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Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Secret Admirer Reveal

I guess you might be wondering who is that secret admirer who sent me 6 roses on Valentine's Day, right?
No? Never mind.
I won't bitch about it for now, not for a week...maybe for a MONTH! HAHAHA!!!
Anyway, I'm going to reveal the sender on Chinese Valentine's Day i.e. Chap Goh Mei...sui bo???
Now, here are some not-so-obvious hints for guessing:
1. He is a guy. (DUH!)
2. He is a blogger.
3. He is one of the regular readers of my blog.
4. He is an expert in IT thingy.
5. He is from Kuching.
Enough! You can start guessing now...Winner gets to win a prize!!!
No rules and regulations, you can guess as many people as possible but if too many people guess it right, the prize goes to the first person who guess the correct one.
*Prize is sponsored by Kampua Talk*



Blogger Kok said...

my guess would be Alvin Chong. Since he's an I.T. engineer! Am I right?

*Waiting for my prize* Hiaks hiaks!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous clement said...

clare, how's the exhilarating feeling the moment u receive flowers? :p

12:40 AM  
Blogger fookiat said...

kenny sia? haha

11:17 PM  

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