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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bo Bui Gai Wak

The not-so-latest Jackie Chan caper Rob-B-Hood starring himself, Louis Ku and Baby Matthew is a must watch for the season!

I got to watch it on the first day of showing in GSC, Gurney Plaza in Penang when I accidentally came across the poster upon entering the shopping complex with my best friend, KC. He then suggested that we watched it. The queue wasn't that long so finally we bought the ticket. Lucky for us that it was a Friday and we brought along our student card. Thus we get an RM5.00 for the movie!!! The normal price was RM10.00!!!

Jackie Chan played a compulsive gambler named Thongs and Louis Ku played ladies' man Octopus. They will steal anything to support their addictions to gambling and the good life. The film started with the two stealing medicine from a hospital. This turned into the best scene to start a film as the two switch from stealing medicine to rescuing a baby (Baby Matthew) plucked from the arms of his mother by her ex-boyfriend, Max.

Thongs and Octopus usually get their assignments from their landlord (Michael Hui), now set to retire with a safe full of cash and a delusional wife clutching a baby doll as if it's their real infant, who died years earlier. But when the landlord is robbed, he convinces his reluctant associates on a kidnapping job expected them to land on a huge sum of money!

The target is the same baby the boys rescued earlier. Thongs and Octopus wind up looking after the baby, resulting in the usual gags that appeal to audience for whom the mere sight of a gurgling infant elicits smiles. By the time the dynamic duo is forced to hand over the bundle of joy to Max's Triad boss father, they've developed a bond too paternalistic to permit any harm upon baby Matthew.

Isn't he adorable?

I think I'm hopelessly in love with Baby Matthew!!!

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