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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Double Cow

Have you bumped into someone whose birthday happened to be the same as your own? The world seems to be so small when you actually bumped into someone, regardless male or female, who has the same birthday as you.
I remember when I was in Form Five (SMK St. Elizabeth) there were three classmates (Anne, Gladys and Wei Ting)having the same birthday -14 Aug. Freaky huh? Well, come to think of it, we actually saved a lot for having to celebrate their birthday together instead of three separate celebration.
Anyway, on the 27 August 1985, two babies - a girl and a boy, who never have known that they would eventually meet up some 21 years later, were born to different families in different places at slightly different time.
The girl was born to the Ng family and given the name Clare while the boy to the Tan (or Tang) family and being called Kenny. They are only a few hours apart. The girl was born and raised in Sibu, Sarawak while the boy in Penang. People say that you will have similar trait of characteristics and personality if you happen to be born on the same day. True? Maybe. Maybe not.
Both Kenny and Clare met in UUM, where they pursue their tertiary education, a day after their 21st birthday last year. Kenny is taking up International Business Management while Clare is taking Risk Management and Insurance. Well, we seem to have some similar trait of personality and characteristics.
First of all, we have the same height. And we dressed up accordingly, meaning dress for occasions. We'd rather skip our classes to get our other things done first even if it meant that we'd lose marks for our quiz which so happened to be falling on that particular day. We make great teammates as we like to get things done fast and efficiently. We seem to know what each other is thinking at times. And we ordered the same food and drinks during our meals.
I only knew that I love to camwhore. But after meeting Kenny, I realized that he loves to camwhore too. Yes, guys love to camwhore as well! Kenny even went to the extent of borrowing my digital camera on a few occasions to take pictures, mostly on himself. Hahaha! No offence, Kenny, if you are reading this! Oh, and look at the way he posed for photographs! I'm fainting. Haha!
Anyway, it is fun to meet someone who is kind of similar to you in a way or another and I am glad that I met Kenny. We've been good friends ever since the Spring Fest Exhibition. I don't see him much these days. Ah, well, mainly because I hide in my room to watch sitcoms most of the time apart from attending classes. LOL!
He told me the other day that we'll be celebrating our 22nd birthday together this year! Looking forward to it.

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