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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 New Year Resolutions

Well, I finally decided to come up with my own New Year resolutions since I have not seriously done one before. Here are some of my New Year resolutions for 2006 and see how well I did.

Resolution Number 1:
Keep in touch with my hometown friends more often.

Met up with Yong Ang at Kuala Perlis for my 21st Birthday

Christmas party at Adem Cafe in Sibu before Anne left for Kota Kinabalu the day after that

Over the year, I tried to keep in touch with ex-classmates and friends from Sibu when I was in Kedah. Belinda has been my regular updates, she still is and she will be. Visit Munira the Sesat Gal during Hari Raya Puasa. Met up with Michelle and Cheryl during Christmas. Su Yiu has been in Sibu for the whole year so whenever I was back, I'll dig her out. Spent the new year countdown with Chung Yien and Rodney.

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 2:
Visit a place outside Malaysia

Crossed over to Thailand sometime at the beginning of August. Visited Hatyai and Songkhla. Watched 'Tiger Show' which I vowed not to watch again if I ever visit Thailand next time. Went to a disco and danced non-stop for 3 hours.

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 3:
Visit Langkawi

Had fun in Langkawi for the first time some time in July. It was also the first time I drank vodka containing 40% of alcohol with 5 other friends. It was also the first time I drink till I drop! LOL!

My second visit to Langkawi was on the 4th Dec 2006. Visited more places and had eating fest all the time I was there. Drank beer and vodka at midnight at the beach (Pantai Cenang)

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 4:
Know more coursemates and make more friends. At least 2 from each state in Malaysia

Sarawak: Ah Fat from Kuching (coursemate), Raymond from Kuching (college-mate), Conie from Miri (same hostel)
Sabah: Kak Ida and Kak Nani (seniors from my hostel)
Johor: Kai Yuan from Simpang Renggam(coursemate's roommate), Kah Thing from Segamat(college-mate), Foo Onn from Simpang Renggam (Kai Yuan's friend)
Negeri Sembilan: Lan Siang (next-door junior same hostel)
Melaka: Ah Yek (college-mate), Ah Lian (senior, collegemate)
Selangor: Calvin from KL (badminton club), Brandon Chan from KL (a lecturer), Kiki from KL(coursemate) etc
Pahang: Lee Tyng from Mentakab (course junior), Poh Qun (college-mate), Li Chen (next door junior same hostel)
Perak: KC from Ipoh (met while playing badminton), Foo Kiat from Ipoh (coursemate), Wong Sifu from Ipoh (coursemate), Ubai from Grik (college-mate), Vivien from Ipoh (junior), Soo Mann from Taiping (ex-roommate)
Penang: Kum Chye from Butterworth (coursemate), Lee Kah Shing from Penang Island (friend), Ah Bee from Penang Island (roommate)
Kedah: Pei San from Langkawi (college-mate), Ah Keat from Alor Star (coursemate), Jasmine from Sungai Petani (senior), Ah Soon from Sungai Petani (collegemate, senior), Alex from Alor Star (Ah Keat's friend)
Perlis: Mei Shiang from Perlis (basketball team captain)
Kelantan: Lyn from Kota Bharu (same hostel), Ah Long from KB (coursemate), Ah Khai from KB (coursemate), Ah Hwa from KB (friend), Jian Rong from KB (senior)
Terengganu: KC (coursemate)

Verdict: PASS

Resolution Number 5:
Maintain my weight at 50kg

My weight at the beginning of the year was 47kg. At the end of the year turned 54kg!

Verdict: FAIL

Resolution Number 6:
Get at least 3 pointer for exam

Even though I maintained my grade so that it don't drop, it is still far away from 3 pointer. I just suck in memorizing!

Verdict: FAIL

Resolution Number 7:
Exercise regularly

I played badminton 3 times a week during the first half of the year. During the second half of the year, I went swimming twice a week and played badminton three times a week.

Verdict: PASS

I exercise a lot but still could not maintain my weight due to huge appetite after exercising.

This year, I hope to achieve all my resolutions.

Resolution Number 1: Lose at least 5kg

Yes, the 5kg around the waist. And some other unnecessary places.

Resolution Number 2: Exercise on regular basis

At least 2 different types of sport every week.

Resolution Number 3: Avoid supper

To make the spare tyre disappear. Difficult task. Usually I get hungry around midnight and will automatically ordered a beef burger from the stall next to my hostel.

Resolution Number 4: Spend less, travel less and play less

To avoid early bankruptcy. Difficult task too. Just love to travel!

Resolution Number 5: Get better result. Learn how to improve brain capacity so that can memorize more

Study more, avoid skipping class, avoid last minute assignment completion. LOL

Resolution Number 6: Earn 3-figure income for a beginner

From my part time job, of course.

Resolution Number 7: Make even more friends

Resolution Number 8: Go for a vacation with Belinda during semester break to Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian and Lang Tengah

Hopefully she does not cancel it at the last minute *Fingers crossed*

Gambateh neh!



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eh.. u cetak rompak from kennysia

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Got meh? Different resolutions lar...

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