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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bloggers Together Gather Paty, Here I Come!!!

The places are FULL, the sponsors are many, the books have been printed, now left only the countdown...For those who cannot secure yourself a place, don't worry. With the success of this party, there will be a lot more bloggers' parties to come in the future. I will be going all the way from UUM, Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman (where the hell is that?)! So, those going to the party...be nice ya!!! Hahaha!!
Okay, enough crapping...here's briefly the programme for the eventful night:
9th March 2007
6.10pm Registration
7.20pm Introduction
7.45pm Speech by Guest of Honour
8.15pm Buffet Dinner followed by Games, Entertainment and Lucky Draw
11.00pm Good night!
I was informed that the door gifts are based on first-come-first-served basis, so dear BLOGGERS sekalian, be there early ya!
There are a lot of questions asked about the party and here are some I copy from Wingz blog:
Q : What Door gift?
A : Kenot tell you yet! But the door gifts alone is definitely worth more than RM35 already!
Q : Where to Park your car?
A : Low Yat Plaza @ RM4 flat rate (pls remember to get your ticket chopped at the reception counter)
Q : What time start ?
A : Registration Start at 6:10pm
Q : What should I wear?
A : Smart Casual - jeans n colar t shirt should be fine ... no singlet cap pagoda n shorts n slippers pls!
Q : Why You want me to come early early?
A : Because .... its free seating! You come erly erly to chop place la! then ... we have limited numbers of door gifts ... if you late and we ran out of door gifts then sorry la!
For more information, please click over to Wingz's Rojaks to enlighten yourself.
In the mean time, I'll be off the blogsphere these few days as I am going to KL later (ETA tomorrow morning) So see you guys at the party!!!
Have a nice weekend!

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Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Hihi... thank you for coming and nice meeting you :) Sorry if any inconvenience upon the party.

1:35 AM  

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