Kampua Talk: Au revoir 2006. Happy New Year everyone!

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Au revoir 2006. Happy New Year everyone!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And auld Lang syne

For auld lang syne, my jo
For auld lang syne
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne

Bidding farewell to the old year with the song called Auld Lang Syne is a universal custom. Auld Lang Syne has become the international song of departure. I guess Robert Burns never thought that the lines he transcribed from an old Scottish ballad would still be echoed by people worldwide evert New Year's Eve.

At the stroke of midnight tonight, the Earth will successfully complete its 365th spin on the axis with one complete orbit around the sun.

Apart from partying, drinking, merry-making, New Year is a time to count our blessings through the year before and be glad that we are still alive and kicking. For some people, it is equally important to make a new year resolution.

Well, I don't think so. And I don't make one. Because I know that even if I make one, it will not make it past January 2. So, why bother?

Most of us do not have a clue on how to make a reasonable new year resolution - which is why we fail to keep them. We set high goals for ourselves and then wonder why we never attain them. So we either stop setting goals or make resolutions that are ridiculously easy to keep.

Even so, we are all very good at breaking new year resolutions. Lose weight, exercise, relax more, be good, save more, etc. We never did anything about keeping our new year resolutions because we did not have a plan and we were not sincere when we made them.

With the dawn of 2007 fast approaching, what resolutions will you make for the new year?



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happy new year~!!

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