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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shock of my life on Valentine's Day

The day has come. Love is in the air. Cupids are busy shooting their arrows of love around (fingers cross that they don't mis-shoot) Roses are sold like hot cakes even though florists sell them double or tripple the normal price on this day. Chocolates. Teddy bears. What-else?

Pity the guys. This cursed day is sure going to burn a huge hole in their wallet. Valentine's Day is supposed to be meaningful without gift-spoiling your girlfriends. But hor, things are so commercialized nowadays that the true meaning of Valentine's Day is extinct like the dinosaur. Saint Valentine's probably didn't think that this day will make the world turns upside down because of him!

Probably this day is actually to spoil your girlfriend with lots of expensive stuff to make her happy. Then what? What do you guys get anyway??? Nothing, right? Also hor, to make your single friends jealous lor. Ya lar, after come back from the romantic dinner with all those typical gifts, they're gonna brag and bitch about it 24/7 for A WEEK!!! Listen between the lines, they are actually telling you that "So, you are one heck of a lonely pathetic loser without a date on Valentine's Day so I'm here to cheer you up and squeeze the envious juices outta you"

*Oh, there's someone outside. Be right back*
Guess what happened??? While I was typing this and getting envious of those who are receiving roses, chocolates, etc from their boyfriends...a girl came to my doorstep and asked for Clare. I was chatting with a friend on MSN with my headphone on at full blast to hip hop music and my mum screamed for me to get my ass out and receive a delivery.
I saw the girl had a bouquet of roses in her arm. For me? Impossible. First of all, I have no boyfriend. And second of all, roses are damn expensive on this cursed day and my friends won't be THAT nice to play a prank on me. Thirdly, I never expect to receive anything at all.
But when I saw my name on the receipt she asked me to sign, I was so shocked! This is how I must have looked like:
The sender used a nickname "Blooming" and I have no idea who on earth is that. The delivery girl pointed to a handphone number (which happened to be mine) saying that's the sender but when I told her it was mine, she just shrugged. I was blushing like crazy that I was putting the CNY lanterns at my front porch to shame!!! I was thinking, "What? I got secret admirer, no?"
I can't post the pictures here due to some unforseen circumstances, I'll post them in some other post. I received A BOUQUET OF 6 ROSES, A BOX OF CHOCOLATE AND A CARD!!!
Good thing that the card is signed with the sender's own name...Haha!!! Seriously, XXXXX (my secret admirer LOL!!!), you gave me a heart attack!!! THANK YOU!!! Dang, I'm so speechless that I don't know what to say anymore...
You see, just when I was complaining and bitching about how envious I was at girls (and some guys) receiving roses, chocolates, cards (at least), etc they all arrived at my doorstep! Now I must say that no Cupid curi tulang on this day. Hahaha!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!
By the way, what does 6 roses mean?

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Blogger clement said...

ha ha, nice la..

5:09 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Wah! Clement! So bad lar u...

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news



5:31 PM  
Anonymous 5xmom said...

Wuah lucky lu~! Lucky us too or else, we dunno how long this post will rant on. *runs*

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Bengbeng said...

u so lucky lah...first love? :)

10:10 PM  
Blogger Kok said...

I wish I am a girl today. Then I can receive gifts. haha! Happy Valentine's Day!:)

11:21 PM  
Blogger clement said...

who's the culprit which send u tat?
ha ha, keep the flowers to make potpourri. ha ha

11:53 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

youtube - Happy Valentine's Day to you yoo.

5xmom - Yeah, thanks, you are right! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Auntie! =>

bengbeng - Thanks! Not first love lar...=>

kok - You bet! Not every girl is lucky lor. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Clement - I'll reveal the sender in my other post. You sit back, wait and see. =>

9:50 AM  

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