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Kampua Talk

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MARIM Student Chapter AGM

Friday the 13th, 8pm. Location: Dewan Serbaguna, Kolej Kediaman Telekom.

Malaysian Association of Risk and Insurance Management (MARIM) Student Chapter Annual General Meeting
With a fellow coursemate, Foo Kiat, we took up the posts as the emcees for the event. No, we are both inexperienced in emcee-ing but we did a pretty good job that night.

As a matter of fact, yours truly have always had stage fright and are scared shitless to speak to a group of eight people, never mind a hall full of audience! I'd shake nervously and my knees would go weak, the symptoms that would affect my speech very much. However, yours truly decided to overcome her fear of public speaking last year by joining the English Speaking Union-Public Speaking Competition 2006. The experience was priceless. But the fear is still there. Then last month, yours truly decided to take a step further to encounter her fear of public speaking head-on. Upon being requested to join the Women's IV Debate Tournament 2007 at such short notice, I volunteered without hesitation (only to regret it after that) even though I had no experience whatsoever in debating. I did my best and the experience was indeed undescribable even though the nervousness is still there to haunt me all the time.
However, taking up the post of emcee wasn't as challenging as public speaking competition and a debate tournament. But being an emcee was fun when the whole event depended very much on you - yes, you got to get the audience's attention, take control of the event, speak clearly (audibly) and be charismatic without potraying the impression of trying too hard. Well, being elegant and self-confidence is another thing for emcees. With all the requirements in the package, you are the boss of the event!

Yes, I still get to camwhore with my fellow coursemates and my lecturer, Mr. Shahrul Nizam Ahmad - the bespectacles guy with moustache wearing a long-sleeves shirt standing in the middle, who taught us Property and Liability Insurance I and II. This year he's the Head of Risk and Insurance Managment Department of our faculty. Highly recommended lecturer for taking up his classes. No regrets.The lady wearing floral shirt in the middle is one of my favourite lecturer, Dr. Lim Chee Chee who taught us Life and Health Insurance last semester, Risk Management for this semester. Another highly recommended lecturer because she gives away marks pretty easily and attending her class is fun because she allows us to talk and receive calls, etc. LOL~!!! Oh, and you are allowed to fish (sleep) in the class as well!

Some of my coursemates
(I don't even know the names of some of them)

Photo-taking session with the emcees
L-R (seated): Ah Long, Khai and Keat
L-R (standing): Yours Truly, Foo Kiat and Pao Li

While Foo Kiat chats with Mr Shahrul, yours truly took the opportunity to be in the spotlight! She's just like a penguin, ain't she? I mean the girl on the lower left corner of the pics.

In a nutshell, it was an eventful night. Being an emcee was not at all hard and need no effort at all. Being impromtu is the easiest because if there's a prepared text, it cramps my style! Hahaha!!! At the end of the night, Dr Lim told me that I did a pretty good job *smile* I'd love to become the emcee again in the future events.

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