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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Juliet oh Juliet, where art thou?

As far as I'm concerned, we girls hor, tend to make a lengthy list of requirements that we look for in a partner/boyfriend/husband/spouse/whatever-you-call-it, no? But a lot of time there are none that fit the requirements perfectly. So girls tend to fall for the wrong guy all the time. LOL!!! No, it is not a crime to have your list of requirements because who wants an alcoholic/gambler/abusive partner/boyfiend/husband/spouse/whatever-you-call-it, right?

I chatted with a friend the other day and suddenly the tendency to ask, "What are your list of requirements that you look for in a girl to be your girlfriend/wife/spouse?" just ran across my mind that I was too curious not to ask.

These were what I got, not in particular order:

  1. Nice heart
    This goes to both gender. Who does not want a partner who has a nice heart??? Or did he mean a good and healthy heart with no family trait of heart attacks??? LOL! (Guys' words are so simple yet girls just love to think too much) But it is good to have both, right? IMHO, people get to be nicer as they age, but not everybody lah. So, the verdict? I passed!
  2. Not rebellious
    Now this is the first time that I saw something like this in the list. But, hey, to a certain extent, this is required. Think about it, if your girl rebels all the time in everything you do, sienz also right? If you come home tired and worn out expecting some TLC (tender loving care) but she rebels and doesn't want to do the housework or entertain you, you just couldn't wait to get out of the house!
    Being the eldest in the family, I'm a born rebel! HAHAHA! I rebel in many things and situations but when it comes to boyfriend, HEHEHE!, the word does not exist!
  3. Understanding
    This word is no stranger to me. I've learnt to master the art of understanding since the dinosaur exist. Enough said.
  4. Romantic
    Awwww! Girls want guys to be romantic and vice versa. Think about that, who doesn't? But being romantic 24/7 would cause pain in the ass, so just be romantic whenever necessary lah. I don't know if I am a romantic person, you judge!
  5. Knows how to manja when needed
    For your information, all guys I've asked put this requirement as a MUST. I don't know why. But again, being the eldest in the family, I am not used to manja to get what I want. Somehow, I've also learnt this art but not pretty well yet. Manja is still ok, but I hate it when girls just love to shed crocodile tears when wanting something. And the guys hate it!!! (Remember this, girls!)
  6. Love me and not find trouble with me
    Of course love you lah!!! If not, why want to be together with you in the first place?? DUH!!! We only find trouble with you IF you find trouble with us. Unless it's us being spoilt to rotten by you! Hahaha!!!
  7. Fair
    Eh, I have been wondering about this for a long time already. Why guys love fair girls??? Dark-skinned or tanned girls not pretty meh??? Okay, I'm fair myself so I've nothing much to say here.
  8. Nice body and face would be an avantage
    All guys like girls with nice body and face. But when it comes to the real deal, they won't look at your physical appearance that much. They look at the whole package. Still, those would be an advantage if you have them. I won't say that I am good-looking but I'm pretty okay-looking compared to a lot of girls and with my personal touch of charm, I could be attractive in my own way. I don't have the satay-stick figure like those anaeroxics you see almost everywhere but I'm curvy, I don't like to be too skinny. A mannequin is too skinny for menstruation, you know? Take it or leave it.
  9. Open-minded
    Woohoo!!! I'm all open to anything under the sun and above the sun. Just don't ask me to strip naked in public. I can take crude remarks, I can take religious jokes, I can take criticisms be it constructive or destructive, etc. But I take no-nonsense!
  10. Not possessive
    I think this requirement always comes together with open-minded. I won't be possessive even if you are possessive but I won't tolerate if you get too possessive and tried to control my life. Enough said!
  11. Knows her limits and not surpasing them
    What limits??? This one I still blur blur. Can someone please spell it out for me???
  12. Discuss things with me
    If not discussing things, what are you two gonna do then? I stare at you and you stare at me ar??? DUH!!!
  13. Knows how to cook
    HAH!!! This one I am proud to say that I CAN COOK. Seriously, not just Maggi Mee. Inherited the cooking talent don't know from who but I can cook something nice and simple out of scratch I found in the refrigerator. Surprised?
  14. Respect my parents
    Now this is something I heard for the first time. Yes, of course you should respect his parents even though his mother can be a bitch and his father, well I don't know. Just in case they are going to be your parents-in-law, why not start to act from the day you meet them? Even if his mom is a perfect biatch you've got no choice. My parents always say respect the elders no matter who they are. I'm brought up in this manner so this is not a problem for me lor.
  15. Help out in household chores automatically when needed
    Well, this is something that I wouldn't do autmatically. I am not your maid wei! If you expect me to do household chores, we either do it together or split the chores. And no, I won't do it automatically.

Guys, anything to add??? Girls, what do you think???



Blogger Benjamin said...

16. a girl whose PMS comes only once a year or better yet, NEVER.

6:55 PM  
Blogger CY said...

17. Can carry the conversation and argue intelligently.

Conversation is a major mode of romance for Gemini ;) not kidding!

12:52 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

benjamin - go find an old lady or any lady who has long past the menopause lah...LOL!!! No more PMS. Heheheh!!!

cy - true. very true

2:05 PM  

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