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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

Date: 9 March 2007
Time: 7pm till 11pm
Venue: Federal Hotel Skyroom, Kuala Lumpur
Dress code: Smart casual
Charge: RM35 - Inclusive of Buffet Dinner (eat all you can la!) and Drinks
There will be GAMES and PRIZES to be won!!! Summore got door gifts and other freebies!!!
Summore hor Uncle Wingz said that the organizing committee has successfully obtained a sponsorship for the printing of a program booklet for the party. Now you say la, this party big or not??? Got booklet as souvenir summore leh so that when you are old like chai po already you dig the book out and show it to your grandchildren and brag, "See, granny/grandpa went to this bloggers party when granny/grandpa was young and met a lot of leng zhais, leng luis, uncles and aunties blogger from all over the country lah. Steady or not?" Uncle Wingz will tell you more about the booklet HERE.
I am pretty sure that this party will be THE PARTY OF THE YEAR!!! So many sponsors, so many pro-bloggers, so many you-name-it!

This GRAND event is proudly sponsored by:

PIKOM - The PC Fair organizer

CINEMA ONLINE - the best cinema portal in Malaysia

PLEASANT SURPRISES - specializes in the art of balloon decorating

THE FEDERAL - The BEST hotel in the golden triangle

5xmom - Humor, Life, Lies, Sex

DIGI - Always the smarter choice

PIXART - photos best companion

NUFFNANG - Adsense worst enemy

PIANO FORTE - best musical school in Cheras

**For more information, do not hesitate to click over to Uncle Wingz's Blog for enquiries. Don't worry, he doesn't bite!

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