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Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Leg Step Many Boats

A guy, Z, has a girlfriend, A of five years back home. They entered a local university together but lived in different residential colleges. Z knew another girl, B from a part-time job he took over the holidays and they are very close. They are not in a relationship or anything but more to 'ai mei' like that. A does not know the existence of B and vice versa. Z knew another girl, C from university and they were sports buddy. C knew the existence of both A and B as Z treats C as a best friend.
Z told C that he likes B but because of the responsibility towards A, he couldn't simply dump her. Both A and B are from the same town. A's parents are damn strict when it comes to dating because they expect A to excel in studies and date later. Therefore, A and Z have been together in secret for such a long time. Well, A's family is filthy rich (just an added info). Z will definitely choose B if A's parents do not approve them together. Z said not that he is taking B as a spare but just a matter of 'parental consent'. He prefer B to A.
*roll eyes*
So far C has just been an observer and ears for Z. After discovering Z's real attitude, C has been keeping a distance from Z ever since. C does not think that telling everything to both A and B would be a good idea.
The question is:
1. What the hell is Z doing, fooling around with these 2 girls?
2. Does Z really love A? Or her money?
3. Who is the stupid one in this case? A or B? Or Z?
4. Is C doing the right thing?
5. Should A know the truth?
No need to be polite or consideration to anything wan, you can just hentam anyhow here!
Thank you!
**The above illustration is only a fiction. Tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati atau yang mahu mati. Any similarity to the above illustration is pure coincident.



Anonymous Bengbeng said...

wow..yr imagination is very rich..at first i thought it was a true story

9:02 PM  
Blogger clement said...

the secret to a successful relationship, is shut it when it comes to another gal, unless you love trouble. if she found out... lie!

10:00 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Clement - she's gonna find out sooner or later because, well, there's retribution of the offending party. And girls can always tell when guys lie, you know. Usually they just close one eye. LOL

bengbeng - Well, it was sort of. Just that I modified it a bit.

10:59 PM  
Blogger fookiat said...

well.. good friends stick to the end no matter the circumstances.. no mattter the relationship between the guy and the gals, objective observation is direly needed and the guy need it fast..

12:09 PM  

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