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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Talk by US Ambassador in UUM

The United States and Malaysia in 2007:
Focusing on Political, Economic and Commercial Relations
by His Excellency Mr. Christopher J.LaFleur
United States Ambassador to Malaysia

Out of boredom galore (AGAIN!!!) I attended this talk given by a chao ang moh. So, he's from the states. BIG DEAL!!! I predicted that the Convention Hall would be half-filled since students from UUM always stay away from 'Talk Show' wan.

Well, because of typical Malaysian thought, I went a few minutes late because, again, I predicted Malaysians never start a function on time especially if there are VIP or VVIP as guest(s). When I entered the hall, this is what lied before me:

A hall FULL of students, lecturers, the press, etc!

The hall was so freezingly cold that I was practically shivering. Students were listening attentively to the ang moh talking

Two girls, obviously a Chinese (on the left) and a Malay (on the right) were caught dozzing off when the ang moh spoke. Probably couldn't understand what on earth he was talking about

This pic is blur (because I was shivering, not steady while holding the camera) Well, the guy sitting on the left is our university's Vice Chancellor and the guy next to him is another ang moh (the ambassador's kaki, i think)

Okay, enough of the hall. Now, the talk actually was about the GOOD relations between United States and Malaysia in many aspects like politics, economic, social, so-on-and-so-forth-I-don't-know-because-I-did-not-really-pay-any-attention-to-what-the-fuck-he-was-saying.

"Malaysia and US share interests in anti-terrorist bla bla bla..." was all I heard and also "95% of Dell laptops sold in the US of A is made of Malaysia" Sure bo? And he went on dilly dally yadda yadda about how good the relationship between Malaysia and US have. I went "WTF?!!" silently all the time and tried to keep myself from laughing out loud.

Then during the Q & A session, a lot of fucking assholes asked about the war on Iraq thingy. Most of the questions are stupid and they all basically were of the same zone! Boring! Then suddenly a lecturer (probably a Professor) went up the podium (to use the microphone only, not to punch the ang moh) and shoot the ang moh kao kao till his face also turned blue! LOL*

"I have TWO questions here. First, you America is a powerful country. And no doubt you're an influential country as well. But you broke the International Law by launching the war on Iraq!!! Being a role model to the world, you shouldn't break the international law but you did. Hopefully you have a good explanation for that."

The hall went noisy. Everybody was talking.

The professor continued, "Excuse me for my harshness but I think everyone present here would like to know the truth. And second, I don't think that your invasion in Iraq was to search for the weapon of mass destruction. You are actually setting up a base to prepare for the World War 3, aren't you?!!! I did not say that, a lot of Americans said that."

The ang moh diam diam for a while. Then he went "Now...now...bla bla bla" with all those tongue-twisting facts and the American accent. I did not pay attention to what he was saying though.

Well, this is the first time (and maybe the only time) that I attended a fully-English talk. Things are never English in UUM. Now you know why local university graduates scored only Band 1 and Band 2 in MUET is something to be PROUD of!!!

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Blogger freethinker said...

Well, on the contrary, when I had a Malaysian ambassador came in for my UNI in London, it was well "Malaysia Timing" . However, I do like to stress the bluntness of the so called Professor was absolutely unwise. Being a higher educated person who has a guest of such post as the speaker, expressing a populist opinion is the least I expected.

8:33 AM  
Blogger clement said...

why the fuck does anyone give a damn about Iraq? maybe someone should ask him, what does Amedikan think about pak lah becoming the boss of this god forsaken land?

6:08 PM  

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