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Thursday, March 01, 2007


I noticed that a lot of my friends owned a Friendster account. Sure enough, Friendster is useful to connect and reconnect with long, lost friends. Friendster has its own Blog feature. I started blogging from Friendster.
Somehow, somewhat, I became tulan with Friendster Blogs because of its limited features available. Of course you get to choose your own layout and design and everything but I just hate it when people have to log in to Frienster just to view your blog. Besides, the uploaded pictures are so small that you practically have to use the microscope to view them.
Reading other people's blog on Friendster is a fun pastime for a bored person like me to sampat other people's 'exciting' life. But the most irritating and downright annoying thing when reading blogs is DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL SOME IDIOTS ARE WRITING DUE TO THEIR DAMN POOR COMMAND OF LANGUAGE!!!
Reading something like this:
"I hav never aspect that d lect in university can b so poor in teaching!!! He is the worst lect in university, I think...Im here not mean to destroy d images of tat lect and I really can't tolerate with such kind of lect as him~
During Statistic class, he was just READS d slide shows without any calculation and explanation...WALAU AAAaaa...stat leh...how come he can just READS like that only? Even my kindergarden teachers also could teach far better than him...I can't realize that how come he can get a job in a uni as a LEC? How is d uni measures lecs qualifications?
I know that he is just a special case, becoz I also met many good lect in uni, they are all very well in teaching.
Hope that this sem can pass faster, bcoz im so suffering to attend his class...he hav bored me to death!"
***None of the word or spelling in the post has been changed.
I felt dizzy after reading that kind of post and started clicking away to search for a better blog to read. And if you think that nothing is worse than the wave of avian influenza, think again when you come across this kind of post:
"yesterday i went to medan gopeng buy the bus ticket, i saw a small boy around 7 years old. Y i am so strange wan to describe that boy in my blog i also dunno coz he gave me a profound impression.
tat small boy same as other the aged that collect the waste tin and bottle and then put them into a plastic bag. In some bottle still having the water, do u know what tat boy do for it??? if for me i think i will pour the water to the floor, the action that make me surprise is he pour the water into another big bottle. If i am not expect wrongly, i think that bottle is use to collect the water and for him to drink..."
Torturing, isn't it??? I think I better stop here before some of you actually throw up from reading the cacated post. I think I'll be a retard if I continue reading these kind of blogs. Besides it is tormenting to the soul. With a lot of those bullshits, I decided to move to Blogger which I believe was a very wise choice. From Blogger, I get to know a lot of other no-nonsense blogger and read a wide variety of interesting blogs from all over the world. In addition to that, I get to improve my language as well, learning from mistakes, expand my circle of friends, etc.
Those having blogs in Friendster usually will encounter those kind of blogs, or are owners of those kind of blogs. Would you please polish up your language before farting away without the care for the world??? A lot of people will be killed reading that kind of blog. Those are the blogs that I couldn't stand or sit reading. I'll either hit the 'CLOSE' button or leave a really sarcastic comment if I happen to read that kind of post or the posts yang sewaktu dengannya.
Another thing about Friendster that always gets on my nerves is that some people attempted desperately to be or sound cute and failed miserably! When pink and bunnies are not torturing enough, a self-taken cam-whoring picture of yourself trying hard to look innocent and cute will make one wishes to be condemned to hell. And the real deal? 'Cute' kao kanasai!!! Well, the drastic increase in the statistics for death due to heart attack is a good evidence...Need I say more???
Blogging is fun, don't you think? *wink*

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