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Thursday, May 10, 2007

5 down, 1 more to go

Just finished my blardy 5th paper this morning which was Property and Liability Insurance II. Thanks to those who wished me luck because I really need the LUCK for this paper. FYI, I have no confidence in this paper at all.
You see, for the whole semester, we sat through sucky presentations by different groups on different chapters covering the whole syllabus for the semester. As I've said earlier, students just love to cramp everything from an American version textbook into the slides making the presentation meaningless. I don't understand the book at all, never mind them. But what they did was trying to be smart and include all the useless information i.e. US law, US exclusions in their insurance policies, US provisions in their insurance policy, limitations in the US insurance policies, etc. Hello? We are studying the Property and Liability Insurance of MALAYSIA, why the hell you went and put all those useless information? It is not like we are all going to live in US of A one day! Well, some people are just as DUNGU as you can imagine!
Anyway, back to the exam, when I went through (yeah, right!) the notes this morning at around 7am (yes, I am a procrastinator, I study last minute, really last minute - exam started at 8.30am) I could not understand a word of the things that I read. The only similarity that caught my attention in almost every type of liability insurance available is "bodily injury and property damage". And that was all I know.
I looked at the questions in amazement. I glanced over at Foo Kiat and saw him shaking his head and sighing every now and then. I knew everyone in the room must be having the same thought. We've been screwed! Six questions were asked (and I mean REALLY 6 questions only, with no sub-questions like any other structured questions might have) each carrying minimum 15 marks, the rest 15, 16, 16, 18 and 20 marks. You say, ridiculous or not? And I was crapping less than 50% of the page for that minimum 15 marks! There were seriously nothing to write about! I wonder how the hell Mr Shahrul marks our answer scripts.
*shakes head*
Nothing much could be done even though almost everyone was complaining. We've just been screwed! Big time! Ah, well, I've sat for 5 papers, that means ONE more to go before I get the hell out of here. Employee Benefit Management. I wonder what the hell is there to manage anyway since the employee and employer must contribute to EPF and also SOCSO as imposed by the government. Well, you know, education system in Malaysia really suck big time. It really screws undergrads! We have to take a course on Takaful, Reinsurance, Employee Benefit Management and the likes for one whole blardy semester when the things we need to know about that particular course are common sense/general knowledge. Some people just do not have cow sense!
Pardon my rantings. Lack of sleep due to last minute process of absorbing-as-much-information-as-you-can really got me short-tempered. Time to hit the bed now!

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