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Monday, April 16, 2007

Risk Management NOT! - Part 1

This water crisis thingy is creeping into my bone marrow now and I cannot wait to get the hell out of this crappy place as soon as possible! How on earth this water crisis can happen so many times in less than a month??? And why the hell this place does not have a back up system to deal with emergencies such as water crisis?
The risk management in this place is almost NIL! As a student of Risk Management, I could literally see it pretty clearly the way these people handled emergencies and crisis most of the times. Well, sad to say that, THEY DO NOTHING AT ALL!!!
Again, why the hell this place does not have a back up system??? This is a university lah wei! And you know blardy well that there are a hell lot of population here and there are no back up system??? Even if there are technical problems occuring at the water plant 30 km from here, we'll be seriously affected. Don't they know that they should evaluate on this matter way before they develop this freaky place? And do you know what they actually did? They spent god-knows-how-much money hiring bomoh lah, sin seh lah, people dealing with black magic lah and the likes to 'cleanse' this place before they open up this place for development. What the hell?!!!
Ya, ya! I know, I know...some of you will start protesting saying that we should ask 'permission' before developing a certain place and have this few thousand kinds of rituals to 'steer clear' of the place, etc. They did that! Malay-style, Indian-style, Chinese-style, hampalang-style but they did not do one most powerful and important style lor! No, I won't say it here, later can cause havoc wan. *seals lips* That's why hor, a few people still can 'see' those 'things' and some people actually 'kena' those 'things', if you get what I mean.
Okay, back to risk management, this place is over-exposed to all types of risks you can think of. First and foremost, the building structure of this place. I remember watching news on TV3 that cracks are appearing on old hostel buildings here. Obviously, for some reason, the contractors did not do their job well and thus the crappy building design and materials. And some idiots actually said that the building is cracked by 'those things'. *slaps forehead* Please lah! This is the 21st century wei! Go back to Paleolitics if you so want to worship buildings! The older hostel here would face the risk of building collapsing. LOL!!!
Then, there was this semester when a stretch of road leading to my faculty collapsed and we couldn't use the route to attend lecture. Obviously enough, the built and the structure of the so-called stretch of road is problematic and was not designed properly. And there were some idiots who started the rumours that the road/bridge collapsed because they did not do certain rituals or hanging people's head under the bridge, all those craps. *faints* What the hell was all that?? The bridge wasn't built according to the correct scale or, again, they were using crappy materials. That's why it collapsed. What does it have to do with.....??? *slaps forehead*
Students and lecturers alike are very much exposed to risks of being hit by falling debris from the ceiling in the lecture hall. Well, I don't know why every lecture hall must have a piece of the ceiling board removed halfway which posed the risk of them falling onto people beneath. Okay, no more ghost story this time.
Besides, the building isn't equipped with fire safety equipment like the fire estingusher. Even if you happen to spot one, you can be sure that it is old and rusty. LOL! I doubt if a fire really occur, we'd have a hard time trying to pull the pin out of the estingusher! And by the time we succeed in doing that, the building would be burnt to the ground already. Yes, there are smoke detector around the place but I doubt if they are functioning because lecturers who smoked often in the toilet do not seem to set the alarm off! (And the big billboard at the entrance of the uni says 'Kawasan kampus adalah zon dilarang merokok' *rolls eyes* - speaking of setting good examples)
-to be continued-

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Blogger zewt said...

the first para was written with good english then suddenly... all the manglish starts kicking in from second para onwards.... ahhh... back to the malaysian blogger mood :)

i really hate risk management having doing it for the last 3 months. i cant believe someone actually studying it full time.

which uni is this?

(quite obvious i didnt read the previous post)

9:47 PM  
Blogger fookiat said...

if you do this for your RM assignment, I think Dr Lim could love you to death..

zewt: what is there to hate about this course? it's all good and practical..

10:58 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

Zewt - Haha! Don't hate it coz you have to face it all the time. Yupe, I am studying it full time in UUM.

fookiat - Obviously I didn't think of this topic lor. Ah Fat them decide wan, so what the hell...Maybe will do it for my thesis, no?? LOL!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous MonkeyWong said...

walau, pitty u, this uni 'sibelauya', the maintenance team do what?

2:14 PM  

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