Kampua Talk: CNY Cam-whoring session I

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY Cam-whoring session I

At the stroke of midnight, this long firecrackers is a MUST for Chinese New Year every year. So I stood watching the whole thing burnt in BANG and BOOM with a few flying debris hitting me for a few minutes and that was it. Not satisfied, I went hunting for something else and this is what I found:
Now this is what I call welcoming a new year with a celebration. Found a few pieces of this in the house and had a helluva time watching them burnt
My uncle never failed to amaze me and my cousins with his huge stomach whenever he walked around the house shirtless showing off his tummy.Oh, by the way, I won't let anyone go without cam-whoring with them. The kids were not spared either.
Now this is an underage thingy:
Baby Cam-whore



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