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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Presentation before getting the hell out of here

19th April 2007 - The Presentation
There was a presentation this day for Employee Benefit Management and my group was to present on Social Insurance: Malaysia vs Cyprus. I only received the slides the other group members had done the day before and I was horrified to see the rubbish and junk they had created out of it. I told them I'd like to re-do the whole thing A.S.A.P. and email it to them right after I finished. I headed to the computer lab right away and started working on the slides. It took me 2 hours to get it done. Well, some people just love to shove everything into the slides so that they could just read the text off the slides with all the pronounciation mistakes monotonously till I puke!
We volunteered to present second to see how the first group done their presentation. I think Ahmad just wanted to boost some ego and gain confidence before our turn. I admitted that our group did a pretty great job in our presentation (not trying to be lansi) because we managed to put up some a-few-seconds funny movie clips before we started. We cracked the class. That gained some credits I think. The 3 guys who presented before me weren't too bad but they say the last is always left for the best *damn kembang* When it came to my turn, I just rattled on with ease trying not to sound too English (as if) Haha! So I added some -lah initially but the -lah just didn't seem to blend, so I did not attempt to add them in anymore.
After finished bla bla bla-ing, came the Q&A session which I quite feared because I did not do my homework on the topic and my knowledge was limited to the part that I presented. I was hoping for my group members to take over the session but Mdm Arpah inisted that we answered in English when Ahmad wanted to answer in BM. He was struggling to answer the questions in English and that was when the hero, in this case, heroine, ME came to the rescue! LOL!!!
I knew nuts about what was going on or the questions asked but I didn't let that show on my face. Setting the debator mode in me, I managed to answer most of the questions, which were not in the scope of the slides (mostly asked by Ah Fat), without blinking. Luckily I knew enough crap to get me through that! Hahahaha!!! Well, I got a few thumbs up for my so-called 'brilliant' answers! *double kembang*
After we were done, we went back to our seat and were greeted by a round of applause. I was told that Mdm Arpah announced that she'd given us the highest mark of 19/20 for our presentation. HOORAYYY!!! *triple kembang* I was pretty pleased with that because I really did not expect to get such high marks for presentation, especially group presentation.

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