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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WTF!!! Moment

During the water crisis last week in UUM, we were given emergency leave for 2 days starting Monday, which meant that classes resumed on Wednesday. However, it is weekend for me from Thursday till Saturday. What the hell could I do on Monday and Tuesday without a single drop of water? And I could actually skip classes on Wednesday and get out of here as soon as possible, as far as possible on Monday but there was a blardy Insurance Company Operation mid-semester examination which so happened must fall on Wednesday. To add salt to the wound, it was to be held at 12.30 noon.

So, I thought, maybe I could get my lecturer to postpone the exam to next week. Together with two other guys (my coursemates - Kiki and Kum Chye), we went to the lecturer's room to attempt talking her to postpone the exam.
Kiki: Puan, boleh postpone exam tak?
Lect: Tak boleh, tak boleh!
Clare: Kenapa tak boleh?
Lect: The holiday is until Tuesday and your exam is on a Wednesday. I guess Wednesday is not a Tuesday, right?
Clare: [rolled eyes, thinking] DUH! I know that, IDIOT!
Kiki: Postpone the exam lah. There is no water and we want to go back.
Lect: You can go back now and come and sit for the exam on Wednesday.
Kiki: [pointing at Kum Chye] He's from Johore.
Lect: I will go back also after this...
Clare: [Tulan already, interrupted] And you'd think that I'll fly back to Sarawak for only 2 days just to take bath???
Lect: [Quick quick change topic] Now, now...you are Risk Management student, you should know what to do in situation like this. What if you company is facing a sudden crisis, and you'll just run back home?
Me: [thinking] WTF?!! Now we are having water crisis and we are blardy frustrated already and you are concerned about the company that we haven't even worked in! And you are running back too, aren't you...yeah, yeah your home is just a short driving distance from UUM and you blardy selfishly can go home anytime you want!
Me: I am aware of that, but obviously with the water crisis, we are already too frustrated and how on earth can we study under this kind of situation?
Lect: We cannot do anything because we have booked the place and it is hard to get another place if we postpone the exam, this is all about negotiating, you know? And the exam is only 25%, you can skip it altogether!
Me: [thinking] HAH! Trying to psycho us ar? ONLY 25%?! Okay, we get it. You are just too blardy lazy to look for another place and obviously you suck in negotiating, that's why you do not want to go through all that hustle.
Me: Can't you just postpone it and we can do it during class???
Lect: No, we can't do that. It's all about negotiating. And we are looking for a suitable and condusive place for you guys to sit for the exam. You can easily copy each other's answer if we do it in class.
Me: [thinking] We get the picture, alright! You are just too lazy to look for a place and you suck at negotiating! PERIOD! Condusive my ass! As if you know what's best for us! Postpone the exam and we will be happy, you will also be happy, get it?
Me: Other lecturers can do it in the class and have no problems or complains about it. Why can't we do the same? Postpone the exam so that we can get out of here and have clean water.
Lect: No, no! The exam will still be on whether you stink or not. I have a baby at home and my baby needs to drink as well. That's why I am going home later.
Me: [thinking] Ya, ya...now, drag your whole family into the picture then. You are implying that your baby needs to drink milk, but we need not? Your baby needs to bath and we need not? You and your baby can go home and take your sweet time, drinking milk till his/her stomach exploded and take bath till you dissolve in the water for all I care! Obviously you are not putting your brain into gear before putting your mouth in motion, as usual. We drink more milk than your baby okay, and our body surface area is larger than your stupid baby, we need more water than that creature, why don't you just bring a whole tank of water for us when you can easily compare us with your baby?
Me: ............
Lect: Now, I have something to attend to but the exam will still be on.
Kiki: So it is still the same time and place?
Lect: Yes (closed her door)
And the three of us left the place, cursing and swearing like nobody's business!
*I cannot really said all of those words I was thinking fearing the idiotic lecturer beh song me and failed my paper then I'll be a dead meat.


I (and a lot of us) cannot get out of this stinking place because of that blardy exam and that lecturer just did not want to postpone it under whatever circumstances. I was thinking of hiring a bombing squad from Thailand to blast this university so that I won't suffer dehydration and serious case of self-induced constipation (the toilet stinks to the maximum, you'd rather hold your shit inside) anymore.
The very next day, the electricity was suddenly cut off in the middle of hot and sunny afternoon when I was napping. That was when I received an SMS from a coursemate saying that the emergency had been extended to Wednesday!


And I wasted one day here and suffer for nothing???


This was my WTF moment:

WTF - Will Talk for Food

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