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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!


First of all, to all who is celebrating Christmas, Have A Merry, Happy and Joyful Christmas!!! To those who are not celebrating, Merry Christmas to you too and have a nice day! For those who are not in Sibu, especially my best friend Belinda, Merry Christmas and COME BACK FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR WE'RE GOING TO HAVE CRAB ATTACK!!!

Christmas is not about Christmas tree, Santa Clause and sweets! Those are the sesat version already, too commercialized. If you ask any kid on the street about the meaning of Christmas, they'll automatically say presents, Santa Clause, turkey, Christmas Tree and Jinggle Bells...that's all they know. Well, then what is the real meaning of Christmas? The answer is in the picture above. They say a picture tells a thousand words.

Michelle the Sunsilk Girl, Cheryl, Su Yiu (Dr Chieng soon-to-be) and yours truly

Bumped into Michelle 'tangkai' Jering at Sanyan yesterday morning. Haven't seen her for ages. I just gave her my hp number as I was in a hurry. Then later last night, I received an SMS from her inviting me and other friends to her house today. There are only a few people I know who are in Sibu for Christmas: Cheryl, Su Yiu, Anne, Michelle herself and yours truly. So there were only those in the picture present at Michelle's Christmas open house. Well, at least better than the Hari Raya Puasa open house at sesat's house 2 months ago. For those who missed this, siapa suruh balik tapi sorok kat rumah? Ada kari, ada rendang (rendang ke tu, Michelle?), ada kek, ada biscuit, ada kacang, macam-macam ada...Last but not least KARAOKE but Cheryl said she's too shy to sing (kononnya lah!)

Due to last minute agreement from the members of my family, relatives included, we ordered a Christmas turkey to feast our stomach instead of roasting one ourselves. The large birdy was ordered from the new Everly Hotel, Sibu.

It's brown, it's crispy, it's tender, it's juicy, it's nice, it's aromatic, it's HUGE! And it's a BIRD!

It costs about RM150++ (I wonder why they always put a ++) but if you ordered before 22nd Dec, you'll get 15 percent discount! That means they won't charge service tax and government tax. Because their flyers stated that 'Price does not include 10% service tax and 5% government tax' (or is it the other way round?). If you want the turkey delivered to your door you have to pay a delivery charge of RM20.

I ordered before 22nd Dec and got the whole 5kg birdy for RM146.63. I asked the turkey to be delivered but I was not charged the RM20...Hehehe! Well, due to some technical problems they couldn't have the bird ready when I went to get it so they delivered the whole thing FOC! Hohoho!

It's a huge one. EIGHT of us, all adults, couldn't even finish half of the turkey! My coursemate said I need at least 12 people to swallow the whole thing!

I'll open the bottle of red wine mum bought from Australia tonight. Plus some fresh black berries from Aussie. And chocolates too!

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