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Saturday, May 05, 2007

F-A-T, B-O-R-E-D, G-E-T-M-E-O-U-T-T-A-H-E-R-E

Being fed with 2 meals of Kolo Mee a day for a week and tell me whether you get F-A-T around the tummy area (or arms, or butt for that matter) or not?
Thanks to Alvin for feeding me non-stop with lard-laden food all the time! Also to Uncle and Auntie Chong who insisted me to "Chiak chiak chiak" and "make yourself at home" during meals! *bawls* How the hell can I resist food???
When I am in UUM, I EAT TO LIVE but once I get the hell outta here, I LIVE TO EAT!!!
The modes are interchangable. Everything seems inedible without lard or pork here and therefore the eating just to survive. You must be thinking 'that bad huh?' Yes, it is. Being stuck here with those kind of food for two years - same taste, same name, same price, same food - you say sien or not lah!?!
Hopefully I can lose the unwanted flabby tummy before I left. In the mean time, still waiting to sit for the remaining blardy 4 papers. They so happened to be of insurance paper: Insurance Company Operation, Risk Management, Property and Liability Insurance, Employee Benefit Management. Can die lah!
Since I do not have exam everyday, life has been bored. Life has been routine here especially during exams because we do not attend lectures already. Waking up at noon is nothing to be bragged about. Having lunch at 3pm is so common. Going back to sleep after that would be a routine. Waking up just in time for dinner before falling back to sleep till noon the next day is something that everyone is doing. Maybe not everyone. Maybe it is just me. LOL!!!
*fingers cross*
Fast fast finish the damn exam and get out of here!
*dreaming* ~Kim Gary's French Toast & Yin Yong, KFC's Original Recipe Chicken & Coleslaw, Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence & New York Cheese, McD's Double Cheese Burger, Kuching Kolo Mee, Sibu Kampua, midin, Sarawak Laksa, Buntal Seafood, etc....damn! I want those food!

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Blogger Kenny Ng said...

Eat is very essential to me :P

12:24 AM  
Blogger Wuching said...

*hands over towel* wipes your drool off your face liao & wash that pillow case tomorrow coz its soaked with drool!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Hahaha.. Yum yum :P

12:36 AM  
Blogger CLare said...

kenny ng - no doubt!

wuching - thanks! *wiping drool*

rose - tell me about it!

1:51 PM  

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