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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dear Juniors


For Christ's sake, please do not scream your heads off in the middle of the night over the corridors! Your seniors need some peaceful rests. Please be considerate! This is not your house. You might be quite free as there are not so much pressure yet but the seniors do! Screaming your heads off at each other is not considered a conversation, especially in the shower. Do you need to be so loud when you are taking bath next door to each other? Your noises could be heard over the border!

Besides, when a cockroach crossed your path, you won't have bad luck. Don't worry. And don't scream your lungs out too! The cockroach won't die from your scream but other people most probably will. You may squish it, stomp on it, pick it up, eat it, or whatever, I don't give a damn. Just don't scream at the sight of Mr Cockroach! It won't swallow you! You'll just wake the dead!

Do not be so inconsiderate when you hang your clothes to dry. The whole stretch of wire to hang our wet clothes is supposed to be mine as it is located outside my room. But you hang your clothes all over the place and hence there are no place for me to hang my own clothes. Besides, do you mind not to push aside my almost dried clothes to one side? It will be so hard to get the 'wrinkles' off the clothes. What if I do the same to your clothes? Again, this is not your house! You are lucky I did not throw your clothes down to the ground floor.

This is especially to the Malays, do not leave your used sanitary pad in the bathroom. It is so disgusting!!! Didn't your mother teach you? It was like shitting anywhere you like and leave the shit at that spot. Do you expect other people to pick your thing and throw it for you??? Is this what 20-year-olds supposed to do? Come on! Who are you reserving your sanitary pad for?
Peace on all mankind. Time to grow up, y'all!
Yours truly



Anonymous Bengbeng said...

Glad to see that you are enjoying communal living :)

1:09 AM  

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