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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007 to all my friends, my fellow bloggers and my family!!!
The time was 6.30pm last evening and everybody seemed to be heading to town along for the countdown last night. The whole stretch of Brooke Drive was almost jam.

My best friend and all-time classmate Cheryl Lim. Have known her for almost 15 years.

Celebrated countdown to 2007 at Sibu Townsquare Phase II with a few friends. We did not join the crowd at the Sibu Gateway for the concert or show (or something like that) while waiting for the countdown. We observed from far away, which was a good choice as the view of fireworks which painted the night sky was picturesque.

My classmate in Form Six, James the Food King! Heheh! Peace!

Another classmate in Form Six, Rodney the Leng Zhai of the gang. How sweet the dimples he got there!

Had dinner at the cafe at Esplanade, operated by some distant relative (as I was told) with 25 other family members in the evening. An uncle practically booked the whole upstairs dining hall for us. Went home at 9.30pm which was pretty weird because more and more people were just heading to town.

James called saying he was waiting for Rodney to fetch him. They got lost finding my house after that. Met up with Ah Soon and Tony (one of their friends back in school) at the Townsquare. These bunch of guys made the most noises at the stroke of midnight. And there by the river of Rejang we welcome 2007 to the cool breeze brushing against our cheeks accompanied by the honking sound of the ship (which was a tradition to welcome every new year in Sibu) and fireworks display across the night sky.

For those who were not here, wherever you are, Happy New Year!

Wish you all the best in everything you do this year! God bless you all!

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Anonymous samlim said...

wow... tq for drop comment at my blog..
haha... ya i jz started 1.. if u not mind can teach me more about it?? i dono how to let more user know my blog or wat.. nit comments for encourage me to continus. haha...

anyway.. happy new year fren of sibu =D

1:35 PM  

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