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Monday, April 02, 2007

Move over, Kenny Sia! Guess who's in town?!

Kenny blogged and bragged about how cool he's to own a Nikon D40 dSLR which is claimed to be meant for people 'who are serious about their photography' (yeah, right!) and dreamt about being digged by chicks only by holding a dSLR.

Let me enlighten those of you who has been misled by this fella. D40 is a good camera, no doubt. It is as cheap as its small size and it uses a small selection of lenses. I cannot imagine why on earth anyone will buy any dSLR that couldn't use most of the lens lineup. How cool can that be? (Sarcasms intended) It has no LCD up top which means no display whatsoever of the aperture settings and et cetera.

Forget Kenny, forget his dSLR. Kenny can go play far far already this time because he did not do his homework well.

Someone has just bought himself a COOL brand new CANON EOS E400D:

10 megapixels instead of 6 (D40)

It has the Integrated Cleaning System which features anti-static coatings, anti-dust materials, and ultra-sonic vibration that are going to keep the gunge out of your shots and give you pure satisfaction with amazing pictures.

Someone can actually wet his pants only by holding this dSLR, never mind taking pictures with it. It boasts of lightning-speed auto-focus system that produces great results. The ISO range runs a useful distance of 100-1600, with a 30secs - 1/4000 shutter speed range.

See how happy the owner of the brand new dSLR?

I bet he's gonna sleep with a smile on his face hugging the dSLR to sleep
(What's with guys and gadgets?)And he won't blardy let anyone (I mean, ANYONE) touching his precious dSLR!

But when he's not looking.........

(Hey, girls can look pretty nice with a dSLR too, no?)

.......camwhore quick quick and cabut fast fast!!!



Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Errmmm... sorry, I still a Nikon kaki for more than 10 years. I prefer D80.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Kok said...

Wahlao! I want that CANON EOS E400D! But don't know can afford or not. How much ah?

1:04 AM  

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