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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Racism? You decide

I used to play with these firecrackers when the auspicious day arrived.

These are my all time favourite. Used to blast rubbish bins in the neighbourhood with these!

Above all, this is a must for every Chinese New Year

I did not come back for the new year last year. I celebrated the auspicious day in Penang. I did not expect Penang Island to be so quiet at the stroke of midnight but, heck, it was! In my humble opinion, there is no celebration without NOISE, FOOD, MUSIC, etc. When I was at the island, there was not even a single farting noise to be heard. It was so gravely quiet that the silence is deafening!!!

I always like it when it comes to celebration in Sibu. You can do almost anything illegally legal here. Celebration in Sibu is at its optimum level where 30 minutes before the stroke of midnight, folks here have already ushered in the New Year with loud BANGS and BOOMS that are worse than the American bombing the Iraq, till around 1am. The night sky would be so decorated with all kinds of fireworks display that it really put the ang moh New Year to great shame!

A lot of time, I watched with amazement at how much money Sibu folks are burning during Chinese New Year. And I mean REAL money, not hell money. The display on the night sky explains it all. Well, fireworks are quite easy to get here if you know the LOBANG to dig them.

But hor, why is it that everytime comes this day, the police are so damn hardworking seizing firecrackers??? Why they did not do anything during Hari Raya??? I don't know whether you realized it or not but there are no news about the seizing of banned firecrackers in the media during Hari Raya Puasa. NIL!

But when it comes to Chinese New Year, the news even make it to the headlines! Besides, the mentioned news would be splattered all over the newspapers even weeks before the celebration. What is the main purpose of this? Blackmail us cina? And the police force hor, are so damn hardworking especially now. They are almost anywhere that you don't need them i.e. hiding behind bushes to slap you with summons for offence you did not commit, speed trap at strategic locations where it is impossible for you to drive below 60kmph, seizing fireworks at customs, etc. But during that certain time of the year (you know when I mean), where are they???

Why only during CHINESE New Year that they are so full force to curb 'social problems'? I thought they always say LAW treats everyone equally. And this means that for EVERY festive seasons in Malaysia, they should show the same effort like those done during CNY celebration!

Now, you tell me...this is obviously racism, no?

Am I right or am I right???
Don't like what I've just mention??
Sue me!!!

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Blogger Alvin said...

I'll definitely sue you. You wait and see. :P

11:40 AM  
Blogger clement said...

i am going to play... i dun just take pic, already playing here.. muahaha, neighbor an illegal merchant to tua pow

12:33 PM  
Blogger Horny Ang Moh said...


1:24 PM  
Blogger clement said...

definitely not quiet

1:46 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

Alvin - sue me!!!

Clement - i am playing too!!! COusin kao tim everything. He got a lot of lobang to dig those bombs from.

Horny Ang Moh - not quiet at all!!!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous astrosurge said...

is definitely 'rasisme secara halus'. they even forgot who is the main casualties, definitely not cina. cina at least read instructions & play safely, while our other half modded the fireplay and endup in hospital.

the cops work hard so they can pwnd the fat bellyed taukeh to get some angpow. detain for awhile, after the rich taukeh pow them, they release them again la.

in my hometown, those cop kids play firework during Raya like no one business. i say this cos my housing estate is just next to the balai.

but since my hometown is small, the cops also dun bother much about us playin cos if they can mess with us, we also can do the same cos why? their padang where they play are surrounded by housing estate populated by chinese. so it can be seen so publicly.

but yes, i do agree there's element of racism. but wat to do, its the bolehland rhetoric. nice post btw clare.

10:02 AM  

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