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Monday, April 16, 2007

No water...AGAIN???!!!

During the Insurance Company Operation lecture just now, a coursemate received an SMS from his residential college's principal saying that their college has no more water.
I mean, we are still recovering from the trauma of braving a week without a drop of water and now they are saying that we will be having another water crisis???
Luckily the lecturer let us go after 15 minutes (YAY!). When we were on our way back to our repective hostel, the bus over-take a lorry carrying water. So it was true, huh? SHIITTEE!!! I still got a pail of dirty clothes soaking in my room since this morning! I rushed back to my hostel and guess what I saw upon arriving outside my block?

Three huge empty buckets sitting there under the blardy hot sun waiting and smirking as if saying, "Nyek! Nyek! You girls gotta use us soon! Better treat us nicely when you girls push each other to get water from us. Otherwise, if we self-combusted, life will be hell for you all. Hiak hiak hiak~!!!"

Ignoring the sinister laughter that followed, I practically ran back to my room, tossed my bag across the room, ripped off my clothes and changed them into normal clothes before grabbing the pail of soaked clothes to the washing area and rinsed everything clean.

As I was washing, I heard the toilet being flushed a number of times. Well, I guessed people just have to clean their colon before the water crisis struck.

To cut the long story short, right after I washed my clothes and hanged them to dry, empty my colon and rinsed off the last drop of soap off my body, the shower automatically went off. Thank heaven and earth!!! Then I heard commotions from outside. People are talking. Some girl went into the shower next to mine and screamed, "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! NO MORE WATER!!!" LOL!!!

Ouch! That hurt my eardrums wei! Nevermind, I had everything done already~! Cheers~!!!

Then baru I sat down to have my lunch while watching some Hong Kong drama. PHIEW!!! Can die lar from all the rush! Man, I really want to get outta here but a stupid assignment is holding me back!

*double sigh~!*

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Blogger fookiat said...

I don't really know about you but we've been taking it easy here in Kachi.. haha

10:59 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Good thing I took my bath and empty my colon right before they cut the water supply so I am fine with it.

A lot o people is going home lor...

12:44 PM  

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