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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I couldn't wait to go H-O-M-E!!! Who isn't??? BUT some lecturers are just there to make hell out of our lives.

The holidays will start on 15th Feb and obviously some of us will skip a few classes and go back early especially those like me from 'overseas'. I had my air-ticket bought earlier this year to fly back to Kampua Town on 12th Feb. Last week, Business Law lecturer announced that our mid-semester exam for that paper will fall on 14th Feb, 8.30pm. Looking around the lecture hall, students were staring at him, mouth hanging open. A very funny sight, I tell ya! Then the hall started to become noisy to an unbearable level, worse than the market! So, in a nutshell, like it or not, we gotta sit for that damn exam in the middle of the night...which means going home later than expected...

If that's not bad enough, my Computer Application in Management lecturer announced a few days ago that we will be sitting for that paper on 13th Feb, 8.30pm. I went crazy at that instant! Hell, I'm going home on the 12th wei!!! Then I just realized that LADY LUCK IS A REAL BITCH!!!

Whatever comes in between CNY MOOD and GOING HOME is negligible. Haha! Unless the lecturer pay for my air-ticket, I'll definitely fly home! Enough said.

The constant playing of Chinese New Year dong dong chiang music since two months ago really drives people up the wall and actually stick to the wall like Cicakman. The fuckingly annoying thing is that the songs are sung by some retarded tone-deaf kids. If listening to that did not make any sane person go crazy, try watching the MTV. These si gin nahs are over-dressed in over-cute cheongsams (or something like that) and their faces are over-powdered as thick as the Great Wall of China and you can actually see them from the moon!!!

And they are playing those harmless bunga api pretending to be happy dilly dally yadda yadda...Why not they just play something like da di lei gong, the kilometre-long fire crackers that are gonna crack their head open?!!! Too much violent you might say.

Well, my idea of welcoming the Chinese New Year is having some red wine while watching the fireworks at the strike of midnight. Or call someone from Penang or anywhere that ban fire crackers just to squeeze some envious juices out of them. Hahaha!!!

In the mean time, just can't wait to go HOME!!!



Anonymous Bengbeng said...

I bet the lecturers are not celebrating the Chinese New year or are living somewhere near by accessible by a few hours drive like KL or Johor. As long as there are unfeeling and uncaring individuals like these, 'Perpaduan Negara' can be achieved? It hasn't even entered their minds the thought of booking tickets, they probably think Sibu is in Sabah!.

2:31 PM  
Blogger CLare said...

That's very true bengbeng. They actually think that Sibu is in Sabah. Some of them actually believe it when I said that Sabah is in Sarawak with a straight face!!! Oh, HAIL PERPADUAN NEGARA!!!

3:33 PM  

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