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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The First Blogger that I met

5xmom was supposed to be the FIRST blogger that I met but due to some unforseen circumstances, we did not meet up. 5xmom remains the FIRST blogger that I chatted on the phone with! She has a nice voice, mind you. She sounds younger than me. Hahahahha!!! Don't believe me ar??? Go to her blog and listen to her podcast, you judge!
Anyway, this gentleman here is the FIRST blogger that I met:
Mr. Alvin Chong - "prepare to meet the fugliest thing in your life"
We met up for lunch when I was on my way back to Sibu, Sarawak. (HUH???) Oh well, I stopped by in KL in the morning and while waited for my flight to Sibu at 6.35pm, I took the bus to KL Central as LCCT is not a place for an adventurous me.
Being a gentleman that a gentleman is supposed to be, he chia me lunch at Sogo. No, that's not the best lunch in the world (it's the heart that counts, right?) but the conversations we had was superb. Alvin claimed of being super duper shy and stuff but when it comes to the real deal, the "shy" word does not exist. And they say, do not trust a guy's word. Well, I didn't and true enough, Alvin ain't shy at all! "Shy" my foot lah!!! Pretend pretend only. I could actually gek him like there's no tomorrow! But his witty counter attacks are too fast for a no-brainer like me to self-defend. LMAO!!!
Alvin is young but he looks older (more mature) than his age. If I'm not mistaken, he's a Software Programmer based in KL (or is it Kuching?) - Dang, I just suck at remembering facts! (Forgive me, Alvin!) For more information, feel free to click over to his blog or if you happen to know him, just ask him yourself lah!
I gave him three thumbs up for his command of English. (Don't ask me why three) A hell lot of people his age (well, my age too) couldn't even string a decent sentence of English, even a simple wan. *shakes head* Even my 3-year-old nephew can speak better than them! Alvin is good when it comes to language and don't even think of starting an arguement with him if your command of English suck like anything, you couldn't get anywhere near winning over him wan. Guaranteed! How I know? I attempted and failed miserably!!!
Despite being young AND employed, Alvin complains about his life pretty much! Read his blog and you'll know what I meant. LOL!!! This guy hor, loves to suan people like nobody's business and if you are the person who cannot take jokes and got no sense of humour, stay far away from this creature!!! HAHAHA!!! Otherwise, be prepared to be nailed in the forehead! You have been warned.
So much to dig for the first meeting but due to the fella's privacy, I will not reveal much here. A lot of things are better left unknown. HAhahah!!!
**Alvin, did I get the facts right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you.