Kampua Talk: I am seeing RED

Kampua Talk

Friday, February 16, 2007

I am seeing RED

Behind the doors of every wardrobe...

What is the dominant colour among your clothes? Smart psychologists have long discovered that your choice of colour reflects your inner feelings and emotions. Black exudes a sense of mystery and class, while white portrays purity and innocence.
During Chinese New Year, the universally accepted colour is none othe than RED. The traditional Chinese believe that RED symbolizes the arrival of happy events and good fortune. RED lanterns and scrolls will be hung at the doorway of every home in addition to an inexplicably large number of red decor items. Not only is red a traditional colour for festivities but it also symbolizes the advent of spring.

As for attire, RED and other cheerful colours are considered to be lucky colours for the Chinese New Year. The popular black, grey and pastels of modern fashion are not ideal choices.

According to cultural practice, black and white are colours used in mourning and to wear them during spring would mean one's year is ill-lucked. Parents always react melodramatically upon seeing their children garbed in these inauspicious colours because it is akin to cursing the entire family with bad luck.

Really ar? Well, up to you to judge lor. But then hor, wearing bright and cheerful colours does not necessarily denote that you will have a bountiful year. Should your attire be torn, patched or defective, you will still be plagued with misfortune.

Somehow, fashion nowadays are all torn and patched, so how? Whole year bad luck?