or Pokemon cards; it must be deposited into the piggy bank because to have it empty on the eve of Chinese New Year is a taboo. After depositing the money, you should also stick a piece of red paper with the Chinese characters 'always full' on it. You will then be blessed with a constant supply of pocket money throughout the year. I wonder why I am broke throughout the year...?

As Chinese New Year springs around, homes are normally decorated with scrolls of auspicious greetings to usher in good tidings. There is also the tradition of staying up late on the eve of Chinese New Year. Why torture yourself? Because to stay up late on this special night is believed to enhance your parents' longevity and health. If the previous year had been an especially horrendous one, it would be a good idea to stay up until dawn. This is believed to be an effective method for improving one's luck. So, kids...you are allowed to stay past your bed time! This time your parents won't chase you up the room with rotan.

Seriouly ar? Watch lots of DVD movies on the night before Chinese New Year. No Glitter or Gigli please - you want to stay awake, remember?

**This post is supposed to be posted tomorrow but I've got the inspiration, so what the heck!**

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